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This is very awkward.
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yet more sleeping!
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GoC protest.
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Not the best spot for a nap...
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Sponge Bob 2.01
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C'est Moi et Pas Moi! (This amused me so much, I can't even.)
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Now we've got Trees in our towers too!!
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I dont know why I like this so much, but I really do!
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??Catch Me I'm Falling... ? ?
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Beginning to "finally" explore the new (sorta) areas!
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Full house for the premiere!
The edge of Gentle Island, before jumping into the real world
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the wretched tower. Creative.
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Ummm...maybe I shouldn't have tasted that strange looking herb...?
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The evolution of the modern yeti.
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Memorial for Zubes
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We won't either
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It's small but it's all I need ...
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Balcony tester (still lower on the to do list)
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I feel like we are being watched...
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