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I'm playing Here Be Monsters on Facebook now. It's kind of a Faunasphere+Glitch+fantasy combination. Strange, but cute and mildly enjoyable. I'm sure I'll like it more once I finally get all the Glitch out of my system (if that's even possible).

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Status update
Brib Annie

I am trying so hard to like it because so many of my FS and Glitch friends are there but all the FB garbage really puts me off. I can't do anything without the darn Pop-up asking to post it on FB and/or a second pop-up asking how much real money I want to spend on some virtual game enhancement. I am just too upset to get very far into ti :(

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4 replies
  1. kastlin

    My new motto: "You can take the girl out of Glitch, but you can't take the Glitch out of the girl." (And anything that's strictly on FB I won't play, because I don't do FB.)

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  2. oscarette

    I don't do FB games but if you poke around in the settings (the app settings or your account section re: apps) you may be able to pre-emptively refuse it all permissions to post to your wall. I can't promise it's possible with this one, but I have helped other friends do that with other games.

  3. Ann DramaDuh

    I abhor FB. Haven't been on it for months. It's an identity-sucking whore.

  4. Asthner

    Don’t post private stuff you don’t wish to share with ALL of the world, avoid games and applications, just communicate in the groups – and the Fb experience can be somewhat bearable. ;)

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Status update

I'm impressed with Here Be Monsters (and I think I only found it because I saw your status about it). It hasn't got the same nagging as other FB games, that you can add friends without being FB friends is good & there's lots of crafting.

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