Status update

I just signed up to a free browser game on, calling myself Pippette same as here, it looks cute so far but I am at the nooby noob stage literally minutes old!

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10 replies
  1. Leïla

    I'm trying it now. The toons hands are huge, but it's cute :)

  2. Pippette

    you have a little character similar to glitch and can even sit down

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  3. Osiris χ

    I'm giving this a go. Holy crap...I'm SITTING IN A CHAIR! I need to find more Glitchen playing...maybe

  4. CoffeeSnob eh? i will check it out later today. i have to leave in a few mintues... WTH, ima do it NOW! lol

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  5. crème

    i have signed up too. as LaChatonFou b/c they don't like the name "crème" .

  6. Taztaboo

    Just joined it too, it is kinda cute, but we'll see :)

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Status update

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