This was one of the few last snaps I took. I was super glad I caught this moment which I found funny.
DANG IT! I forgot to do this quest I meant to do it. danggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
7 years ago
I managed to snap a few of this too. Totally cracked me up.
7 years ago
Brib Annie
I got a couple videos of it. If I ever figure out how to edit them, I will put them on Youtube. I love Grandma!
7 years ago
I loved that lil ol Juju! I didn't get a chance to film any of it though as my computer was unstable.
7 years ago
And you can tell Grandma is REALLY upset with the kid. She's brandishing her knitting needle at him, and risking dropping all her stitches off the other!
7 years ago
I wonder how many people finished this one, I managed about two hours before ground zero but there seemed no obvious award -
7 years ago
Ha Ha Ha
7 years ago
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at 6:07pm on December 9, 2012
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