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Little Poundcake

Good morning, Glitchen. How is everyone this morning?

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24 replies
  1. CoffeeSnob

    Great.... Okay, not-so-great. Missing Glitch so much! But, go to www.absolutelypreposterous.... and give me your opinion... I'm trying to work through this as best I can.

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  2. bored no more

    As good as can be expected. emotional, reflective. missing everyone like hell.

  3. Tenebrae

    As well as I can be. Obsessively hitting refresh.. even though I know nothing will happen.

  4. Neon Tetra

    I'm a little shell shocked and keep coming back to see if it was just the giants messing with our heads, they are prone to that! But the real question is how are you?

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  5. Miss Coco

    Well, this whole "daylight" thing is kind of interesting... not sure what to make of it yet.

  6. Sheepy

    Raw. I'd done a good job of pretending it was Glitchness as usual right up to GNG. Now it's time to process the emotions! Thank you so much for sticking around and making the last few days as fun as they could possibly be!

  7. The Cat Face

    Pondering about how to convert my remaining iMG to RL fun and shenanigans...

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  8. tis

    I had the craziest dream last night. Glitch closed and everyone was sad...... :(

  9. Kookaburra

    I woke with "For a really long time, eleven giants walked around . . ." running through my mind. Then I was sad for everything we lost. But also very, very happy we had this world for a really short time.

  10. Keechie

    I woke up in a meat suit and my kitty doesn't heli any more, not to mention my house is now wayyyy less cool. What is happening? How are YOU?

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  11. Marianne

    Awake and alive. Missing Glitch (naturally: why else would I be here). And you?

  12. Rook

    I almost forgot the feeling of stillness as I was in the restroom.

  13. Theremina Lute

    Well, I skipped the morning as I was up till 6am my time. Only 12 hours later do I feel able to come back to the site. I just have to work out how to get that mixture of escapism, relaxation, imagination, creativity and friendliness back in my life somehow.

  14. Theremina Lute

    Oh, and I wanted to say - I was really pleased to have met you via the Thornfad Layers spelling extravaganza. Thank you!

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  15. Taztaboo

    Distracting myself as much as possible. My whole daily schedule is screwed up and I'm not sure what to do. But I have been chatting on Facebook (though normally I don't use it much) with my fellow Civility members and it's been really nice.

  16. Eleanor

    Well, I got thrown out of the park earlier for "displaying suspicious behavior towards trees, including but not limited to, incessant rubbing, talking to, and repeating the phrase, 'Bees in hats. Military hats. Pop pop pop.' upwards of 151 times." Other than that mild blemish on my record though, pretty good. :)

  17. Bluebunny

    hi Little Poundcake! *hugs* Feeling kinda lost and defnitely sad and wondering how *you* and the other staff are faring.

  18. Keysong

    I think I've passed the worst of the tears. Finding ways to cope, and a way to preserve my little Glitch beyond the end of Ur... Still missing the game, though. And my cute little butler. :c

  19. Maria Diatorre

    Pretty bad. Woke up thinking, "Crap. There's something missing today."

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