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Line-dried clothes, happy corn, and a hanging happy cloud.
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Happy new year, Glitchen! May your year be filled with...
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It's a piggypocalype survivor! Or maybe a well-disguised PIGGY...
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Not even the end of the world slows this place down. It's like...
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Goodnight, Grendaline.
And to all a Glitch-night
Taken by Mt Dew Me
Goodbye, Glitch.
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I love you too, Dusty. You and Stoot and Sr. Funpickle stay here...
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Aw, Gwynne, this is so nice!
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Heli Kitty on FE's home street!
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The end is neigh!
Taken by Vic Wu
Is a caption really needed for this?
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Ancale's HouseParty, and awesome looking house
Taken by RainCat
Veritable flock of birds, heehee
Taken by Silvara Luneth
Snowed in with the Rube. GOD help me.
Taken by Miss Coco
The Spud Family clicks the wroooong kind of Pay per View...
Taken by FyodorD
I'll always remember it just. like. this. ... but with all of you...
Taken by Eleanor Rigby
Little Poundcake may think she is alone in Ur...
Taken by FyodorD
I'm gonna miss the spontaneous toxic moon parties... :(
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Taken by FlatEarther
My treasures - 4 artefacts to go - will I get them? Willing to...
Taken by IrenicRhonda
Very sad to see Glitch go. Lot of fun, lots of lovely folk....
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Amazing cubis on line. *THE END*
Taken by Lila Clemenceau
Testing out a new visual style
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And today I'm planting......
Taken by Artistech
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OMG my cubi collection is finally complete :D
Taken by Taztaboo
lol! I know I posted one of these when it happened, but this was...
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Talk about an inflated sense of self....
Taken by Eleanor Rigby
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