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So many hells that we never released!
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this reminds me: i totally need to do laundry.
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Tamila, but blinged out with rock necklaces, rook skulls, and...
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Line-dried clothes, happy corn, and a hanging happy cloud.
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More unfinished, early concept work.
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A test tree from Keita.
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I was not expecting creepy flamingoes here.
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Tee-hee, I'm in jail.
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Everlasting moon party lasted until Candy year 26, 3:42pm. Even...
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My last moments in Ur...
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I finished my house today!
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finally made it to the rejected hall.. i feel liek this is the...
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stoot replica dolls.
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made it
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dongimal. the dong of all dongs.
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Camp fire stories for the kiddies
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I'm gonna miss the spontaneous toxic moon parties... :(
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Glitch, I'm in love...and Always Will Be.
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My new home.
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Capt'n Stoot has left the sinking ship :'( --- for the new Mega...
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We <3 Civility :)
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Crossing to the other side :(
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where im i
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