"DRESS LIKE A BEATLES SONG" contest: Revisited!

There was another Beatles anniversary this week which reminded me about this thread. People who haven't yet seen the fab entries might enjoy a look.
Creating this contest actually had unexpected impact on my life - strange for something that was a spur of the moment idea and where the creative input came from others, not myself. But two seeds were planted here. The first blossomed into a beautiful, intangible love which brought me more joy than seems strictly fair. The second grew stealthily into an ugly, creeping envy which caused much pain and destruction. Not long ago, I realised both these situations began here and wondered if it would have been better never to have posted this at all, but if you add my joy from the first relationship to the joy of everyone who took part, then that surely has to beat the negativity of the second seed. Follow your own bliss everyone - don't try to muscle in on someone else's! And spread the joy!


50 years ago on 5th October The Beatles released their first hit single, Love Me Do. Celebrate in style with this contest!

Here are the rules:

1) Dress like a Beatles song title (or album title, if you like) and take a screenshot of yourself somewhere in Ur. 

2) Post a link to the screenshot in this post, along with the song title.

3) You have until midnight on 5th October, Tiny Speck time, to post your entry. You can start posting entries now - only one per player please. 

4) The winning outfit will be decided not at random sometime afterwards, and the winner will be awarded a magical mystery prize. I don't really know what I'm looking for, but I'll know it when I see it. Think creative, witty, surprising, or just a really good match for the song you have chosen. Or if you know better - do that. 

5) Have fun! 

6) If Abbey Rhode does not enter this contest, she will be disqualified. 

7) Acceptable screenshot locations are: any street in Ur; any seam street or hidden floor, any party space, the tower in Jethimadh. Screenshots taken in homestreets, houses or towers will not be accepted. 

Here is my own rather lame attempt - which Beatles song am I?!

I'm sure you'll all do much better. Good luck!

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