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Little Poundcake

Arrrgghhh I found a rare thing that we should've given you guys for that last feat. I didn't realize it had graphics and was ready to go. It is a Pareidolic Giant Image on Toast, which is described as "A piece of toast with what some people claim is an image of Cosma. Initially bought on GleBay." It's cool if you hate me now for accidentally depriving you of valuable, rare toast.

19 replies

19 replies
  1. SeerQueen

    There was a story in the ImaginatUr on this!

  2. The Cat Face

    We don't hate you! Plus it's really tough to have your toast and Feat it too.

  3. PopRocks

    Hee hee hee. I love it and we couldn't hate you.

  4. Zany Serendipity

    You need to let us all back into the game for 10 minutes to get our toast, then. =P

  5. Ayasta

    Awwww man, I could've had GIANT TOAST! Hehehe, at least it's not goats arse. XD

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  6. KitchWitch

    Awww Little, we love you waaaay more than toast. :D

  7. 3jm2fg1gc

    Toast, toast, I want toast. But, LP we don't hate you. Let us in the game and we can have some toast!. :)

  8. Beyond the Pale

    Maybe the toast is proof that the Giants are returning. Proof, I say!

  9. oscarette

    Like all the other giants, Cosma now is toast.

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  10. Hollyhawk

    I see a glitchy regretsy craft coming on! :D

  11. Mal'akh

    *shoots Little Poundcake a mean look* Toast!

  12. kastlin

    No, I don't hate you. But I am a little hungry now ...

  13. Avery♥

    YEAH TOAST! ... aww wish we could have seen it!

  14. Emblemofrook

    Hmmmmm.... someone should make that IRL. It would be hard, but awesome

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Status update
caley dunn

so much more awsum than cheese Jeebus

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