cube battle leveling reset

Just checking to see if others had same issue.  Battled two bots up.. around Levels 74 and 81.  Both of them, same time, went back to Level 1.   Several others in Cebarkul  said same thing happened, but it didn't seem to happen to everyone in that location.

Posted 8 years ago by gumbie Subscriber! | Permalink


  • Can't get mine past lvl 2, they always reset back to lvl 1
    Posted 8 years ago by Kremit Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Same thing happened to about 5 of my cubis of various levels. All reset while in Cebarkul.
    Posted 8 years ago by Felicia Subscriber! | Permalink
  • All of the cubimals I already owned are showing "Lvl.undefined". I bought a new one from a toy vendor; that shows "Lvl.1".
    Posted 8 years ago by Woggle Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Some players have cubimals that level with every victory.
    Posted 8 years ago by Empyreal Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Same. Today I got my Rube up to level 2 and then I went to my street and back to Ceb, and then it was reset.
    Posted 8 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I logged in today and my level 88 Hell Bartender reset to 1. Oh well. At least I know I'm not alone.
    Posted 8 years ago by Lucille Ball Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I will never race my cubis again. :O
    Posted 8 years ago by OMG BACON!! Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Yes, I had one up to 230 or so, another at 150 and another around 75 and they were all reset to level 1 at the same time.
    Posted 8 years ago by Chichikova Subscriber! | Permalink