Just for fun - What's your Myer's Briggs type?

I'm a hardcore INFP (or really a hardcore INF with the P being a little stronger than the J).  What are you???

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  • INFP.

    Took it when I was 18, and in the following four years I've become less introverted and more extraverted, even though I still lean towards being the kind of person that has to expend a lot of energy in any kind of large social gathering.
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  • There's an excellent science fiction book that is based upon Myers Briggs types, The Wreck of the River of Stars. The captain of a ship (River of Stars) gathers a ragtag crew of rejects and losers, and they launch into space. The captain immediately dies, leaving the doomed fate up to the misunderstandings and frictions between the crewmembers. While it's never explicitly said, each crew member is one of the 16  different MB Types, and the captain had been the only one who could make this mix actually work well together. The story is told convincingly from the viewpoints of each of the crew, including the various interpretations of the objectively same events. If you read this, don't skim it. It's rich with wordplay and insights into human nature.
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  • INFJ! Very much INF.
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  • This is quite interesting in that there are so many I rather than E in here. Though I guess duh, it makes sense if you an introvert, you might play computer games more. I suppose one could ask why any of us E are here at all :P Answer in my case: I talk all the time in RL as well as in here and enjoy being with people in both places:) Still searching for another ESFJ yet, lol
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  • I THINK I am an ENFJ. I can't really remember, it's been a while, but went from an I to an E since the first time I took the test.
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  • A quick look through the replies so far indicates more than 80% of responders score N on the N/S scale.  The other attributes look much more evenly divided.  I would imagine that heavy preponderance of N is unusual in a population of online gamers.  Glitch is obviously not your average online game.
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  • In my little corner of Flickr, there's a ridiculously high number of INTPs

    INTPs are the best, FYI
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  • OK, @shexycorin has persuaded me to come out as INTP.
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  • Where do you get these tests?
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  • Hawkwell, I have access to a lot of research about the distribution of various preferences in a lot of different population groups.

    Seeing mostly Ns in here is to be expected.  Ss are hands-on, tactile, 3-D types.  They're not as excited by imaginary, in-the-clouds kinds of activities. 
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  • Just another INTP here. Aren't we supposed to be quite rare, only 5% of all types?
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  • Lilypad, probably so, but as I said, I imagine more "I" people may play online games than other types, and as others have said, Glitch may appeal more to "N" folks also. I'd love us to see who else can chime in and do a little "results" chart (as Misha did with ages). Oh my...see charts, lists, etc. Such a J here! LOL
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  • I have seen it said that there are more NT's among science fiction and fantasy writers and readers. "NTs are non-conformist critical thinkers." It's one reason I used to go to sf conventions, to meet other people who are similar.
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  • Married to an INFP dude who writes sci-fi, widdershins, so that makes sense. How on earth we get along is interesting. Guess since we share the F in common, that helps :)
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  • tl; dr  Skills and preferences are different things.  You may be very skillful at doing something you don't enjoy doing.

    MBTI = Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    It's not a test.  Its a tool that can help you understand how you and others act and react in various situations.  Each of the dimensions is about one aspect of how you interact with the world.

    A)  How you take in information. 
    The S-N dimension (xNxx or xSxx) is how you prefer to get information about the world.  Ss prefer detailed, specific types of information.  Ns prefer big-picture information that focuses on the connections between things.

    Ss often learn best by handling objects and from step-by-step instructions. They like to draw conclusions about the here-and-now.   Ns often learn best by seeing the overall theory and then drilling down to the details.  They like to draw conclusions about the future.

    B) How you process information.
    The Extravert-Introvert dimension (Exxx or Ixxx) is about how you process information.  Es are energized by interacting with other people and prefer to think by talking out loud with other people.  Is are energized by being alone and prefer to think by  writing or quietly processing ideas.   Es regain energy by being with other people.  Is regain energy by being alone. 

    C) What decision rules you use after processing the information.
    The Thinking-Feeling dimension (xxTx or xxFx) is about how you come to conclusions.  Ts prefer to draw conclusions based on logic.  Fs prefer to draw conclusions based on relationships. 

    D) Action planning.
    The Judging-Perceiving dimension (xxxJ or xxxP) is about how you act on your conclusions.  Js prefer to create plans and stick to those plans.  Ps prefer to go with the flow and look for new information that may change their plans. 

    Try this practical test:  take a piece of paper.  Write your name with your preferred hand.  Now switch hands and write your name with your other hand.  Most people do a better job when writing with their preferred hand.  It's more comfortable and they've had more practice.  Most people can also write their name legibly with their non-preferred hand.  It's uncomfortable and not something they do often, but they can do it. 

    If you break your hand or arm, you can get very very good at using your non-preferred hand.  But that doesn't mean that you don't have a preference.

    Your preferences on the four MBTI dimensions are the same thing:  you have preferences that you unconsciously choose.  Those preferences feel comfortable and you've had a lot of practice doing things that way.  But that in no way indicates that you cannot learn to be skillful using your non-preferred attributes.

    Your score on the MBTI simply indicates how aware you are of your preferences.  I'm a very clear I, scoring close to the max on that dimension.  I'm also very very skilled at using the E techniques and behaviors.  So skilled that I am an elected official and make my living in marketing, dealing with thousands of strangers.  That doesn't make me an E, nor does it make my score on that dimension 0.  The score is simply a measure of your own self-understanding and awareness of your own preferences. 
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  • WindBorn, let me guess, along with that I, which is what I would have guessed, you have NTJ.  Close?

    And I also have a question/observation about what you have stated.  Now, I admit, I have only taken the real Myers-Briggs years ago, and I have taken several "pseudoMBs" since, so I may be wrong in what I am about to write.  But these inventories have many questions that do not directly deal with the attributes you have just listed.  For instance, I remember questions about orderliness and timeliness which feed into the P/J score.  Now I am definitely a P - I always prefer to delay a decision to gather more data and will certainly change a decision if that seems wise to me.  Nevertheless, I am generally prompt and orderly.  So, at least on the inventories that ask those sorts of questions, I have a significant (but still minority) score on the J side.   Your comments seem to claim that these J points are an indication of a lack of self-understanding on my part.  Rather, I would say that many questions in the inventories are about traits that  the majority, but not all, of a type would have.  You can't have 20 different questions all specifically asking "Do you prefer to stick to the plan or go with the flow?"  To me if I score 65% P and 35% J it's because I have certain characteristics that are more commonly held by J type personalities, not because I lack self-awareness.
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  • That was helpful.

    Okay. Okay. ENFP. But maybe now an I. (Does that happen? I need a lot of alone/downtime. And often have to escape parties.)
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  • Hawkwell: same here. I am in the middle on middle two letters because I have a lot of preferences on both sides of that fence. Oh well, we are in a "just for fun" thread, right? :D
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  • @Hawkwell

    Yes, I've presented the simplest model to help keep things on track.  As the MBTI as been used more and more, several things have occurred that help make sense of your experience.

    For most new users of the MBTI, changes in their scores, or scores close to zero are primarily about their unfamiliarity with the concepts and confusion about which 'self' is answering.  We're all quite capable of adapting to different situations.  If you find yourself answering questions with "well, at work I'd do a, but when I'm home alone I do b" then it is likely that your score reflects how you behave in various situations, and not simply your own primary preferences. 

    But there are, as you guess, other factors at work

    a)subscores on various dimensions.  The MBTI questions do break down subsets of behavior that, together, create that dimension.  It is possible that you are clear about your preferences on each of the sub-dimensions, and that your score accurately reflects that clarity.

    d) self-awareness.  As a child you may have learned how to do things the way they were "supposed" to be done in your home environment.  If you later find that you prefer a different way, your growth in self-awareness may be reflected in your score. 

    c) development and maturity.  There are developmental models using the MBTI that predict certain changes in your behavior as you get older.  The quick summary is 'as you reach maximum comfort and skill  in one dimension, you may become curious about what it's like to experience the other direction and deliberately start learning behaviors that use 'the other hand'.  If you answers reflect what you perceive as your skill level rather than your preference, then your scores will change. 
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  • INTP actually

    We all know people who go on vacation, and plan the exact route they're going to take.  They know how many hours they want to drive each day, and exactly what stops they want to make along the way.  They have  reservations for the end of each day's drive and have selected the hotel/motel based on factors they want to control:  pool for the kids, near (or not) the highway, etc.

    My best vacation was one I took in the early 90s.  I told my family I would be gone 7 days, and that I was driving toward the Mississippi River.  When I reached the river, I would turn left and drive as far south as I could until I had two days left.  Then I would drive straight home. 

    I found a historic French town with floodgates they closed to stop the water.  I drove, literally, along the tops of levees, looking down at the Mississippi just feet below the edge of the road.  I met some amazing people camping in small city parks on the bluffs above the river. 

    Contrast that with my minute-to-minute scheduling when I'm doing a candidate's day or when I was balancing my own business with three kids on Olympic-development soccer teams.  In certain situations my J skills are awesome.  But they aren't my preference, even though many people perceive me as a ExxJ. 
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  • emdot. 

    If you lose energy when surrounded by a lot of people, you're most likely an I.  People with the E preference are energized by parties.  "escape" is not a word they'd use. 
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  • ENTP -- What's more interesting to me as a teacher, though, is my 4MAT learning style. I'm a 4-3-2-1, which means I like to improve things. =)
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  • ISFP
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  • I'm a ISTJ, however over the years I have learned to be more of an extrovert when needed. The great thing about human nature is that it takes all types to achieve balance in the world. Later
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  • INTP, heavy on I and T :) As Mater says, though, I have learnt to fake extroversion for things like job interviews and parties.  
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  • I used to be highly energized by parties. But something switched a few years ago and they drain it right out of me.

    I find MBTI really fascinating. And helpful. I'm currently leading a team with a handful SJs and a handful of NFs. So it's been interesting. :) 
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  • I am whatever type hates personality tests and has never been required to take one.
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  • INFJ, but I'm not super high in any of the 4 thinggies
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  • @ brib  *I am whatever type hates personality tests and has never been required to take one.*... but can't resist commenting anyway.  ;-)

    I'm pulling your chain - obviously I can't resist either. 
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  • ENFJ, but my Glitch is more of an ESFP :)
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  • Huh. I just took one of these tests. I had to Google it, having never heard of such a thing. Anyway, this is what said test spat out at me:

    Your Type is ISTJ

    Strength of the preferences %
    Introverted 100
    Sensing    38
    Thinking 25
    Judging 1

    I have no clue what to do with these results or what they should really mean to me, but apparently, Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, and Greta Garbo have all been categorized as falling into this same personality type.
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  • dopiaza's INTP too?  see,  I said they're the best! 
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  • ENFP here. Not as many of us as I had imagined....
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  • @mary

    You're not alone, though! And if. You read the (somewhat silly) compatibility things, we're known to be alluring kryptonite for all these INT*s.


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  • I took one of the online tests and got "OMGWTF" type.  Seems pretty reasonable.
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  • When I took my first Myer-Briggs training, one of the other members of the class was a mom whose son was being recruited for some top tier college basketball teams.

    The second day of the training, she came in and made her name tag.  Under her name was the standard MBTI 4-letter shorthand. 

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  • Sigh, still no ESFJ's besides me who have responded, though sugarQb is pretty close since my middle two numbers are so close to the line. No wonder I like you, sQ :)
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  • Another INFJ here!
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  • So the point of taking the MBTI is to identify your preferences.  Once you understand your own preferred methods of dealing with the world, you're better able to see that the differences between your own preferred style and someone else's preferences are just that: different preferences, not world-threatening personality flaws. 

    I used to feel quite smug about coming into a discussion having already thought about the problem, and only offering my insights once I'd thought things through.  Those people who opened their mouth and started talking without knowing what they were going to say were at the least knuckleheads who hadn't done their homework, and at the worst, unredeemable idiots.   Until I learned that they were probably just Extraverts who were processing the information in their own, equally valid, style. 

    But online games give us all a chance to practice skills that we're not so good at in real life.  Does your Glitch express a different type combination than your own preferred style, like sugarQb
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  • Okay, so when I take the same test with Kipple behind the wheel, we end up scoring an ISFP.

    I'm told Elvis was an ISFP.

    This might explain Kipple's unmitigable hunger for sandwiches.
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  • I'm an ESFJ too RM! Although when I took it in high school I was an ISTJ. 
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  • ENFP! Yay!

    Whatever. MBTI is a cult. Like Burning Man. Or working for
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  • Cult? Wait a second, now. I never agreed to join a cult. What have you people done to me?! I've not paid any dues yet. I don't have to drink the Kool-Aid if I haven't paid any dues, right?
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  • Im ISFJ but just like you Kira Bajira in high school it was different i cant remember what it was but it started with extrovert
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  • INFP/J. I've taken this quite a few times in various places, and the P/J is right around 50%, give or take a percent or two.
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  • Huh. I'm INFJ too.

    Aren't INFJs really REALLY rare in real life? Glitch must attract unusual people.
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  • I've tried to take that test multiple times, and I never get past the first page of questions. I find them frustrating and impossible to answer.

    What does that make me, I wonder?
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