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Sometimes things get out of hand at Shady Wooods, but we'll have...
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At Shady Woods we'll make sure your friends can feel happy and...
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Indeed. Life at Shady Woods is taken care of for those who are...
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The Nurses are dedicated to the proper care of the elderly and...
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Shady Woods Retirement Center, now accepting Glitches of Level 60.
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Awkward Family Photo
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Merry Glitchmas!
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My Glitchmas Tree
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stoot torture - session 3 - "the kitchen"
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Lord of the Rings alternative ending....................
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A sign of normalcy in these tumultuous times. Empires may rise...
Music soothes the savage beast
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Complete Artifact and Necklace Collections : )
Taken by ~Arabesque~
I wish I could stay here with you forever.
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A child's fondest wish and worst nightmare, all in one convenient...
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OMG i'm sooo tiny :)
Taken by Diablo
Roodv is unaware of the danger
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A real rook joins the parliament!
Baby bird can't fly! Maybe she should try riding a horse through...
The species was progressing so well until it discovered whiskey.
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new Dong!
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Jesus Christ, encouraging me to die. My face? PRICELESS.
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What is that? A massive barnacle? A home for a Giant?
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Awesome Kermit The Frog is awesome.
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Holy Jeebus!
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Is there a super star hiding behind this door? o.0
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Hell is empty!

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