Where have all the piggies gone?

I just realized there seems to be a sever deficiency of piggies out in the game world. There are almost 4000 chickens outside of home streets but only 400 piggies. I rarely walk past one anymore, and the world seems lonelier without them. Where did they all go?

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  • I still go out to Ur streets, too. I do lots of basic activities - petting, watering, harvesting, nibbling, squeezing (not too much milking). I like the familiarity of it and the iMG slowly adds up. I've got almost all the Location badges but the Crazy Quoins are a nice bonus on streets I haven't been to in a while. I belong to PIG and check the piggies health as I go. No big deal.
    IMO, there should be some resources out in Ur that we CAN'T have on our streets (front or back). I know many of you will have suggestions as to what new resources could be created -a way of getting honey (beehives or honey trees) or strawberries (Strawberry Fields?).
    Speak up. :)
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  • I posted: "I spent currants to buy pig bait and then I moved all my piggies to my backyard. The thought of having them stolen prompted me to do this."

    I'm not sure if I was clear, but what I meant to say is that all my piggies that were located in my "front yard" (yes, that's the terminology I insist on using) were relocated by me to my backyard.

    I "stole" 3 piggies for that blasted quest. I created the rest.

    Get rid of the ability to steal piggies, chickens, butterflies, etc. Get rid of that quest.
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  • Just released 60 piggies all over Groddle Meadow
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  • Aw jeez the Piggie Rescue Group (of which I was not a member) was a sweet bunch of glitchen who captured piggies from the abandoned home streets and also from sky islands etc. where the pig had no tree it could use, etc. Huggies to the Pig Rescue group from me and many others who were enchanted by their lively imaginations. They were not out looting Ur streets or wrecking the game, they were imaginatively rescuing little pink Pig-pixels from turning into little piles of red meat pixels.
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  • +1 for the beehive and strawberry fields idea. Love it!
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  • (((hugs))) to piggy rescue group...they do provide a great service.

    I'd think it is most likely due to the quest to capture piggies, and finally having new folks that are trying to accomplish the quest.  Look at it as an opportunity for those who are trying to get badges to have opportunities to hatch and release new piggies instead of a negative.

    I'm still perplexed at people grousing that there is "no one" in Ur and folks are all on the home streets.  Would love to see the data behind this.  I roam around Ur and find people still out and about.  Maybe not hundreds on a street at a time, but it was never that busy before either.  While I don't necessarily see one person on every street...I still am running into plenty of folks in Ur whether it is Groddle Island / Ix and Uralia which seem to be most busy, or in the sloth zones, or out in the ancestral lands.  Maybe it is a bit less in Ur than when we had neighborhoods...but it's not completely desolate as some seem to imply in these posts.  And even when we had neighborhoods there were parts of Ur that were less traveled than others.  I love that we have so many new and creative areas to explore...and will have options to still enjoy the game when certain areas become bogged down and super laggy with lots of people.
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  • To help piggies I will look after streets that I've lived in. I will try and put animals up to at least 3 per street. You can do the same!
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  • As explained in this post, PIG moves pigs around.  I didn't say or even imply that they "steal," and I didn't see anyone else here say it either, so I don't know where that idea came from, or why anyone is arguing about it.  I said that they "rescue," which is actually part of the name of their group: "PIG - Porcine Intervention Group (A rescue organization for stuck piggies)."  As described in the OP in that thread, people sometimes try to balance the pig population by moving pigs around, and as Mollie said, group members move pigs away from treeless areas because they believe that the pigs will die without trees. 

    Strangely enough, it's not true.  In fact, pigs will die without players, and the presence of trees is largely irrelevant.  There are some areas (ancestral lands, Ilmenskie, and towers spring to mind) which cause immediate animal sadness, and of course that's because staff doesn't want animals there.  In most other areas, though, pigs will be fine, provided that someone feeds them about once a day.  When people started talking about pig sadness, long ago, I did a lot of testing.  I learned some things:

    - Pigs can die right in front of trees, no matter how much the trees are harvested.
    - Pigs will very rarely and unreliably eat from trees when no one is anywhere near them.
    - Food dropped near pigs is often left uneaten, even if the pigs are starving.
    - Pigs only eat reliably in the presence of a filled feeder or when manually fed by a player.
    - An overcrowded street will balance itself in a short period of time without any intervention from players.

    The idea that pigs need to be rescued sometimes becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Take Shimla Mirch, for example: it has only one tree, but used to be full of happy pigs, because players fed them.  Resources there (fireflies, barnacles, and jellisacs) do not provide any mood or energy, so when the pigs were removed, it became more of a chore to use the region.  Efforts to repopulate were thwarted, so players stopped going there as often.  The last few times I was there, I saw a few chickens, but no pigs or butterflies.  Without animals there, it's much more convenient for players to make their own firebog resources and stay home... so now, any pigs put into Shimla Mirch probably will die.
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  • NVM.
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  • oh I like the idea of adopting an unused street, like Mal'akh has done. That is such a sweet, Glitchy idea!
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  • Doubt this will be the last thread on the game world losing it's atmosphere it had, and it aint getting any better.
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  • @glum pudding--I'm pretty sure Shmila Mirch is empty for entirely non-pig related reasons. Likely, /home street reasons. 

    Also, putting "rescues" in quotes on page 1 reads like tongue-in-cheek implying stealing... At least it is certainly what I thought you meant when I first read it.

    The post in this page talking about Shmila Mirch also sounds accusatory, as though they took dozens and dozens of happy nibble-able pigs. if that's not what you meant that needs to be made clear.

    I'm not part of PIG or any of the other pig rescue groups...though I was before I had any AK skills to report pigs left on ledges. This was especially common in the swamps.

    @Raw Toast--Regarding when to decide that a street doesn't have the traffic to support pigs....the pigs tell you. If you can't nibble a pig without feeding it first then it's not getting enough traffic. 

    Bottom line, Ur is depopulated due to far far fewer glitchen generally and the emphasis of /home. 

    The swamps lack pigs because there is no one there to feed them and they lack butterflies because no one is there to replace them.

    Back in the old days it might have been possible to keep a street of a dozen pigs happy with no trees on a public street...nowadays?
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  • @Glum Pudding, I am part of PIG. We do not steal piggies, we relocate them if we get reports that they are abandoned, if they are located in areas with no access to food and/or if the particular street is overpopulated. Please do not spread misinformation.
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  • Hey... I'm part of P.I.G. too. I just take them from places they cannot reach trees and relocate them. 
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  • Time to work on those piggy badges!
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  • As a founding member and admin of PIG, perhaps I should throw in my 2 currants for what they're worth. 

    Thank you Mollie, Oscarette, Seth Pegasus, and other PIG members who have posted in this thread, for clarifying for others what our group is about. To reiterate: we have never depopulated any public UR street as glum implied here. We did, however, do a massive rescue when the old housing quarters were soon to be demolished, and in the process we actually POPULATED many public streets with the hundreds and hundreds of piggies (along with some butterflies and chickens) that we removed from the housing quarters. A huge thanks to Vocable and b3achy and many, many others for all your love and support for our efforts...there's no way we could have effected such a massive rescue effort without your help, and we greatly appreciate your continued encouragement.

    Secondly, I agree with IrenicRhonda that to run out and re-populate less-trafficked areas at this stage in the game is actually counter-productive. If the piggies are dying out because of lack of player attention in those areas, then simply re-populating them isn't going to help anything. As she pointed out, the piggies will most likely continue to die from lack of player intervention. I really like Mal'akh's "adopt-a-street" idea, and I'd encourage anyone who worries about the less-traveled Ur streets to go out and find a street you like and do exactly that...adopt it and care for it and work with others of like minds to do the same.

    I don't believe home streets should be abolished; I for one am quite fond of mine. The more additions the devs make to this game in terms of player-controlled creative development, the better, imo. However, I would personally like to see the devs make some changes when it comes to piggy behavior/management. 

    It would be a great improvement, for example, if piggies didn't starve at all. Not only would this make things SO much easier for us at PIG, but it would help out all players who worry about going off-line for any length of time due to concern about the welfare of their own pet piggies. Also, it would be nice if, rather than making piggies and other critters "unhappy" in places like towers and coin-spawning lands and such, that the devs simply make it impossible to place them there...grey out the "release" or "drop" option or whatnot. These elements of critter suffering do nothing to promote the progression of the game, and in fact are the cause of a lot of PLAYER suffering.

    Finally, anyone who is familiar with PIG knows that the ultimate goal of our group is to become obsolete; to see a day when every critter in Ur is happy and well-loved and cared for. Our well-meaning intentions have rubbed some folks the wrong way on occasion, and for that I'm sorry...but so long as there are unhappy critters in Ur (and unhappy players as a result) then we are going to continue our efforts to this end. And we're always looking for new members to further that aim, so please apply here if interested...thanks for all you do!
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  • Metra, I agree that there is more home street activity now, but "rescuers" were around long before the housing change.  Here's a much older group's thread on the same topic.  I used the quotation marks because "rescue" is not my term for what's going on; I think players are just moving pigs unnecessarily.  I certainly wouldn't say or mean to imply that anyone is stealing, because, with the exception of the animals inside houses or in back yards, all animals are public resources, available to anyone to use in any way they see fit.  If you want to put them on platforms, move them from street to street, keep them in cabinets, or toss them into shrines, go for it.

    Seth Pegasus, I'm sorry that you didn't read what I actually wrote, and instead chose to restate what I wrote, and then to imply that I was spreading misinformation.  Maybe you just read your group's forum, rather than this thread?  Regardless, I suppose I should ask you not to spread misinformation about me, too, but since you don't seem to be reading what I type anyway, I'll just link to this instead.
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  • KitchWitch, you stated here, quite clearly, that your group depopulates streets under certain conditions.  Now you are saying that you don't.  Frankly, I don't really care either way, and never have; I just commented here initially because I remembered Ancale's post.  Personally, I'd prioritize player happiness over pixel-pig health, but obviously that's just me.

    The fact of the matter is that there are now almost thirty thousand new players, many of whom will want to complete the "capture pigs and bring them home" quest, and with a mere four hundred pigs scattered around Ur, that won't be possible.
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  • Glum, your passive aggressiveness isn't called for.
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  • Glum, perhaps I should be more precise. Clearly PIG's goal isn't to depopulate Ur of piggies. As other members have pointed out, yes, we will remove piggies from certain situations. We'll thin a population if an area is over-crowded, but that shouldn't be considered depopulating. Bringing a piggy population that is complaining of overcrowding down from 13 piggies to 11 is hardly wiping an area clean of piggies. The piggies that are removed from one street are simply moved to another street to provide balance. And yes, if a particular street is devoid of trees, we will move them, oftentimes simply one street over, to one with tree access. 

    Addressing another point, I'm not sure player happiness is all that far removed from critter happiness. It certainly doesn't seem to be, what with the numerous other threads we've seen involving folks complaining of over-crowding, starvation, etc. The two don't appear to be mutually exclusive, and in fact, I believe they are correlated in that improved critter welfare will positively affect player happiness. Sure, let folks badge-chase, and hopefully they'll help to maintain the trees at the same time. But when the rush is over and the piggies start dying off again, the same complaints of dead/starving piggies will once again start popping up. 

    As I've stated, in my view, this is an issue that I'd like to see our beloved devs address, because it seems to me that only by removing the suffering/starving element entirely will it then become a non-issue. If anyone has an argument in favor of keeping these elements in play, I'd love to hear it. Until the day when we're no longer useful, PIG is here to help in any way we can...both piggies and players alike. 

    One thing we've discussed in our group is the possibility of providing street-sitting services to folks who need to leave the game for a length of time and don't want their piggies to starve. Many of us will be happy to do this; also, I'd be happy to provide youth potion free-of-charge to anyone who needs to take an emergency leave of the game and wants to store their piggies until they return. ("Youthenizing" on occasion also helps prolong the critter lifespan by resetting it, to the best of my knowledge.) 

    We're also looking forward to the day when group-owned areas are introduced, because we plan to provide as large a sanctuary as possible for folks to bring piggies they are no longer able to care for, for whatever reason. That will be a relief to many folks who are reluctant to release them into the general population to be nibbled to death or die of starvation, or who don't want to simply "release" them into thin air.

    If anyone wants more information, I invite you to go to our group page and read our discussions and get to know our members. I may not always be the most diplomatic little Glitchen witch in the world; I definitely have my moments. In general, I find critters and plants much easier to deal with than Glitchens/humans, both in Ur and irl. But speaking for our group as a whole, I've said this before and I'll say it again...a nicer bunch of folks you won't ever hope to meet. So drop by for a beer and a chat sometime...I promise I won't send the flying monkeys after you. ;)
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  • I have worked really hard the past two days. Check your locations now and see if there are enough pigs.  If there is an area you thin needs pigs, please let me know. I have about 300 more eggs ready to be hatched and put into game a moments notice :)
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  • Well, thanks to my stupid mouse and keyboard, I just lost a long post explicating in gruesom detail why I think Glum's getting screwed here*.

    Suffice it to say, Glum has never accused anyone of stealing, but has been accused of that at least four times and arguably more. At best, she's stuck to her guns on "rescuing" (which she has stated quite clearly people have the right to do), even though she doesn't think it's really helping the pigs all that much.

    Glum has brought facts and cogent points into this conversations (thank you, Glum!), and if she were actually passive aggressive, she would have left this thread long ago.

    @KitchWitch-- thanks for your civil discussion, but I really have to disagree with your opening line "Perhaps I should be more precise". You said "we have never depopulated any public UR street as glum implied here." That's just not true. She (correctly) called you on that (you have in fact depopulated public UR streets, even if you only do it under certain circumstances).  Glum is not accusing the PIG group of wanting to depopulate UR of piggies, she only said that disappearances on some streets may well be tied to your activities. Perhaps that's wrong, but it's certainly not crazy of her to think that, given that you have said you depopulate under certain circumstances.

    This is not a matter of "precision". We're not politicians. You've had the good grace to keep things focused on the positive, now please have the good grace to admit that your group has been attacking Glum for things she didn't say.

    @Innie -- going out and making things better, rather than arguing about who said what? YOU're definitely not a politician!

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  • I just walked through Salatu, and there are no piggies at all on most of the 'coastal' streets.  I didn't walk all of the inland streets but suspect there are no piggies in there either.  A new glitch in Salatu only has chickens and a few butterflies to interact with.

    Some of the higher level glitches seem to have made it their hobby to engage in 'Save The Piggies' campaigns.  They've forgotten what it's like to be a new player.  And they may have adopted a 'pigs first' ideology.  But the piggies in Ur are there to serve the glitches needs, not the reverse.

    It's probably gratifying for some of the higher level players to have a 'mission' and they've lost track of what new glitches need to get by in Ur.  But while they may have reached the plane of existence where they don't need to eat food or have a stick surrounded by piggies in their yard or street, that is not the case for new players.

    There are a lot of piggies available to new players who learn early how to use tools like Glitch Remote to find them.  If the intent is to force newer glitches to go to Home Streets to find piggies, everything is right the way it is.
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  • I haven't found any of glum's posts passive aggressive or inaccurrate.  When you create your own gameplay mechanic or rule (such as the perception that pigs need rescuing) that doesn't apply to every player, you're bound to run in to some trouble.  I've seen players become really upset when pigs they've released get "rescued" to another street.  I think that it's great that PIG has found a purpose that they care about, I also think that disagreeing with that purpose doesn't make me (or glum) a jerk.
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  • Anyways, just FYI, the street I have adopted is Mullangi Meda.
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  • I have to point out that pixels can't actually starve. This comment might not make me popular, but this is a game and no real pigs are being hurt in the playing of this game.

    I think Glum's comments were polite and not passive aggressive in any way.

    Thanks to Innie for adding new pigs! Hopefully, they won't be relocated.
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  • Is there anything bad about having to feed piggies first before nibbling? I'm not sure how the mechanic works... when I've had to feed one by hand on a home street it seemed to make them all able to be nibbled.  I think I'd personally rather have that happen on streets in Ur without trees than to see no pigs there, if that's how it works.  As for piggies up in trees or on islands I think that's a bit of a different matter 'cause I wouldn't personally go up there to feed them so I could nibble them and I'd just move on to a different street but maybe others would, I'm not sure.

    edit two hours later:  I'd hate for this question to get lost in the arguing....  Could someone explain the mechanics of hand feeding and why that's a bad thing?
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  • The pig group was called out as a possible reason that there are almost no piggies left in the entire game world. Yes, the group has removed pigs from streets in the past, but never to my knowledge from Ur. Whatever you think of the conceptof pig-rescuing, which has been debated here in the past, it was incorrect and ungenerous to suggest that this group has been taking pigs out of the game. The pig group is in no way implicated in the drop in population; in fact it tries to avert pig loss in the game.
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  • oscarette, have you read the group's description?  They absolutely thin out pig herds in Ur or relocate them to home streets.  What's troublesome is that some feel a sense of ownership once a piggy has been relocated (from the group's forum): "It happened again...and I am livid!  One of my piggies has been stolen! This is the second time I have lost one. The difference is that the first time I saw the pig napper fleeing and got my piggy back. This time I haven't a clue who took it. My back yard is not large enough for the seven remaining on my street, but I may put them there anyway...There are plenty of piggies waiting to be rescued, and if I get another, it will be one of those. But oh, I am so mad I could spit!"
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  • I think the problem stems from the way glumpudding made her first reply. Considering the topic title and the TS was wondering where the pigs in UR have gone to (Not why some streets have less pigs) and how the word 'rescued' in those commas is usually used to imply sarcasm in writing, anyone without knowledge of the group could have easily thought that they were pig-nappers.

    Anyhow, my two currants' worth on it is that it seems like there are a lot of pigs again (At least at Groddle Heights where I currently am). I have a pig egg that I'd like to release too once I have Animal Herdkeeping and can raise one.
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  • Sloppy, I'm onmyyphone which isn't ideal for browsing but the groups descrription and guideline post says nothing aboutherd thinning or home streets. I am not active on their boards, only joining in with chat, so I probably don't know as much as I could.
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  • I wasn't trying to be confrontational,  I just figured we'd read different things. ;)  My phone's from 1972 so I'm stuck at my desk.
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  • Thanks to everyone who bothered to read and understand my posts.  I appreciate it!

    Oscarette, I never said that PIG was removing pigs from the game as a whole -- I have no idea where you got that idea -- and KitchWitch, I'm not trying to be a "detractor."  I know how exasperating it can be to type at people who cannot understand your point, so please know that I truly do understand everything that you've said, and I fully appreciate that the group has essentially created a game within the game, with its own guidelines, and with participants who come from a place of caring about animals.

    Of course, as cricketshay said, the pigs are not really starving.  While they are cute, they are all digital copies of a single digital pig model.  I cannot personally bring myself to care much about the welfare of individual copies, but I recognize that others can and do.  It's not realistic to expect every other player to support the PIG group's goals, however, since for most, the line between fantasy pigs and real ones is not blurry, and pigs are cute resources, not pets in the traditional sense of the word.  If a pig turns into a meat pile, for most players, that's okay, because we can always make more.

    Regarding having developers change pig mechanics: part of the challenge of the game is to maintain the world as you'd like it to be, and that can involve watering and petting the trees, feeding the pigs, mining rock stubs, clearing and replanting gardens, and so forth.  I don't think that removing the pigs' ability to starve would help the game in the long run, because it eats away (pardon the pun) at that core Glitch challenge.

    To answer diaveborn's question: I can't think of anything bad about the mechanic of feeding hungry pigs.  I personally will always hop up to platforms to pet/nibble/feed pigs, and I often find other players doing the same.  I played for nearly a year before I saw any pig welfare groups spring up, and in that time, testers just fed hungry pigs as we found them.  Hand feeding just one pig will definitely not suffice, if the whole group is hungry, but perhaps the pig you fed was the one which hadn't yet eaten from a feeder, or the one someone else had skipped feeding, etc.
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  • The way I understood the groups description was they took piggies from Ur streets with no trees or food for them to eat from, or that are stuck on cliffs with no food and no way to get to food and relocated them to other Ur streets that had trees and such for them to eat. They dont take them and put them on personal streets. Nor do they steal piggies from home streets.

    I dont think this thread required so many heated answers. If you think there arent enough pigs in Ur, then GO MAKE SOME AND RELEASE THEM.

    Complaining about it and making an entire thread isnt going to change the original problem.

    We dont need discussion...we need action. If you see a problem in Ur that you are able to fix, wouldnt  your time be better spent fixing it than bitching about the problem on the forums?
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  • since reading this initial post i have been making a concerted effort to release at least 10 piggies throughout the streets of Ur each game day. 

    Have to say I agree with Serenity's Mommy above, if it's a problem, then the solution is simple, do something about it...
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  • +1 Arietty for being part of the solution! 
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  • I think we're discussing it because someone asked where the pigs went.  It would sort of stink to release a bunch of pigs onto floating islands, for example, thinking that you're doing a lot of good, and then find that other players are angry about it... so I think it's good to talk about this stuff.
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  • "We dont need discussion...we need action. If you see a problem in Ur that you are able to fix, wouldnt  your time be better spent fixing it than bitching about the problem on the forums?"

    Action is great, but it seems doubtful that Arietty and others who have been inspired by this thread to release more Pigs in Ur would be taking those actions if people weren't "bitching" here in the forums in the first place.

    +1 to action.

    +1 to bitching.
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  • Knowing how things work will not resolve every conflict. Nevertheless, I think it is helpful to understand how things work.

    My experience and conversations I've had with knowledgeable players leads me to believe that pigs need regular actions from players to ensure their survival. It seems that pigs eat from trees only or mainly when players harvest those trees. I've personally seen pigs replaced by piles of meat on streets that had trees but lacked players harvesting those trees. In the old housing quarters, I saw this happen even on streets that had more trees than pigs.

    Leaving grain or other food on the ground for pigs to eat will not reliably keep pigs alive. I've tried this and had pigs die on me. The pigs usually will eat some of such food when it's first dropped, but afterwards are likely to ignore it and die.

    I've been able to keep pigs alive even where there are no trees (e.g. in community gardens) by hand feeding them crops at least once a real-world day. Hand feeding them grain probably works as well, but using crops will get you seeds as well as healthy pigs.

    Providing a feeder and keeping it filled will keep pigs alive. However, feeders left on streets in Ur can be picked up by any player and do not last long.

    Bottom line: If streets in Ur are not visited by players, pigs on those streets are likely to die even if those streets have lots of trees. I have no idea whether this contributes to fluctuations in the pig population of Ur. I'm offering it simply as information about how things work.
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  • I've just more than doubled the number of piggies in a region. :)  I needed to work on those badges anyway.

    Also: In regards to the housing taking people out of Ur... I'm not experiencing that in the least. I've seen a lot of people where I've been wandering today, and I've not exactly been wandering the beaten path.
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  • !
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  • Yep, ya'll better do something about the piggies or I'm gonna eat even MOAR
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  • Oh, and the national bacon shortage explains it all. G'night.
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  • i spent a whole game day making piggies and putting them all around UR
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  • During the time I've been playing Glitch (which is 1 year tomorrow!), I've seen Ur populations of piggies fluctuate fairly regularly. At one time, it was allowable to toss hogtied piggies into shrines as handy donation fodder. Piggies on streets became quite scarce. It was discussed in the forum and TS ended up changing the mechanic so this wasn't possible any more. Piggy population exploded. Not so long ago, it was not unusual to see 12 or 15 piggies on most streets (at least in Bortola, where I hung around in general).

    It's a Malthusian dynamic, it is. The numbers will go up or down according to various factors and in the long run, it will balance out pretty well.
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  • Oh no people would donate piggies? How terrible! That wasnt sarcasm either. I know they are just pixels, but the thought of donating a piggie seems less than humane to me. 

    OMG Bacon...stop eating the piggies please. Youre upsetting these poor people ROFL 
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  • I'm trying to add more pigs to Chakra Phool, but I'm afraid that they'll die off again. 

    Do we really have to feed pigs to keep them alive?
    Posted 6 years ago by Reirei Umezaki Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I just added an additional 200 piggies to Ur, mostly in the Groddles (I had nothing to do with the two piggies on the ledge with a wood tree in the Heights, though. Sigh.) -- now get out there and help me take care of them!
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  • Reirei-- or harvest a non-wood tree when they're nearby. Yep.

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  • To answer diaveborn's question...

    Thanks :)
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