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Happy new year, Glitchen! May your year be filled with...
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big fort :D
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3rd sdb of frogs - I'm taking them with me when I go. Over the...
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chicken slips on ice
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going swimming!
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Raging case of hamroids
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My daughter, who was close to turning 2, would wander in my...
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Glitch in the sky - Made from Walloping Diamonds!
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naked time!
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Rest in peace, friend. (ETA - previously unpublished for the sake...
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I had left fruit here to serve as a marker for other players to...
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Eulogizing Voluptua
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Some folks were really not happy with piggies getting stuck in...
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Yes, yes Diablo. I know.
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Abstract Ur #18
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The Mad Scientist and her Lab
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Rube? More like, Rude, Amirite?
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Floating staffers :P
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Sometimes I'd leave the screen open while I drew and listened to...
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Definitely felt the love that went into this game. Still can't...
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For the love of Glitch.
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Donkey Kong - Glitch style
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Black feathers floating through the air.
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Getting ready for filming
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