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Last-ditch & a long-shot idea to bring Ur back to life: I am seriously thinking of using one of the online petition/pledge websites like Twibbon, etc., to ask Glitchen & possible Glitchen-to-be to sign up and pledge to be a paid subscriber of Glitch if it does reopens. 50k players to break even, more would ensure survival. A dream maybe, but I'd rather try than not knowing if it will work. Are you in, my friends?

21 replies

21 replies
  1. CoffeeSnob

    Count me in! Anything I can do to regain my *happy-place* and escape to a world of bullshit-free fun, I'm there! Come on everyone, let's see if we can reopen Ur! Let's think of it as a Street Project or a Feat! Think about it, for 50 cents a day, you could have your game back! 50. Freakin. Cents! *steps down from soapbox*

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  2. Ms. Bubbles

    would love for it to reopen, Count me in! Just let me know what to do, ok? Thanks

  3. GarthBnut

    I would love to have my Glitch back..I miss is so much!

  4. Brib Annie

    I don't think it's the money as much as it is the Lag.

  5. Emlinel

    It was not really a money thing. If you read the statement of why it closed. There was not enough interest to justify keeping it going. PLUS it's a flash game and even though there are many of those, flash is on its way out. So its entire platform will be obsolete at some point. I'd love to see the game back as well, but it was made very clear it was not purely a money thing why it was closing.

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  6. Rhoze

    Count me in. I can deal with the lag. I miss the game and the people.

  7. Flowerry Pott

    I think it depends entirely on what Tiny Speck wishes. I would not be surprised if they hadn't already considered an option like this but didn't pursue it for reasons they are more aware of than I am. I'm sure they considered *every* possible way to save Glitch. I'm not saying no, I just would like to know TS's position first.

  8. kastlin

    I take it this would function like a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. We put in our payment info, but are only charged if the thing gets fully funded? Because yes, if Glitch re-opened, I would be a subscriber again.

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  9. taopiglet

    I would definitely be in. I would imagine anyone (like us) that still checks in here, would have interest in seeing Glitch return in some form. I just can't seem to find any other game that even comes close to what Glitch was. :-(

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  10. Orange Canary

    Totally in -- I have been trying to find a Glitch replacement out in the world to no avail. I miss the game and the great people. I keep coming back to see if a miracle has happened, that the game has returned. More than willing to pay significantly more than previous pricing for this game.

  11. CoffeeSnob

    See what I did at www.absolutelypreposterous.... .... Stoot, I hope you don't get too upset with me. I only did it because I love and miss the game and all of the people here. *hugs*

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  12. Hellyeah

    Alrighty, the petition page is up and can be found at Please take note that even if the goal of at least 50K pledges is reached, TS may not reopen the game. We can only hope & yes, imagine. :D

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  13. bumblepuppy

    Judging by achievement rarity on Glitchium, there were fewer than 50K players who played for any length of time. Doesn't help that the dev team has been laid off, except for the database team already hard at work on TS's next (non-game) project.

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Status update

I would love to have my Glitch back..I miss is so much!

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