Status update

I am leaving glitch for an unknown amount of time. Who knows, it could be a day, or a year. However long that period is, one thing is for sure: I will miss you. Leave me lots of notes, and see you in an eternity! xoxo

35 replies

35 replies
  1. Varaeth

    Aww, we'll miss you... :( Hope to see you in Ur again soon.

  2. Lucretia

    Oh noes. Hope to see you around again soon. X

  3. RJStormRider

    :'( I will miss you too! :'( Come back super soon! like in ten minutes!

  4. Fernstream Hope it's a day and not a year:(

  5. I Love You TS

    Awww... I'll miss you. I'll bug everyone- everthing I see.

  6. Akane Tuna

    Noo! Why? :( Come back soon, or I shall hold a funeral for you. (You don't want that.)

  7. Maxy Cat

    Where is the sad button when you need it?

  8. Ayasta

    I'll miss you KR! *hugs* Take care of yourself while you take your journey to wherever you need to go or whatever you need to do...

  9. g33kgurrl

    Wishing you the best in your other world travels. Will be here with hugs and hooch when you return.

  10. MsKelseyClaire

    You will be missed! Hopefully you'll be back sooner rather than later.

  11. Mal'akh

    Come back soon. We'll be right here and will be playing for a long time. :)


    HEY!!!NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!!COME BACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!:( I'll miss ya!!!:(

  13. FTW BACON!!

    Nooooo! Best wishes and good luck from your time from Glitch. Come back as soon as possible so that I can "WAZZUUUUPP!?" you! I will leave you lots of things that hopefully will not be picked up by some people. We will all miss you!! D:

  14. Green Meanie

    Sorry to hear that - I hope all is ok, and to see you soon!

  15. Ancale

    wish you all the best. hope you come back soon! take care of yourself!

  16. Innie?, Obviously

    -1 Do not like this! I hope all will be ok, love. Take care, you will be missed and know WE LOBE YOU!!!!!!

  17. OMG BACON!!

    I just love it how some people I dont even know are wishing me good luck and say they will miss me. Glitch is such a happy place, I regret leaving. Unfortunately, I will not be gone for a day, or a week, but when I do come back, you will know of it. Definitely from all the screaming and running.

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  18. Chickenpiddle

    You've got Level 60 and all badges to look forward to when you come back. There's work to be done here ;)

  19. Avery?

    aww have a nice Glitch-cation!!! We're definitely going to miss you!!!

  20. Baldiboo

    Well poo! O.o sniffles a bit....Be good and be careful and dont forget your toothbrush and your towel! COME BACK SOON!!

  21. Gar

    I'll miss ya, Kronos! I wish you well in your future endeavors!

  22. Peachy Queen

    Us all is going to miss you Kronos, and me you are a great friend. :)

  23. PeterFederowicz

    The time we shared together was beautiful and you helped me learn a lot about myself. Thank you Kronos Rats for teaching me how to love again. I mean it.

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Status update

I'll miss you KR! *hugs* Take care of yourself while you take your journey to wherever you need to go or whatever you need to do...

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