Glitch 12-sided Die Interest!

Hey all - 

I posted about this before, but I just wanted to give an update.  I got the proto-type dice created (I have 4 originals).  They are the size of standard D12 dice, and have all the images of the Giants, and I tweaked a picture of the rook to make it dice friendly.  For such a small order, the only did white die with my choice of engraving colors -- so I went with white/blue.  I'm confirming, but I think that if we have enough interest, we might be able to get a more authentic "Blue/white" combo.  

I want to determine interest, then I'll probably start a kick-starter or indiegogo.  The more dice that are ordered at one time, they cheaper they get.  For example, I paid $13 a die for the prototypes, but if we more than 100 dice ordered, it drops to $5 a die.  

Pictures -
Interest form:

If you have any questions, shoot me a message.  


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