Giant List of Locations for Traveler Achievements (The Penultimate Update as of December 5 2012) Current Count: 1439

An ongoing mystery with street location qualification has finally been solved (after 22 days since this thread first opened on 2011/11/8). A major thank you to everyone who helped report results, data, and information. The key results and findings that were previously uncertain but now confirmed are:

Places that count: Everything in Jethimadh Tower, all one-time quest locations including The Back Alley and Rooks' Woods, both old Hell One and new Hell One. Four locations from the limited time only Cosma Performance Testing.

Places that don't count: Subway Stations, Machine Rooms.
Before the release of new streets in Rasana and Aranna, there were 774 confirmed locations, which matched the maximum, non-glitched high scores leading to confirmation in exactly which streets did or didn't qualify.

Current List (as of December 5 2012)

  • Update 50: Over 100 new locations released in the last month of Ur. New places not in the Encyclopedia are: 1 Seam Street (Namaste), 1 Underground Puzzle (Purplysa), 1 Uralia street (Symphonious Maximus), 2 Quests (Mental Block 2, Picto Pattern), Hall of Rejected Concepts in Jethimadh Tower: Mid (access from Tower St. West), and 6 unlisted locations in Vortex of Random.

  • Update 49: Final two places? Distant End, uutiif (continues from Distant End). The door to Distant End is in Russula Involutii, Haoma.

  • Update 48: New transit system in region Moshi Moshi Oshilatis adds 7 new locations. Shim Shiri was previously known as Asslandia.

  • Update 47: 20 new streets in the incredible Nottis region. It's now possible to obtain the Globetrotter Extraordinaire achievement!

  • Update 46: 29 new streets in Vantalu.

  • Update 45: New Quest: An Old Fashioned B&E transports you to B.T.C Room #3.

  • Update 44: Third season-themed level quest An Autumn Day unlocked from Epic #2. With three different quest endings, there are 4 total locations associated with this quest.

  • Update 43: A new secret location unlocked by Epic #2: An Abstrixian Aside. A hint was announced by GOD in Local Chat:
    There's also a new secret spot hidden in one of the existing secret spots. Sorry I can't say more, but I am contracually prevented from doing so. Let's just say that it's a region in which only a portion of the light source is obscured by the occluding body. Know what I mean??

  • Update 42: Three new starter quest locations for learning some of the elementary skills: A L'il Animal Kinship; Breezy, EZ Cookin'; Talking 'bout Soil Appreciation. It just so happens all three locations have an apostrophe in the name.

  • Update 41: New quests unlocked from feats, as well as reminisce quests from the Play Cube item. Receive the Play Cube after completing the Color Unblocking quest. Join the Club quest offers Pintura Prosa from jumping into the Curious Painting inside the clubhouse.

  • Update 40: Three new regions unlocked from the First Epic (The Penyahtewan Assembly): Ormonos, Lida, and Jal.

  • Update 39: New Mental Block quest released (2 locations, one for first-time and one for all subsequent repeats).

  • Update 38: The Greedy Street Spirit counts as a new location upon reminiscing from the Emotional Bear.

  • Update 37: Sequel to Walk Toward the Light, Radiant Glare quest added.

  • Update 36: Being Watched quest added. Drink a Cup of Water from a Bureaucratic Hall Water Cooler. One of the few locations where snapshottery is not possible.

  • Update 35: Two new party locations released (Aquarius and Val Holla).

  • Update 34: The second feat unlocked a new region, Firozi, with 25 new streets. 1 additional linking street added in Alakol (Via Firozi).

  • Update 33: First of the Giants-themed quest, The Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth, adds four new locations.

  • Update 32: 3 new quests: The Wrizzards and The Rube, Operation: Grow, and Walk Toward the Light.

  • Update 31: Third Level Quest, Winter Walk, has four locations. Winter Walk and Winter Haven each have a first-time location and a repeat location. When you enter the quest from the second time onwards, you'll always be in the repeat Winter Walk and repeat Winter Haven locations.

  • Update 30: Talk to a Piggy to start the new quest (The Greedy Street Spirit). Two new regions, Haoma and Kloro, unlocked from the first Feat..

  • Update 29: Le Miserable, the second Level Quest, appeared prematurely on August 23, 2012, and later officially released on August 24, 2012.

  • Update 28: 11th Ticket to Paradise level Slip 'N Slide released August 9, 2012.

  • Update 27: 5 more Ticket to Paradise levels from upgrade cards (Abysmal Thrill, Beam Me Down, Bippity Bop, Cloud Rings, Mountain Scaling).

  • Update 26: Amberlyza is the 6th and latest street in the underground basement puzzle series.

  • Update 25: 5 new bonus levels from upgrade cards (Arbor Hollow, Cloud Flight, Radial Heights, Sky Plunge, Starlit Night).

  • Update 24: Two new regions (Balzare and Roobrik) with 21 streets each add 42 streets to increase the normal max score over 1000.

  • Update 23: A new quest called A Summer's Day now available by talking to any street spirit vendor (in Groddle, Uralia, Firebog). Three locations are involved with this quest.

  • Update 22: Fernucopia becomes the 5th street in a series of locations accessed via locked doors in relic apartment tower basements.

  • Update 21: 9 new streets (5 Apartment Tower Basements and 4 color-themed locations accessed from the locked doors in the 5 basements; it is random which of the 4 color-themed locations you are teleported to when entering a basement's locked door).

  • Update 20: 5 old housing Apartment Towers now count for location scores.

  • Update 19: 3 new Seam Streets added on April 25 2012.

  • Update 18: 127 new locations in 5 new regions! 21 of the new locations are new streets in old regions. 51 new Habitats, Parks, and Reserves are for Foxes. 4 Habitats, 8 Parks, and 9 Reserves are in old regions.

  • Update 17: Reformatting of list and organization. New categories added for Party Locations, Quests, Tower Quest (in Jethimadh Tower), Multiplayer Games, and a section for no longer available locations. The 4 Cosma Performance Test locations increase total maximum general public location count to 840.

  • Update 16: Three new Enchanted Forests and Hell Bar in Naraka

  • Update 15: New link and street name fixes for Rooks' Woods and You Feel Woooooozy...

  • Update 14: Two new quests (Four Letter Words and Word Up) lead to The Kid's Room.

  • Update 13: Revamp of the list display. Added latest discoveries section and made all lists collapsible with index to regions.

  • Update 12: The Back Alley has returned for those who missed it in the We're Off to See the Lizard quest (learn Fuelmaking to receive the quest). New Vision Quest travels to the Institute of Ocular Testing (learn Eyeballery).

  • Update 11: New holiday party pack location at Winter Wingding. A street previously only accessible by staff was temporarily opened as a portal via Door Potion. Only a few players in the right place at the right time managed to obtain this location score. See more info here

  • Update 10: New areas, some secret, have been hinted. So far 4 have been discovered as of 2011/12/22. Axis Denyde, The missing floor, The lost floor, and The forgotten floor.

  • Update 9: New region of Rasana and expansions in Aranna bring 50 new streets! Plus Le Voyage Violet for 51 new total.

  • Update 8: Mystery solved thanks to elka for the last piece in the puzzle: Machine Rooms don't count towards the scores! Now all the numbers add up and everything makes sense. HarleyQuin's score is currently glitched, no one will be able to match the score, unless someone also accidentally triggers glitched residential areas that counted.

  • Update 7: Naraka adds 6 locations extending from Hell One. New score for 766 people to be stuck on is 773! Scores have increased by 7 if you visit all 7 Naraka locations including Hell One (but Hell One counted before, so does that mean anyone who had visited Hell One previously would have 2 points for Hell One, while new players would only get 1 point for the new Hell One? Or the other explanation could be the old Hell One didn't count.)

  • Update 6: A previously missed location on the list has been added thanks to Folderol. "You're Feeling Wooooozy" directly follows Fireflex 3000 Lab so if you have been to Fireflex 3000 Lab, by default you'll have been to You're Feeling Wooooozy.

  • Update 5: With a breakthrough discovery by Folderol in lifting a previously incorrect assumption that the 12 Subway Stations counted toward the score, the total number of confirmed locations is now (more accurately) at 766!

  • Update 4: 770 locations have been confirmed to count for users. What could this mean in terms of scoreboard discrepancy?

  • Update 3: Highest score is now 769! List updated to include 789 locations, but there is much uncertainty for some locations...

  • Update 2: Confirmed locations up to 762, with 768 total possible contenders listed. Who will be able to solve the mystery of the one missing street that so many people are stuck on?

  • Update 1: Added in links to available Encyclopedia entries. Updated notes regarding those entries.
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    • So, was not adding which street to jump up from on purpose? I guess it's not that hard to figure out, since there are only four to choose from...
      Posted 7 years ago by Scarf Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Oh my mistake! Thanks for pointing that out, it has been fixed.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Phelps.mike is up to 829....there are obviously a few more out there waiting to be discovered.
      Posted 7 years ago by Hunter Thompson Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I also noticed last night that Phelps.mike is a guide - Hmmm...inquiring minds what to know...
      Posted 7 years ago by Shadowy Time Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I also noticed last night that Phelps.mike is a guide - Hmmm...inquiring minds what to know...
      Posted 7 years ago by Shadowy Time Subscriber! | Permalink
    • It looks like someone uas 828 now other than phelps.mike and HarleyQuin with 829. Not sure if there is a third secret location or what happened with the scoring system.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • New, Lost Floor, accessible from Goorsh Gam, Tamila. Brings the total to 828
      Posted 7 years ago by Papa Legba Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thank you, Lord Coyote!
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • leaderboards just jumped to 829
      Posted 7 years ago by Avery? Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Yeah looks like there might be another secret location.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @TomC I think there might be just 3 new hidden rooms, because after board updates I will be at 827 and I am always 2 behind Harley.
      Posted 7 years ago by elka Subscriber! | Permalink
    • The Forgotten floor in Muufo - that makes 829!
      Posted 7 years ago by Hunter Thompson Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks for the tip, Hunter Thompson! I will update the list when I get a chance to look for it later.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I'm having a terrible time finding The Forgotten Floor. is it in the sky or underground? any tips would be appreciated (feel free to send it to me in im or mail so as not to spoil the hunt for anyone who wants to search it out!)

      ETA: Thanks for the help guys! Found it :)
      Posted 7 years ago by Avery? Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Now I'm looking for it, too - any clues or hints?

      ETA:  Got it!
      Posted 7 years ago by Charlotte Sometimes Subscriber! | Permalink
    • look underground...IM me for more precise info
      Posted 7 years ago by Hunter Thompson Subscriber! | Permalink
    • sorry, double post
      Posted 7 years ago by Hunter Thompson Subscriber! | Permalink
    • question-is the google table version updated anywhere?
      Posted 7 years ago by Gadzooks Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I have 827, am missing 2.  Can't figure out where they might be.  I have been everyplace but the Back Alley which I can't get to (not even in Beta).  Start streets don't count but I have been to all of them as a Greeter.  Have been to Lost and Missing and unnn and all the Seam streets unless there is a new one in Rasanna (have found no secrets there).  I have heard there is a secret in Muufo but have not found it.  I have run all the races and been to all the party places.  I had been to more than 900 during Beta and it could be that I am a little confused and have overlooked a place that i went to in Beta and missed since the reset.  BTW, in Beta the housing blocks counted so we had many more streets to count.

      ETA, there are now 829!
      Posted 7 years ago by Brib Annie Subscriber! | Permalink
    • :D
      Posted 7 years ago by satarell Subscriber! | Permalink
    • there are 831
      Posted 7 years ago by Treesa Subscriber! | Permalink
    • 831 for reals? guess I won't be going to sleep after all.
      Posted 7 years ago by Ooola Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Well some people got a "bonus" street now with a staff-only place called Nylon Phool but in a region called Lisa. See this thread:
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • List updated. 831 confirmed qualified locations as of now. Google Doc checklist being updated tomorrow.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • This really is awesome, thanks for putting this together.
      Posted 7 years ago by Carcharodon Subscriber! | Permalink
    • there is someone at 858?!?  did I miss a street opening then immediate closing?
      Posted 7 years ago by Hunter Thompson Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Wow 858, the entire list only has 855 streets listed!

      Update: It appears to be a bug.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @TomC: Aww I was excited for new area or something =). Do you have link to discussion of the bug?
      Posted 7 years ago by SequelGuy Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I think this may be a  bug, but then the entire leaderboard for top travellers is not exactly up to par any ways ~ places that, for whatever reason, cannot be travelled to by all players, should not count.
      It seems there are 828 locations,which can be accessed by everyone,
      plus Old Hell 1, and Rook's Wood,which have been 'closed',
      plus "Lisa",which cannot be accessed by everyone,
      equals 831 in total.
      Posted 7 years ago by ~Scilly~ Subscriber! | Permalink
    • This is still driving me nuts. I've been 5 streets behind everyone for the longest time, ever since before the new streets in Aranna and Rasana. I know what three I'm missing (The Back Alley, Rook's Woods, original Hell One), but I don't know which two I don't have.

      I've been to every seam street, race area, all party spaces, bureaucratic halls, model homes, all of Jethimadh Tower, have all completist badges, and triple checked my visited streets with the location checker. I've even been to the places that don't count like all subway stations and machine rooms.

      I have absolutely no clue what else I'm missing.
      Posted 7 years ago by Glitch E Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @SequelGuy It was just a conversation in-game and delicious said she just noticed this morning and had no idea what happened. I really like your API Update History tool! It definitely helps discover new places or minor changes that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

      @~Scilly~ Yeah the traveller leaderboard has been the most inconsistent out all the high scores. There's still mystery surrounding HarleyQuin's score and also phelps.mike's now. 

      @Glitch E - Have you tried using the Google Doc checklist and marking off all the areas you have been to? For all the completist regions you could quickly check off them all, and then areas you know you haven't visited. Then double check the remaining areas (especially in the "Other" section of the list) and see if you've been there.
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    • I ran the location checker again on Aranna and Rasana and it turns out the two I'm missing are in Rasana, which is weird because I thought I was missing two locations elsewhere before that region was added. Maybe I visited them somewhere along the way.

      Mystery solved - I'll visit them later. Now I only wish I had died before Naraka was added. I was always careful about keeping my energy up. I guess that's what I get for trying to keep myself alive, one less location that would have counted for me. D: Things are different now though, I try to die once a day. :P
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    • Awesome! Maybe one day the high scores will be properly sorted so those locations don't count for the score any more.

      Google Doc version updated to List View as default. You can now use it to easily sort either street name or location name alphabetically as well as view a certain region's streets by using the select menu in Column B.
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    • I now have 829 locations but delicious has a whopping 859!!  Where did all of those extras come from?
      Posted 7 years ago by Brib Annie Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @ Brib Annie, I have been going through locations/locations checkers etc with a fine tooth comb,
      and this is what I have come up with:
      828 locations,which can be accessed by all, including the 4 new locations,
      plus Old Hell 1 and Rook's Wood,which I understand are no longer accessible,
      plus the location known as "Lisa",which cannot be accessed by everyone,
      that equals 831 counted locations;
      I believe the 859 locations shown in leaderboard are a glitch. =)
      Posted 7 years ago by ~Scilly~ Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks Scilly! That breaks it down nicely. :)
      Posted 7 years ago by Ooola Subscriber! | Permalink
    • There is a new quest called "Vision Quest," for those with the eyeballery skill. You are transported to the "Institute of Ocular Testing." I received 72xp for visting.
      Posted 7 years ago by Csophae Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks to the devs for making a new quest that leads to The Back Alley. Got there today for the first time thanks to the We're Off to See the Lizard quest. :)
      Posted 7 years ago by Glitch E Subscriber! | Permalink
    • So more people can catch up to the fact they missed off the Back Alley the first time round, which is good, but us folk without Rooks Wood are still left in the cold in reaching the top of the non-glitched folk. 

      I'm at 829 and only missing Rooks Wood as far as I know. Is 830 the actual new number of possible achievable places including old Hell1, Rooks Wood, Back Alley, and excluding glitched streets, and that Lisa one a few people managed to get?

      Or is there a place which is elusive to me that I have to track down? 

      It's all getting a bit confusing now, and with some stuff being missed off the official location guide in the Encyclopedia it's getting tough to keep track of. 
      Posted 7 years ago by Mr LaserExplosion Subscriber! | Permalink
    • The ocular eyeballery place in post-eyeballery-skill-learning quest counts!  Why don't I ever write down the names of places?

      What does a Glitch need to learn to get back to the Back Alley?
      Posted 7 years ago by Ida Keen Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Ooo, so the eyeballery one is a new one for me then, thanks. 

      Back Alley can be got at the start, by going to a Subway before a  Bureaucratic Hall to get your papers (I think), or can now be had by a new quest for learning Fuelmaking. 
      Posted 7 years ago by Mr LaserExplosion Subscriber! | Permalink
    • FUELMAKING was the one I was looking for.  Thank you!

      Yes, you're right about the subway.  Many of us missed it the first time because we already knew we needed papers from Beta.  The first Beta not Current Beta.
      Posted 7 years ago by Ida Keen Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I was an Alpha tester, and I didn't know about needing papers, so I got the Back Alley this time round. 

      Guess I wasn't a very good Alpha/Beta tester back then :) 
      Posted 7 years ago by Mr LaserExplosion Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks everyone for the info! List has been updated.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Ugh. Guess I need to learn Eyeballery now. 
      Posted 7 years ago by Pearl Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Um... delicious is at 864???  Am I reading that right?  Something wacky is afoot!
      Posted 7 years ago by E D D I E Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Yippee! Thank you, devs, for figuring out a way to get the Back Alley in for those of us that missed going there because of papers/subway confusion! *does a happy dance* I'm now at 831.....and now to figure out that "new map location" for 832...h-m-m-m-m
      Posted 7 years ago by GreyGoose Subscriber! | Permalink
    • New Map location you've probably already been to (Axis Denyde) since 832 is only possible if you visited the dev-only version of Nylon Phool in Lisa.
      Posted 7 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks, Tom, for clearing that up. I guess I can take off my walking shoes for awhile. Whoo Hoo!
      Posted 7 years ago by GreyGoose Subscriber! | Permalink
    • 870? T^T
      Posted 7 years ago by (????)????? Subscriber! | Permalink
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