The Red Topped Wanker in his natural habitat
Voluptua Sneezelips
This made me choke on my hot chocolate.
12 years ago
OMG - it's like psycho-no no candy man fiesta world.
12 years ago
Osiris ?
You sir, are delightfully twisted
12 years ago
It's totally "Where's FyodorD" My goodness I am glad I didn't imbibe any Purple.
12 years ago
I co-would never TRY ANYTHING like this. Nice job fyo!!!
12 years ago
Wow! I think you've got every color in the world there and then some!!
@VS -- I hope you're okay now!
12 years ago
Or, three bold thinkers: Fyodor, Friedrich, and the Philosopher Babe.
12 years ago
Carl Projectorinski
Great Scott!
12 years ago
lol what a colorful & cheerful picture, looking at it makes me wanna eat candies :)
12 years ago
Spoofy Spoofington
I think this is fantastic!
12 years ago
Umm.. First thought: I want this room... (for my actual self) 2nd thought: holy shit thats a lot of crap.
3rd thought: dammit Fyo. You 're too good at this
12 years ago
Barbie girl
Oh my god... THIS LOOKS LIKE CHINA TOWN!! I <3 it even if it's not china town.... Best photo ever
12 years ago
I'm just going through your pictures, liking every one. Amazing as always!
12 years ago
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