I have a crafty bot, but it wont craft!?

Hi, are there any others having this problem? Yesterday, I got it to make one cocktail, and today.. nothing. I've kicked it so many times.. I have the bot on hand, all the ingredients need (on hand), it's all fueled up, seems ready, but it just wont craft?    

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  • There are some ingredients it can't find. It can't find oats - no matter how you try to put the bot and the oats in the same place. As far as i can tell so far - the same with spinach.

    I don't expect that will get fixed. :-)
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  • Hiya, thanks for the great/helpful info..  the recipe I'm trying to achieve has no oats or spinach. I was trying to make tangy sauce??? 
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  • Yea, my crafty bot is hit or miss.  It keeps halting in bean production telling me it needs more fuel and so I fill em up and he still won't craft... sometimes it works again when I adjust the amount down then back up to what I had planned, and he drops all the goods and starts over.    He's fun to play with but definitely not reliable for production!
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  • mine doesnt make anything :( left everything he needs out. but he just stands there or goes to sleep
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  • Mine too. Can't rely on machines these days. :\
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  • Thank you all for the feedback.

    @Ched R. Cheeze "Can't rely on machines these days" - lol. Yep, I guess a got a lemon ;) I really wish I could have seen it "in action". Oh well.
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  • Well, mine doesn't even move. *shrugs*
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  • I asked mine to make 1 blue bubble.  ONE.  He won't move.  even though I have thousands of bubbles in an SDB and hundreds strewn across my floor.  I think he's on strike.
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  • I didn't even think that craftybots could collect resources lying around on your floor, since they don't have the greatest AI. Anyway, I'm sure most of the people in this thread have figured out how it works by now, but this is the only way I can get the craftybot to work:

    1. Collect and hold all the resources and tools required to craft the item you want in your inventory
    2. Pick up the craftybot into your inventory as well (main row, not bags)
    3. Assign the job you want, and the craftybot can fetch the resources from your inventory and begin crafting, so you can drop it into your house again if you want. May require a few kicks to get the job done.
    Hope this helps! :)
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  • Won't make anything ay all in my inventory or not, its crazy!!! And yes I also do belive that the ctaftybot is on strike.
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  • I have found it so much easier to make things myself that i have not even got the bot out of it's box.  My Alt did unpack it and loaded it with fuel but cannot get it to craft.
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  • My craftybot refuses to complete the job of making extremely hallowed shrine powder, but, as an interesting side effect, it spewed thousands of elements all over my street after some combination (that I wish I could remember!!) of deleting the job from the queue, dropping the bot, picking it up, adding the job again, kicking it, etc.
    Once the elements were on my street, I couldn't pick them up, but I could disperse them for iMG. If someone figures out how to repeat the spewage, could they let me know how I did it?? :)
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  • Try adding fuel - even if it doesn't need it. Drop all the tools it will need.  Kick it, if it is missing something it forgets you gave it to them.  Make sure to "collect" the item it does make, click craft again and you should see that option. 
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  • I am pretty all of these bugs are why the craftybot had not been released in the general game yet! Mine's been very hit and miss too.
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  • My crafty bot USED to work just fine... Until I put him in my inventory for a party then teleported around with him. Now he does nothing. Not even tuning a bubble.
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