Serious Routes: THE END

Serious Routes was brought to you by Lx and tis, with special thanks to TomCJanitchping, and the Game of Crowns group for their support, and of course, Scarlett Bearsdale's Housing Resource Routes for the original idea.

We'd also like to thank all of our lovely curators, past and present: wuilyl, Shepherdmoon, Havok Summers, Atlantis, Jaenelle, Darius Atrepes, Yeti Spaghetti, tis, Raven King, Minoas, Chee42, Janitch, ss, Helvete, acreditando, Crashtestpilot, xombiekitty, Csophae, L????????, Soupie?.

As well as all 282 of our current members: tis, Elenluin, Seth Pegasus, Terribelle, Taller Jest, Sunshine Tentacles, Raven King, Rathany, Shiola, Yendor, Dagnabbit Rabbit, MustacheToast, shamurai, girlthulhu, Bidoof, Fritzl, hump muffin, spunsugar, Dredrica, Boisdargent, JillyBean, Vates, BeatFreq, Strike, randomcyn, Lorraine ?, Lei, scheijan, Kirnan, SallySomeone, Jinx Fonman, Classical, Reida, Terco, Swoooo, Ryaan, Ayasta, Milly21, Ryuu Maru Roth, Bruce Garetz, Misanthrope, Katechol, Ted Mosby, Rook, Dawnrunner, (????)?????, Sumi, L?x, Yeti Spaghetti, Le´la, Alyazir, Miss Coco, Hrulgin, Sequel, Granville DeGroove, FineousFingers, cam cam, Nika Stone, absolute, AwesomeStu, Mablem Tiipot, acadaca, Aoi, Slick R, Lila Clemenceau, Riverwalker, ShadowCat, scragz, Samir, Cadmium Blue, arizoo, eruthros, Mr Mellifluous, Humbabella, SideBurns, FyodorD, Isabelle the Pug, Pinkie Pinkston, Puzz, Koftun, GirlWhatSqueaks, tisortoise, Pulpo, The Rook, Cecily, Molly Muffinmuncher, litlc, Daddy Bunchie, Franzeska, Perion, Shepherdmoon, pabo, Dismortis, TamIris, Ishtar, Rosa Boo, JessJess, foolbunny, Penelope Garcia, Edorne, chicgeek, Gruver, Thamian Solus, Mrs Moneypenny, Burt Macklin, Master Blaster, Hellagood, deadkat, Malus Agricola, tailgate, shelleycat, Realist, (????)?*:???*:???, Megzorz, Gizgazzuz Guziz, Xanthias, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hawkwell, Pippette, wuilyl, OPP, Darius Atrepes, Leda von Orion, Faoirun, Cyrea, Little Dust Bunny, LunaLovegood, pain relief, Mahkia, Sooriyan, BatManuela, darthfluffle, Jendaline, Boaz Jachin, Andrew Tobolsky, Mikah, rosedragon, XD, KinOfWolf~?, Commander Sam Vimes, Rhubarb Pie, Averill, Julep, Grackle, starlash, Kashtana, Optical Toxin, Splendora, Hana Firefly, Luvi, Havok Summers, Juniparr, Lady SleepsAlot, Abbeel, Lexus, Coriander Fitzbilly, CosmicBitFlip, Coconut, dm, Kitkatty, ilovecomix, Raktivist, Lilac Lady, Relsqui, Daisy Diggory, ShinyBird, Nikki Z, IrenicRhonda, Mooki, Zigniber, WhereIsTheCandy, Qwartz, sudv, Jaenelle, Majestee, Paspenka, AwesomeCardinal2000, Harrow, Ir.Soegaronk, JohnaMarie, Shwan, UXRoot, Webbie, daniel5457, zachwulf, Olorwen, Bayked Chycken, Sharmy Knope, Merlen, acreditando, Dissonance, Wozzy, Asperity, RaceEend, Alcofrollic, Kremit, Kittn, Ustice, Miss Liz Lemon, Tanit, Myrddin Emrys, TotallyMentalMommy, Pengwen, Miyoko, mortadelle, UrgleBurger, derek smalls, Lemme the Wanderer, Seymour Buttz, enlea, Sassy Britches, Kitsune Kyomoon, Gertie Mack, Kipple, Momo McGlitch, rockbell, Canines, Booknerd, sissyO, Miss Melody, Miki Gymnast, ?Spark?, xombiekitty, Takeru, Freshie, Azkiso, Otzi, Hed Lin, Amica, Ms. Beagle, Atlantis, Katniss Mockingjay, Dulcinea, Riddel, riscy, Melody Pond, Haze, Crashtestpilot, Jurkowski, Minoas, janime, richi, Lolly Lives, eLECTRICb, Janun Harmaa, Minevra, Xyzzy Magick, Growflet, Delta Godslayer, Syrup, Knitomaton, Tricia McMillan, balatik, scroobienoob, Lilac Lilly, Theodora Florence, Skyfell, Zaula, Agamemnon Pym, Law & Order: SVU, Malarthi, Rynie, Anathema Blutwurst, phelps.mike, ?Tulip?, Csophae, Maychi, Toksyuryel, ippa, monself, Deadnoob, tony twinkle, Janitch, Craftybits, Chee42, Doxy, jello's landscaping, DUG1138, ss, Jessenya, AbleMable, Amelia-Fae.

And last but not least, every one of you who used our routes and supported our efforts. Thank you :)

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  • Well, guess we won't be needing those new curators after all... edited my OP into something more appropriate. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
    Posted 7 years ago by Lx Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I am glad that this was around. Very helpful.
    Posted 7 years ago by Yarrun Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you Serious Beaners!
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  • Serious routes was seriously great. Thank you everyone.
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  • Thanks guys x
    Posted 7 years ago by katykicker Subscriber! | Permalink
  • thank you all! 
    Posted 7 years ago by Bluebunny Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I guess I never made the list? sweet.
    Posted 7 years ago by Saraphim Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you, creators, curators, and visiting glitchen.
    I have had a blast and I appreciate ever single one of you <3
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  • Ditto, thank you so much, it was really helpful.
    Posted 7 years ago by Le´la Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm so glad I could meet you guys, I'm so glad I could participate on the route, I'm glad for the awesome people I met and streets I visited. It was an incredible experience and I hope this is just a nightmare. Or that will meet again, everyone. 
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  • Thank you so much from a visiting glitch.  You all helped me tremendously.  <3
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  • @Saraphim, were you on a Serious Route? I don't see you listed on any route.
    Posted 7 years ago by tis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank all of you so much for you hard work and dedication to helping others! Stuff like this is what made Glitch what it is. :)
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  • Thanks for all the effort Lx! I'm glad I am (still!) part of the community...
    Posted 7 years ago by Luvi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • How did you post this four days ago?  Hm.....
    Posted 7 years ago by scroobienoob Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm proud to have been a part of Thank you for the great idea and the hard work creating it!
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  • Thank you for everything!
    Posted 7 years ago by Rutger Subscriber! | Permalink
  • -- Snarky comment removed :) --
    Posted 7 years ago by tis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • scroobie: It was originally a post calling for new curators, which I promptly edited yesterday :)
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  • oh  and whew.
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