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Little Poundcake

We're all taking a little bit of time off and haven't even discussed the process of taking stuff down, let alone what we'll do and when we'll do it, so you have more than 4 days. :) We're not going to start working in earnest again until the new year. We will make a new post in the forums to announce when things will be taken offline when we figure that stuff out!

17 replies

17 replies
  1. Faereluth

    Thank you Little Poundcake, knowing we have more time is a good thing. ((hugs))

  2. Osiris ?

    Thank you for the information LP. That will put a lot of people as far at ease as they can possibly be.

  3. BumbleBeez

    Thanks Little Poundcake for the clarification! I miss it all so much, I'm glad we still get more time, even if it is only home pages, forums, groups!

  4. Ayasta

    Thanks so much for clarification! It means so much to so many of us. We really appreciate it! <3 *hugs*

  5. Pirate Apples

    First of all... you are too cute with your antlers and all.... I would change my look, but I want to be sure that Brent and Danny get my avatar right!! Thanks so much for sticking around and reassuring all us lost little Glitchens.

  6. Lemo

    Allright have a nice time off! Hopefully we'll have some news about assets usage as well later^^

  7. Minkey

    Thank you for that and for sharing it with us!!!

  8. Fernstream

    Thanks, LP. For the extra time and the update.

  9. Mocha Maid

    Thanks for this, LP - rest as long as you like!

  10. Ancale

    Thank you so much for this. hell, why don't you all take like a month or two of time off. I bet none of us would mind. :) Have a good rest you all. *emo bear hugs*

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  11. Pascale

    There is a sense in which this site lingering on just prolongs the sadness. On the other hand, I'm so glad it's still here. Ambivalence!

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  12. Keeda

    Thanks so much for the news, LPC. I hope you have a good rest!

  13. KitchWitch

    Oh wow, LP, that's great news, thanks! That gives me time to save my entire news feed on my profile by the slow and arduous task of copy/pasting section by section. Looks like I'm late to the party as usual, seeing as how you posted this a few days back, but it's still great news...hope you and the TS staff have a beautiful New Year!

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  14. Lovenlife

    Thanks!! I am still not completely ready to "be done" with Glitch!

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Status update

Thanks!! I am still not completely ready to "be done" with Glitch!

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