Status update

For those wondering where I am, I am going to be having spinal surgery as soon as possible, which should leave me with plenty of recovery time to play Glitch. Once I can sit up again that is.

55 replies

55 replies
  1. bored no more

    oh. I take my hug back. *gentle pat* praying for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.

  2. Zany Serendipity

    Praying the surgery is just what you need, and that you soon feel much better!!

  3. Stormy Weather

    All the best to Araldia! Hope everything goes well and I look forward to seeing you in Glitch real soon!!

  4. Varaeth

    Aww... I hope everything goes well, and hopefully we'll see you in Ur again soon!

  5. Joy

    Araldia, true I have not seen you around and funny because early this morning you came to mind. I pray your surgery will be easy for you and that you know my prayers are with you. I look forward to your quick recovery. Know you have a friend waiting for you! me JOY! LOL

  6. Deadshot

    Yay, find me in World so we can play Crownsssss :)

  7. TomC

    All the best, and much to look forward to when you return to Ur!

  8. WindBorn

    Shining warm, comforting light all around you

  9. RM

    Oh ugh! I hope all goes well and the surgeons have sharp eyes and minds. Bless you! Keep us posted as you can...

  10. Gertie Mack

    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery! <3 and gentle hugs

  11. AlmostSilver

    Had spinal surgery almost 2 years ago, took 9 hours but it was a great success. I do setoff the sensors anywhere I go, but I'll take that. My very very best to you! Rehab not so fun but every single day was improvement!!!!

  12. Magic Monkey

    May your convalescence be swift and uneventful! I hope you're able to join us again soon.

  13. Virginia Moon

    Love to you and your family, hope all goes well.

  14. Qizara

    I wish you all the best.. Back problems are, well, such a pain. Speedy recovery and hope to see you back in game soon :)

  15. Maruchan

    Warm, postive thoughts RKIng your way - speedy recovery!!

  16. Faereluth

    be well Araldia, see you here again real soon ( thats our soon not TS soon :P )

  17. Reni's Mum

    Hope the surgery goes well and u mend fast *hugs*

  18. ~Scilly~

    All the very best to you, for a good and speedy recovery, and hoping you can join us nutters here again soon! <3

  19. Cleops

    Hope all goes well with the surgery. I'm off sick from work at the moment too and so will be happy to give you a sympathetic ear and keep your spirits up when you're back in game. Get well soon.

  20. Christine

    You have been missed, Araldia <3 Best wishes for your surgery, and for a quick recovery...sending good thoughts and hugs your way x

  21. Theremina Lute

    Very best wishes for safe surgery and swift recovery, Araldia.

  22. BumbleBeez

    *Hugs* Miss u heaps! Will b hoping all goes well with ur surgery & recovery!

  23. Murri

    Good luck. *gentle hug* We'll miss you.

  24. GiaTori

    I hope your surgery goes great! we will all miss you until recovery time! take care :)

  25. Moz Art

    Adding my best wishes for a speedy recovery and lots of hugs :)

  26. Iconoclast

    Hope all goes well and for a speedy recovery!

  27. Millie

    I hope everything goes well, Araldia :) See you when you get back!

  28. Leithwyn

    We miss you Araldia. Get well soon. {{{Hugs}}}

  29. GreyGoose

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Araldia. I'm sorry that you are having to go through surgery, but know that it will be worth it to have a pain free life once again. Bless your medical team. I hope you have explained to them about glitch and the many friends that will be anxiously waiting for your return to us. Prayers and hugs.

  30. Tibbi

    Thoughts for a speedy recovery and lots of glitch play! :)

  31. MeherMan

    Best wishes - everyone will be welcoming your return!

  32. Lunarsolar

    Oh my! I do hope you heal rapidly and feel back to your awesome self again! Take care! And, yes, we have missed you very much!!

  33. Snazzlefrazz

    Hugs! Gentle ones of course. And lots of best wishes for a good recovery

  34. Xacau Feera Blin

    (lobes and hugs gently) My thoughts are with you. Best wishes for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery! You've been missed around here! ((Araldia))

  35. caley dunn

    I am wishing you fine surgeons, gentle knowing nurses, instantly effective pain killers and a rapid lack of need for all of them.

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  36. Oristia

    Best of luck with the surgery, Araldia, and I hope you get better very soon. You will be in our thoughts.

  37. Nikki Z

    oh my - i was just saying i missed you in glitch/global when i was referred to this update. i hope your surgery and recovery go well, as comfortably as possible... looking forward to seeing you in game again though *gentle hugs*

  38. Lunarsolar

    Checked your Twitter page for updates...but nothing there. How are you doing? I hope you are recovering rapidly and feeling much better! Do take care!

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Status update

I hope your surgery goes great! we will all miss you until recovery time! take care :)

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