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Merry Glitchmas!


Merry Glitchmas! I miss you all so much.

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Rough day today . . . I am so not ready to leave Ur behind, I don't know how, all I know is tonight I am not letting go of the tiny speck of hope that will see me return to Ur one day . . . am I nuts . . . yeah most likely, but I think its more I'm a dreamer and something as beautiful as Glitch is something worth holding close. I cannot pass through the grey veil yet if I close my eyes, the darkess slowly fades and there upon my yeti bed my old emo bear is waiting, I feel his soft fur as I pick him up, frowning at the red lips, they still look out of place to me, and yet it is the same face I saw everyday whenever a hug was given . . . and ohh I feel the warmth of that hug. When I look around I find a room filled with friends . . . yes we are shadows now but so strong was the love we shared here that even now when we dream Ur remembers us . ..

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Oh, Faereluth, I so know how you feel. I miss Glitch terribly. Every day I come in, hoping against hope to see the sign up saying "enter" and every day my heart sinks.

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stoot barfield

This is how you play Glitch. Basically, you just do pointless stuff. Because … fun.


Because... fun!! Yes, indeed. It was WAY fun, and we miss it immeasurably.


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Thank you
This game is absolutely preposterous
Yet, I kind of like it
And I'm sure as hell going to miss it.

Thanks for two years full of fun and imagination.