Giant List of Locations for Traveler Achievements (The Penultimate Update as of December 5 2012) Current Count: 1439

An ongoing mystery with street location qualification has finally been solved (after 22 days since this thread first opened on 2011/11/8). A major thank you to everyone who helped report results, data, and information. The key results and findings that were previously uncertain but now confirmed are:

Places that count: Everything in Jethimadh Tower, all one-time quest locations including The Back Alley and Rooks' Woods, both old Hell One and new Hell One. Four locations from the limited time only Cosma Performance Testing.

Places that don't count: Subway Stations, Machine Rooms.
Before the release of new streets in Rasana and Aranna, there were 774 confirmed locations, which matched the maximum, non-glitched high scores leading to confirmation in exactly which streets did or didn't qualify.

Current List (as of December 5 2012)

  • Update 50: Over 100 new locations released in the last month of Ur. New places not in the Encyclopedia are: 1 Seam Street (Namaste), 1 Underground Puzzle (Purplysa), 1 Uralia street (Symphonious Maximus), 2 Quests (Mental Block 2, Picto Pattern), Hall of Rejected Concepts in Jethimadh Tower: Mid (access from Tower St. West), and 6 unlisted locations in Vortex of Random.

  • Update 49: Final two places? Distant End, uutiif (continues from Distant End). The door to Distant End is in Russula Involutii, Haoma.

  • Update 48: New transit system in region Moshi Moshi Oshilatis adds 7 new locations. Shim Shiri was previously known as Asslandia.

  • Update 47: 20 new streets in the incredible Nottis region. It's now possible to obtain the Globetrotter Extraordinaire achievement!

  • Update 46: 29 new streets in Vantalu.

  • Update 45: New Quest: An Old Fashioned B&E transports you to B.T.C Room #3.

  • Update 44: Third season-themed level quest An Autumn Day unlocked from Epic #2. With three different quest endings, there are 4 total locations associated with this quest.

  • Update 43: A new secret location unlocked by Epic #2: An Abstrixian Aside. A hint was announced by GOD in Local Chat:
    There's also a new secret spot hidden in one of the existing secret spots. Sorry I can't say more, but I am contracually prevented from doing so. Let's just say that it's a region in which only a portion of the light source is obscured by the occluding body. Know what I mean??

  • Update 42: Three new starter quest locations for learning some of the elementary skills: A L'il Animal Kinship; Breezy, EZ Cookin'; Talking 'bout Soil Appreciation. It just so happens all three locations have an apostrophe in the name.

  • Update 41: New quests unlocked from feats, as well as reminisce quests from the Play Cube item. Receive the Play Cube after completing the Color Unblocking quest. Join the Club quest offers Pintura Prosa from jumping into the Curious Painting inside the clubhouse.

  • Update 40: Three new regions unlocked from the First Epic (The Penyahtewan Assembly): Ormonos, Lida, and Jal.

  • Update 39: New Mental Block quest released (2 locations, one for first-time and one for all subsequent repeats).

  • Update 38: The Greedy Street Spirit counts as a new location upon reminiscing from the Emotional Bear.

  • Update 37: Sequel to Walk Toward the Light, Radiant Glare quest added.

  • Update 36: Being Watched quest added. Drink a Cup of Water from a Bureaucratic Hall Water Cooler. One of the few locations where snapshottery is not possible.

  • Update 35: Two new party locations released (Aquarius and Val Holla).

  • Update 34: The second feat unlocked a new region, Firozi, with 25 new streets. 1 additional linking street added in Alakol (Via Firozi).

  • Update 33: First of the Giants-themed quest, The Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth, adds four new locations.

  • Update 32: 3 new quests: The Wrizzards and The Rube, Operation: Grow, and Walk Toward the Light.

  • Update 31: Third Level Quest, Winter Walk, has four locations. Winter Walk and Winter Haven each have a first-time location and a repeat location. When you enter the quest from the second time onwards, you'll always be in the repeat Winter Walk and repeat Winter Haven locations.

  • Update 30: Talk to a Piggy to start the new quest (The Greedy Street Spirit). Two new regions, Haoma and Kloro, unlocked from the first Feat..

  • Update 29: Le Miserable, the second Level Quest, appeared prematurely on August 23, 2012, and later officially released on August 24, 2012.

  • Update 28: 11th Ticket to Paradise level Slip 'N Slide released August 9, 2012.

  • Update 27: 5 more Ticket to Paradise levels from upgrade cards (Abysmal Thrill, Beam Me Down, Bippity Bop, Cloud Rings, Mountain Scaling).

  • Update 26: Amberlyza is the 6th and latest street in the underground basement puzzle series.

  • Update 25: 5 new bonus levels from upgrade cards (Arbor Hollow, Cloud Flight, Radial Heights, Sky Plunge, Starlit Night).

  • Update 24: Two new regions (Balzare and Roobrik) with 21 streets each add 42 streets to increase the normal max score over 1000.

  • Update 23: A new quest called A Summer's Day now available by talking to any street spirit vendor (in Groddle, Uralia, Firebog). Three locations are involved with this quest.

  • Update 22: Fernucopia becomes the 5th street in a series of locations accessed via locked doors in relic apartment tower basements.

  • Update 21: 9 new streets (5 Apartment Tower Basements and 4 color-themed locations accessed from the locked doors in the 5 basements; it is random which of the 4 color-themed locations you are teleported to when entering a basement's locked door).

  • Update 20: 5 old housing Apartment Towers now count for location scores.

  • Update 19: 3 new Seam Streets added on April 25 2012.

  • Update 18: 127 new locations in 5 new regions! 21 of the new locations are new streets in old regions. 51 new Habitats, Parks, and Reserves are for Foxes. 4 Habitats, 8 Parks, and 9 Reserves are in old regions.

  • Update 17: Reformatting of list and organization. New categories added for Party Locations, Quests, Tower Quest (in Jethimadh Tower), Multiplayer Games, and a section for no longer available locations. The 4 Cosma Performance Test locations increase total maximum general public location count to 840.

  • Update 16: Three new Enchanted Forests and Hell Bar in Naraka

  • Update 15: New link and street name fixes for Rooks' Woods and You Feel Woooooozy...

  • Update 14: Two new quests (Four Letter Words and Word Up) lead to The Kid's Room.

  • Update 13: Revamp of the list display. Added latest discoveries section and made all lists collapsible with index to regions.

  • Update 12: The Back Alley has returned for those who missed it in the We're Off to See the Lizard quest (learn Fuelmaking to receive the quest). New Vision Quest travels to the Institute of Ocular Testing (learn Eyeballery).

  • Update 11: New holiday party pack location at Winter Wingding. A street previously only accessible by staff was temporarily opened as a portal via Door Potion. Only a few players in the right place at the right time managed to obtain this location score. See more info here

  • Update 10: New areas, some secret, have been hinted. So far 4 have been discovered as of 2011/12/22. Axis Denyde, The missing floor, The lost floor, and The forgotten floor.

  • Update 9: New region of Rasana and expansions in Aranna bring 50 new streets! Plus Le Voyage Violet for 51 new total.

  • Update 8: Mystery solved thanks to elka for the last piece in the puzzle: Machine Rooms don't count towards the scores! Now all the numbers add up and everything makes sense. HarleyQuin's score is currently glitched, no one will be able to match the score, unless someone also accidentally triggers glitched residential areas that counted.

  • Update 7: Naraka adds 6 locations extending from Hell One. New score for 766 people to be stuck on is 773! Scores have increased by 7 if you visit all 7 Naraka locations including Hell One (but Hell One counted before, so does that mean anyone who had visited Hell One previously would have 2 points for Hell One, while new players would only get 1 point for the new Hell One? Or the other explanation could be the old Hell One didn't count.)

  • Update 6: A previously missed location on the list has been added thanks to Folderol. "You're Feeling Wooooozy" directly follows Fireflex 3000 Lab so if you have been to Fireflex 3000 Lab, by default you'll have been to You're Feeling Wooooozy.

  • Update 5: With a breakthrough discovery by Folderol in lifting a previously incorrect assumption that the 12 Subway Stations counted toward the score, the total number of confirmed locations is now (more accurately) at 766!

  • Update 4: 770 locations have been confirmed to count for users. What could this mean in terms of scoreboard discrepancy?

  • Update 3: Highest score is now 769! List updated to include 789 locations, but there is much uncertainty for some locations...

  • Update 2: Confirmed locations up to 762, with 768 total possible contenders listed. Who will be able to solve the mystery of the one missing street that so many people are stuck on?

  • Update 1: Added in links to available Encyclopedia entries. Updated notes regarding those entries.
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    1 2 ... 14 15 16 17 18
    • I would love love, love, love a tool that would show you what non-Encyclopedia locations there are, that you have visited, and have yet to visit. :-)
      Posted 6 years ago by FlatEarther Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I like you am stuck at 1259. I know I am missing Rook Woods, the four? Cosma Testing locations, and three new beginner quests. The other two are complete mysteries. I have been everywhere on the list multiple times.
      Posted 6 years ago by Scarlett Beth Subscriber! | Permalink
    • FlatEarther, unfortunately such a tool isn't possible because that kind of info isn't shown anywhere publicly and not in the API.

      The Winter Haven first time place was missed by a few people if you didn't jump in the portal the first time you went to Winter Walk.
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @ SchWM

      - Cup of water I did immediatly when it came out (can you do it again? should i do it again?)
      - I reminisce Emo Bear everyday ever since it came out
      - I reminisce my Conch everyday since it came out and I go to all spots in there ( I don't think you can miss one, it leads you...right?)
      - I've been to the secret location you're talking about, twice (pic in my profile)
      - I did the taster pack versions of those 2 new party places (aquarius + val holla / and i was told tasters count as same location just last not as long)
      - I've been to B&E when it came out too, and I also reminisced it through Play Cube and can confirm like others that it's same location...
      - I will add to that, that I double checked and have been to all new streets related to new regions, and also completed all new regions themselves as well...
      - Also adding that I immediatly saw the portal the first time I did Winter one, so didn't miss that either
      - I also took great care of doing each version of Autumn endings at least twice
      - Went to all towers and did all their stories via elevators, one by one, plus all their basement streets

      So seriously, like Alex ans Scarlett, something didn't register or borked somewhere, and we're stuck like that :/
      Posted 6 years ago by elka Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Maybe you're missing Amberlyza? It was the 6th street added to the basements later on and you might not have gone back?
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • No unfortunately @TomC I can confirm I have been there, I have all 6 colored streets in My Snap, because I didn't know they existed for a while because I was gone, and so when I started doing them, Amber already existed! u_u`;
      Posted 6 years ago by elka Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I went through all the coloured streets again just to make sure none was missing-and indeed, none was, so it's not that-I also went through all the abandoned apartment buildings and all their floors again-just to make sure.
      Posted 6 years ago by Alyx Sands Subscriber! | Permalink
    • The Alkalol Model homes?

      Posted 6 years ago by SchWM Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I did miss the portal the first time I did the Winter one. So there is one mystery solved. Just one more to figure out. Thanks!
      Posted 6 years ago by Scarlett Beth Subscriber! | Permalink
    • TomC (and others) appear to have 1275 streets visited, meaning the 6 digestive tracts and Shim Shiri count, correct?
      Posted 6 years ago by beBlueberry Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Those starter quest locations...

      Posted 6 years ago by Sororia Rose Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I went from 1266 to 1273 after visiting all the digestive tracks and Asslandia, so yeah, they count.
      Posted 6 years ago by Papa Legba Subscriber! | Permalink
    • FWIW, Asslandia and Shim Shiri count as the same location.  No worms for the early birds.
      Posted 6 years ago by E D D I E Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Shim Shiri + six dinosaur guts counts for +7 locations.
      Posted 6 years ago by Benzyl Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks everyone, list updated. Now at 1276.
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Typo in update 48... Asslandia, not Asslandis hahaha. And oooooh I am offline and have no idea what Moshi Moshi iiiiiis *gets excited*
      Posted 6 years ago by elka Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Oops thanks for correcting the typo! Moshi Moshi Oshilatis is just the region for Asslandia and the dinosaurs.
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • My location list was 1227 pre Moshi Moshi Oshilatis, and now post all 7 and Shim Shiri I'm still at 1227.  Anyone else have this happen?   Should I file a bug report? 

      Edit: cleared cookies, logged out, logged back in, all was well (and I'd jumped 200 places on the leaderboard).  Never mind. :) 
      Posted 6 years ago by Celeloriel Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Celeloriel, your location count displayed on the leaderboards page is only updated every few hours and not instantly. So if by this time tomorrow it's still at 1227, then something is wrong. However, your actual location count would already be at 1234 if you've visited all 7 streets in Moshi Moshi Oshilatis. The achievements are instantly based on your actual location count, just the page display count shown is only updated every so often.
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks for the extremely informative & quick answer, Tom! 
      Posted 6 years ago by Celeloriel Subscriber! | Permalink
    • And the achievements can now be delayed by up to 30 seconds.

      Posted 6 years ago by SchWM Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @TomC said: Gentle Island was a confusing and unsolved case. For new players, the locations have counted, but according to some of the older players that went there, the score did not go up for them. But it seems the 3 locations prior to Gentle Island may have counted (Cloud Intro, TR1, and TR2), but they may no longer count now either. So far no new players have reported whether or not their visits to the Gentle Island streets have counted, and I don't have any alt accounts, but if anyone would like to try, any data would be greatly appreciated.There are many other previous locations (especially older versions of quests) that no longer count, so you probably have gotten one of those, but they would be too confusing to add to this list as in most cases only one location can be visited (either an older account that visited the old location but obviously can't visit the new location, or a new account that visits the new version of the location but of course wasn't around for the older version).

      So I created an entirely new Alt (LocationTester), ran it through Gentle Island, and let it come out into the world. 

      It's currently # 75404 on the leaderboards, with 6 locations. In the time it took to write this post, that's updated to # 75460 (still with 6 total locations), so I have every reason to believe the leaderboards have updated and that alt won't ever have more than 6 locations.

      First I went to the Cloud Intro, and the 2 Flamingo locations.

      The following are the named locations I went to. I'm pretty sure there was a Qurazy Quoin (worth 12 Img) in each, but didn't think to note it. The two I'm least sure about are Surveyor's Stroll and Ethereal Endeavour. 

      Surveyor's Stroll
      Discovery Path
      High Jumper's Gully
      Doonboggle Trail
      Ethereal Endeavour
      Progess Way
      Gentle Island Exit
      Svarta Swale (closed the window here, and haven't opened the Alt since).

      I created the account for it while still in Surveyor's Stroll, which I at one point thought was related. I'm no longer at all sure that's related.

      Some numbers-- these are the # of people on the current leaderboard with the given # of locations:
       1 - 12,036 
       2 -   9,132 (bunches of these are New Glitch 168### and not vanified)
       3 -   6,461
       4 -   5,524
       5 -  12,410
       6 -    3,068
       7 -    2,279
       8 -    1,933
       9 -    1,722
      10-    1,490
      11-    1,376
      12-    1,247
      13-    1,095
      14-    1,040
      15-       965
      16-       900
      17-       846
      18-       755

      So what I see is: of the dropouts, a near-plurality don't make it past the 1st place they ever went to. Likely some of this group is left over from before Gentle Isle existed, but I'm not at all sure how many (not as many of the old newbie avatars as I would expect).

      There's a large group of New Glitch 168### with location count of 2. Not entirely sure what to make of that-- I have several proto-theories, but not enough evidence to support any of them.

      Then, there's another big group of them that don't leave Gentle Isle (and must think the game was REALLY boring), with 5 locations. Once they get into the outside world (and on Gentle Isle also), the more places they go, the less likely they are to stop going places.

      Here's the thing-- at least 5 of those locations do count, at least if you create an account early on in the process. Not sure which two of them don't count, but if someone wants to figure out which ones count they need to:
      1. Log out.
      2. Hit the Play Now! button
      3. Create an account as soon as possible (I'm pretty sure I could have done it a street earlier).
      4. Every time you get to a new street, close the window, and keep an eye on the traveller's leaderboard for up to 4 hours to see if it updates.

      Bit of a pain in the arse, really. Guess it's my next project.

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    • I did extensive testing with friends (see earlier in the post) and confirmed that Gentle Island gives new players 5 locations but it is not clear why just 5 streets as per the map I uploaded within that post shows that Gentle Island has 7 streets, including the seam street. It has been confirmed that TR1 and 2 don't add to the count for newbs. (The first qurazy quion encountered btw is on Surveyor's Stroll which usually gives you enough iMG to purchase Mappery).

      I was one of the many naughty and very apologetic Glitches that went back in the early days of Gentle Island as a level 60 after following some others there and the locations didn't add to my count but the 3 early tutorials did add to my count.

      It should also be noted that some of the places on Gentle Island have been redesigned in this last week and now look different to the original streets.

      You'll notice that older snaps of Gentle Island have Old Diversionary Path or Old Progress Way in front of them now.

      Surveyors Stroll - Still the same
      Diversionary Path - BEFORE and AFTER - the key is now on a bog table
      High Jumpers Gully - Slight bog style overlap top left (BEFORE)
      Progress Way - now Uralian style 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (note the Squid type vendor for the Enlarge Yer Slots quest and owl in 4 & 5) (BEFORE 1 2, 3)
      Doonboggle Trail - Still the same
      Gentle Island Exit - Slight Uralia style overlap but still the same (BEFORE)

      Ethereal Endeavour  - Plexus style seam street still accessible via Doonboggle Trail

      The map is also still the same as far as I can see
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    • Okay, here's the dets:

      After doing Cloud Intro & the first Flamingo Room (earlier, TomC called this TR1, but the room has no name while you're doing it), my new alt (LocationTester2) was named and had 2 locations.

      Moved to Dustbunny room, location count didn't increase (stayed there long enough to see my standing go from 103257 w/ 2 locs to 103411 w/ 2 locs).

      Wall dissolved, I got a home street style, went to 
      that home street, 
      went to my home. 
      Got a skill, went to AK1 - The Basics of Animal Kinship. 

      Left from there straight to Surveyor's Stroll, thinking I'd have either 1 or 2 new locs, depending on whether Surveyor's counted. Instead, now had 5 locations.

      Someone else can test exhaustively to be sure, but I'm fairly sure that the locations that count are Cloud Intro, Flamingo Room, home street (1st time), home (1st time), and 1st skill location. [This is wrong, see next post]

      [next paragraph is outmoded]
      The only place I have any doubt is whether Surveyor's counts (I doubt it, nothing else on that map does) which would mean that either home street or home didn't, and whether the wall dissolve made it a new location (after feeding egg to dustbunny) which might also mean the same. (I also doubt that, since the wall dissolve didn't do a reticulating spines or any other sign of loading a new loc).

      Argh. I can't believe I'm making one more.

      Posted 6 years ago by SchWM Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Double post.
      Posted 6 years ago by SchWM Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Wow, that was a lot of work. I've a spreadsheet if anyone doubts the details.

      It's 2 for 
      Cloud Intro
      Flamingos (1st time you can give your Glitch a name, so can pick it out from the crown, so to speak)

      None for the Dustbunny / House picking

      2 for 
      1st time visiting home street
      Home street reload with actual house
      ETA: Note that there is no location added for going INTO the house.

      1 for 
      AK1 - The Basics of Animal Kinship 
      ETA: I assume it wouldn't have mattered which 1st skill was chosen here, but didn't test it, because it doesn't seem to matter if you pick the skill during tutorial or out in the world-- you just go to the same place either way as far as I can tell.

      So, every new person gets at least 7 locations (ETA 4 from tutorial, 3 quest locations) I can't. Granted, I have four (Cosma test) locs they can't get. Still, I would imagine that in the not-too-distant future, all those people who stoutly resisted any change to leaderboard policy are going to switch their opinions about the virtues of change....

      Oh yeah-- the histogram from above is starting to make sense:
      Very few Glitchen don't make it past Cloud Intro. The majority of those @ 1 location are probably left-over from the pre-tutorial days. Large # of default-avatared Gltichen are those that stopped @ the Flamingos and never restarted.
      # of people drops off through the tutorial, and (although we can't see it in the #s), through Gentle Island. But basically, the longer you play, the less likely you are to stop playing, and I'll bet that data fits a fairly nice curve. I know, not too surprising.

      1st part (locs 1-4) of that curve fits (within 8%) 12000/sqrt(location count). 2nd part (locs 13 and up) fits 42*12,000/(location count + 7)^2-100 (within 10%).

      Posted 6 years ago by SchWM Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Wow! Thanks for all the detailed testing and extensive experimentation, SchWM and Cleops!

      With all the different max possible locations now based on join date and availability of these locations, maybe there needs to be an overhaul of how the Max Location count is represented and calculated. Perhaps the count could be based on only the currently available locations, and then other counts that include partially unavailable locations.

      Do you always have to choose Animal Kinship in the tutorial? I thought Soil Appreciation or EZ Cooking was also possible alternatives, and eventually you'll get all 3 of those beginner quests.

      That is confusing how the first flamingo stage (TR1) counts but not the Dustbunny part (TR2). And very interesting that for newbies their own home and inside of house counts for the first time.
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • TomC - You get a choice between the 3 tutorials when you visit your house for the first time. The rock offers them in alphabetical order and so people most likely pick the first one which is Animal Kinship. You can select any of the 3 skills though and the rock will take you straight to the tutorial. You get 1 location for every skill.

      I think what has happened is that the locations that count have changed recently as I know people who have as of 2 weeks ago only made it to Surveyor's Scroll (which includes doing TR1, 2, home street, house and skill) and only came away with 2 counts. Now it seems you have 5 streets by the time you get to Surveyor's.

      Out of interest Schmw how did you determine TR1 but not 2 counted? Gradual completion, waiting for leadership count to show up?

      BTW - it should be mentioned that from what I can tell you don't show up with any count on leadership board until you have waited until at least next game day and logged back in to play the game again. If you don't log back in to play the game you don't show up and are not counted/included on leadership board.
      Posted 6 years ago by Cleops Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @TomC-- I didn't make this clear early this morning. Home Street counts twice. Once when it's their empty home street, once when it gets reloaded, now with their house on it. Going inside of the home does NOT count. I sat an alt outside their newly created house through 3 updates of the leaderboard to make sure of that, because it didn't make any sense to me (and then inside through 2 more updates).

      I am sure that all three quests would count equally, but haven't actually tested it myself. I don't think it matters whether you get the quest during the tutorial or after, you go to the same place.

      @Cleops-- Started alts, got them to certain points, then left them waiting (they don't lose energy before Gentle Island, and after you create an account, you can close the window and come back in normally later) while waiting for leaderboards to update. Sometimes for QUITE AWHILE.

      In more detail: 

      Started Alt. Went through Cloud Intro, to Flamingos. Got Named. Waited for my new name to show up on traveller's leaderboard (with 2 locations). Followed flamingo to dustbunny, got dustbunny an egg, went to the magic rock, got ticket, and then waited until leaderboards updated. (still with two locations).

      @Cleops said-- BTW - it should be mentioned that from what I can tell you don't show up with any count on leadership board until you have waited until at least next game day and logged back in to play the game again. If you don't log back in to play the game you don't show up and are not counted/included on leadership board.

      I don't think this is exactly right. The leaderboards update after a certain amount of time. It's somewhere between half an hour and 2 hours, and I'm not sure it's consistent from time to time. You can tell they've updated if you've got a relatively new alt, because their standing changes, and the total number of pages changes. As soon as they updated, my name would show up, regardless of whether or not I'd logged out and/or a game day had passed.

      As to it used to be 2 locations (getting to Surveyor's), now it's 5, that doesn't surprise me at all, given the # of issues there are with locations sometimes counting, sometimes not, and what-have-you. 

      Posted 6 years ago by SchWM Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Schwm - I was just going off both my friends accounts. Both from my computer and on theirs we couldn't see themselves on the leaderboard until they made their way back in the game today. They refreshed the leaderboards for me every 4 hours or so after joining yesterday, checked last night and early this morning, and did not appear until after making their way back in game and then 5 streets suddenly appeared against them and they were on the leaderboard. Very strange.

      Thanks for the research so far Schwm - it is very interesting:)
      Posted 6 years ago by Cleops Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Perhaps the last 2 places updated: Distant End and uutiif. The door to Distant End is in Russula Involutii, Haoma
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @TomC
      I just wanted to say a big thank you for making this thread. I constantly referred to it on my quest to find all the locations in the great UR. It was invaluable and I just wanted to let you know and everyone who added places that I appreciated it.. so THANK YOU :D
      Posted 6 years ago by Misha Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I am stuck at 1274 streets and don't now how to improve that before the end.  I should have everything but Rook's Woods.  So I am missing 2 or 3 somehow.  I must figure this out.
      Posted 6 years ago by Rathany Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Just completed all new areas and now have a score of 1323. I seem to be 4 behind you TomC and have always been only two. Was anything else added that I missed?

      Massadoe and Katanta are the two new locations. Have badges for both.
      Posted 6 years ago by Misha Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Thanks Misha, I still need to update the list soon.

      Have you tried the two new quests: Picto Pattern and Mental Block 2? Also the Hall of Rejected Concepts?

      Good luck, Rathany, you might just have to double check every non Encyclopedia location just to make sure.
      Posted 6 years ago by TomC Subscriber! | Permalink
    • umm no not done those do they just pop up or are they at a vendor?

      edit i see them now ty :)
      Posted 6 years ago by Misha Subscriber! | Permalink
    • The glitch change log mentions a museum of art - RT @playglitch: Head on over to Jethimadh Tower to see a new museum of art that could have been in Kukubee's Hall of Rejected Concepts.

      I can't find it but I am useless at finding my way around Jeth Tower
      Posted 6 years ago by Captain Daisy Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Captain Daisy, enter from Tower Street West, you'll be on the stairs that lead straight to the museums without going through the tower :)

      I wanted to say thanks to TomC too. He's been one of the most accurate and complete providers of information in the game and his knowledge of game trivia has often astounded me. 
      Tom... thank you!!!
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    • TomC this thread has been hu-uugely helpful! Thank You! =)
      Posted 6 years ago by ~Scilly~ Subscriber! | Permalink
    • @zira - ty but isn't that the Hall of Rejected Concepts? I could just be having a speshul moment here though...

      Also YES - TomC, you've really enhanced my experience of Glitch - thanks so much for all the resources you have provided to us all.
      Posted 6 years ago by Captain Daisy Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Hall of rejected concepts and the "art museum" are one in the same.  The punctuation is just a bit off in the log.
      Posted 6 years ago by Soupie? Subscriber! | Permalink
    • New seam street called Namaste that can be accessed via a very cold street in Nottis where you can find some shelter.

      Edit: It can be accessed via Dokk Rokk and Megna Burrow
      Posted 6 years ago by Cleops Subscriber! | Permalink
    • A basement seam called Purplysa. Very purple.
      Posted 6 years ago by CuCN Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Two new areas - Haraiva and the infamous Brillah has finally been released
      Posted 6 years ago by Cleops Subscriber! | Permalink
    • I am still missing a minimum of 10 locations (not counting Lisa or Old Groddle, etc.).  I have finished all locations in the Encyclopedia and, I think, all of the Seams including Namaste.  I am #83 and cannot find another location.  It's my greatest wish to reach at least #10 on the Board.  I don't know if that is even possible as several Locations are not possible to reach.  Tom, if you can, please add the latest Locations to the list.  Can anyone help me find more Locations? 

      I have been told there is a new 4th entrance to Plexus thru a Portal.  I have found 3 entrances to that Location (one in Balzare) but I have no idea where the 4th one is if it exists.  Do any other Seams have new entrances?  Thanks!

      I did forget about Gentle Isle.  If there are 5 Locations there, then that counts for 5 of my missing Locations, Lisa is a 6th.

      If I discount E-yon and Joby, then I am missing at least 13 Locations.  My Alt has got the Gentle Isle Locations, I guess, but he has not yet been to Namaste or some of the Party packs.  But, he (Quilty) is way down on the Boards at #7051 with only 282 Locations :D
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    • Symphonious Maximus appeared, entrance in Cebarkul.
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    • Thank you Spree!
      Posted 6 years ago by Brib Annie Subscriber! | Permalink
    • How can you find out how many places you've visited? I got the 1227 badge a while back, but other than that I have no idea how many places I've been. Thanks, Sol
      Posted 6 years ago by Sol Hawk Subscriber! | Permalink
    • On the leaderboards it will tell you how many locations you have visited. Link on the bottom of the home page.
      Posted 6 years ago by Scarlett Beth Subscriber! | Permalink
    • Sweet, thank you Scarlett! Looks like I need 26 locations to match the #2 spot. Except since I'm relatively new there are 6 locations that are unavailable to me.

      Is the #1 Glitch a TS person? Seems like an anomaly in comparison to the others...
      Posted 6 years ago by Sol Hawk Subscriber! | Permalink
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