Status update
mira gaia maia

oh this was a great year! let's see... i got a new house, (well, 3, considering the test house and the real one) and went to the moon (also a home) too many times to count, minus the last one (i wanted to go there for the last time so hard!). in the middle of butterflies, pigs and chickens i was able to make food, crystals, potions (and so many more things) and share them with you! yay rainbows, amorous and charades!:) with friends, i helped a drogon getting rid of that red tartar and brought some light to the bogs! never wanted a crown, i ran from the crown all the time in GoC!! i got lots of prizes from the wheel tickets, but the best prize was to be with all of you and welcome you to this great world it was Ur. how many great people out there wanting to share to reach each other's goals!! this is what i take with me from this year! oh, and i bet i made dear Sir stoot smile! thank you for all the possibilities you gave us Tiny Speck!! so, wishing you all a great year and that the kittens cuteness may be with you always! -.~ (that blink was actually my real cat, she will miss chatting too...) Happy New Year!:)

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