Eulogizing Voluptua
Voluptua Sneezelips
No stayin' alive badge for Vo-Vo. I'd love to know how many hours I managed to hold out for, though.

Lovely eulogy...and given Epi's terminology, how apropos that I was in my unicorn ballerina costume...
9 years ago
Scarlett Bearsdale
A long long time ago, I can still remember, how those sneezelips used to make me smile;

But she knew if she had her chance, that she could make Hell's barkeep dance

and maybe, he'd be happy for awhile.

But Remember made me shiver

With every candy I'd deliver.

Pumpkins on the doorstep,

I couldn't take one more step.

I can't remember if I cried

When I read her tombstone, one plank wide,

But something touched me deep inside

The day

That VoVo died.
9 years ago
Dr. Babycat
And I said bye bye to Miss Voluptua's Pi...
9 years ago
Wow, Scarlett!
9 years ago
Scarlett Bearsdale
thanks chillirlw :)
9 years ago
*plays funeral march on violin* NOOOOOOOOO!
9 years ago
Scarlett Bearsdale
Aw ... I remember this day too! It was a sad day; I am republishing this in honor of her recent departure.
9 years ago
Innie?, Obviously
Bye Bye Miss Voluptua Pi
Our hearts were heavy, oh so heavy
But our tears we did dry.
Those good old Glitch were drinking and saying bye
Singing This will be the day she does die
9 years ago