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I can understand people on the Glitch forum wanting to feel that Tiny Speck hasn't abandoned them but I think we should all try to remember that losing Glitch hurt the team as much and for some more than it hurt us. No amount of nagging to bring back Glitch will succeed. It needs far greater a change than our distraught voices on a forum. That said I miss Glitch so very much, I waver between hope and dismay clinging to the pieces of our once beautiful Ur. I want desperately to find a place where I can share the same fun, love and feeling of wonder. I know you all are trying to do the same, its why I love having been a part of this amazing community. My hope is that one day the great circle will turn and offer us another chance to build a world of imagination, What to do until that day that's where the pain hurts most.

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5 replies
  1. kastlin

    So true, Faer! That thought is what has kept me from bemoaning things here and in the forums. I believe it's why Little Poundcake has been the voice of TS instead of stoot. I really can't even imagine the disappointment he must be feeling. We will find a new place, but it will probably take some time. In the meantime, bringing a little RK into the world, and maintaining connections with this amazing community will have to suffice -- and may well be the catalyst for a new amazingly beautiful world.

  2. Brib Annie

    There will probably never be another game like Glitch but maybe there will be one or two that are similar and very good in their own right and I hope I find one of them. I will always keep my eye on Tiny Speck though as I am excited to think of what else they might do and I hope i don't miss it because it is for iPad (wink).

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  3. Shmoopie Kerfuffle

    I think the thing that saddens me most is all that gorgeous artwork and clever audio play going to waste. I wish it could be preserved in a cyber museum

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Hen vla Ham

wonderfully put!

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