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thanks to coolbettycakes, after a really hard adventure I finally...
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hmmm.... should've gotten some favor for this
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dreaming of mining
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they danced!! i freakin love you!!
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impromptu party at gregarious grange!!
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Aw! Happy birthday!
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Yes, sleeping in hell on your birthday is permitted.
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I finally realized why i never seemd to fit in around my chicken...
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Ack! I've been "dickled"!
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Boss level my ass!
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Chick Army Basic Training will take care of this attitude problem.
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All alone, this man has taken a beating!
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Checking out the decor
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Are you wondering if should DTMFA?'s safe to eat?...
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one of these kids is doing his own thing
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Is this what has become of Mr. Smoochie?
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That's not an angel on your shoulder there Herp
Built on purple.
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stoot hid my clothes. This is not funny!
Now this is what you should wear for an underwater party! *drowns*
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Oh! A widdle butterfly left me a piece of candy!
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U.F.Y. (Unidentified Flying Yeti)
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