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A note!
A deaf policeman heard the noise
Came and shot those two dead boys
If you don't believe this lie is true
Go ask the blind man, he sqw it too
Welcome to the Tree House
I'll keep adding stuff for sale as I acquire the snails to make more storage display boxes. Prices may change over time, as I am trying to guess at fair prices, but am not sure for everything.

Please note, all furniture is only upgraded with free upgrades, as I am not a subscriber and am not spending credits on it. But I am displaying things with the prettiest forms I can for the aesthetics of it.

When the display boxes start to overfill the wall, I'll move some of it to the second floor.

Thanks for visiting. Be well.
To My Lovely Visitors
It seems many of the herbal items are quite popular. I will do my best to keep re-stocking as often as I can, but I have to split my time between exploring the world, working on my tower, gathering herbs, and weird non-Glitchian pursuits including things like sleep. So, I am sorry if something you want is temporarily sold out. I do appreciate your visits and purchases, and I will do my best to keep stocking as I can.

Be well,
I like heights
Not much. Just wandering around.