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Little Poundcake

Started playing Botanicula last night. It's adorable and adorably weird with lovely art and great sound design.

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21 replies
  1. bitmOO

    It just makes you happy and giddy while playing, doesn't it? I felt like a little kid so many times! Lovely game :)

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  2. The Cat Face

    If the game is as good as the demo it will be amazing. I love that it was (i think) 100% text free.

  3. Osiris χ

    I'm looking into this right now. It looks wicked awesome. And it's from the same folks who made Machinarium? Nice.

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  4. bored no more

    that is probably the weirdest thing I've seen. Love it.

  5. Ayasta

    Amanita Design makes some FANTASTIC games.

  6. SeerQueen

    It looks weird and wonderful and... everything. I am so excited.

  7. ee-kai

    woah! i guess i'm gravitated to these kinda games...i <3 machinarium! ... i like the videos i'm seeing for botanicula

  8. Osiris χ

    Okay update: I reeeeeeeally like this game :)

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  9. Jheya

    It's an awesomely adorable game. I enjoyed it very much. :)

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  10. Beyond the Pale

    I loved it until I got stuck. :( I couldn't find hints anywhere, alas.

  11. Chazerei

    Wow - this game is so cute! I enjoyed the demo, and may try the full version. Thank you!

  12. Spree

    All games from Amanita Design are this weird and gorgeous. I love them. I named my butler Amanita after them. If only they were MMO....

  13. BlackWolf

    Wow I remember playing these a few years ago.

  14. aliquot

    I played the entire thing last night. Cute, but not long enough.

  15. Little Poundcake

    ... and now I'm done playing it. I don't like games that end.

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  16. Myrrah

    Hey, I started playing Botanicula on Saturday too! I loved Machinarium and all of Amanita's earlier games. Like Tiny Speck, Amanita knows how to create worlds I want to travel through.

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