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Flamingo Pink

What games are most of you playing? I'm extremely bored and tried lots of websites already.. I cannot download though because i have a poo computer. By the Way, I'm gladly informing you guys that I am PREGNANT with my first child!

10 replies

10 replies
  1. Lilypad

    Congrats on your tiny Glitchen in the kitchen! I have two of them myself and they're quite a lot of fun. :D

  2. GnarlyBob

    I too have tried lots of websites - I have played Miramagia more than the rest and there is a large group of Glitch refugees there. Try to settle in Owl Canyon.

  3. cheese danish king

    Congrats I'm waiting there's a roumor going around that stoots going to announce a new project in 2013

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  4. Amara Magma

    CONGRATULATIONS! And I'm holding out hope for another Tiny Speck game.

  5. Leïla

    Congratulations Flamingo Pink, that's a happy news :)

  6. Lilycat

    Congrats, Flamingo! How exciting! I've gone back to Puzzle Pirates for now. Until I can find something else, that is :)

  7. Wynella

    I'm really enjoying Tinkatolli, MiraMagia, Freggers, & NationStates, all for different things. Tinkatolli is a gathering, crafting game. MiraMagia is a gardening game with magic. Freggers lets you own & decorate a house, & collect things. NationStates lets you be silly controlling a nation in under 5 mins a day. :)

  8. Wynella

    I can't believe I completely forgot to say: Congratulations!!! :)

  9. twinkletoe

    congratulations! I'm just picturing a little flamingo running around. so cute!

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