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If you could enter the game right now, what would you do first?

21 replies

21 replies
  1. Minkey

    check on my butler, re-grow my piggies, set free my very bored butterflies and maybe go to cebarkul or torment the meal vendor in Level 2 East and then watch me jump and fly and then stand there and wait for idle animations.

  2. Scarf

    Squish some grapes, because I think I was in hell. Eat some Potian's Feasts, then drink butterfly milk until my mood's back to normal. Pay respects to a Spriggan Icon. Then take an Essence of Purple.

  3. Carl Projectorinski

    Run naked through Cebarkul screaming for joy, and then go salmen chasing in Jal!

  4. kastlin

    Hug the nearest glitchen!!! Or nibble a piggy.

  5. Hab

    Like Carl and Smallchalet... , and then (from a previous post, because I HAVE, like many of you, given this much thought!) I'd go cloud jumping first - maybe a couple of rounds of that - rings and then bippity bop - Even before that though, I'd have to go home to sing to the butterflies, see what my butler has to say today, go pet all the trees and jump on my beanbag chair, watching the lava lamp while squeezing my emo bear. Meanwhile, I would be checking who is online and NOT be afraid to bother them just to say "hi"! I would then check the map to see all the places I haven't been and run/leap/teleport like hell to see as many places as I could! I would play with Senor pickle and lastly use the play cube to replay some of my favorite quests. Especially singing with Grendaline - that was special. Last but not least, I would dress in my demon outfit and go visit my favorite studly bartender and try to seduce him one last time. He will likely mock me once again, but I will have seen him in all his flaming, one-eyed glory and be happy. Now, its bedtime - put my robe and bunny slippers on, hug my emo bear and play GNG as I press 4 to put my little Glitch to sleep, closing the window as the last note plays.

  6. ThursdayNext

    It would kind of depend on how long i had. But I'd probably go stand in my little house and read some of the notes I didn't have time to copy due to lag then go find people and hug and high five them. I would also release the dust bunny from the stick (best gift ever).

  7. Scarlet Begonia ?

    Cry from happiness and then get back to finishing the Dedicated Restorationizer badge! Badger for life, I guess!!

  8. Aleph Zero

    I'd drop by the Cebarkul Tool Vendor to check out who's stuck in what today and hopefully find a way to get myself stuck in the log permanently. Except I'd also want to alternate between chilling in Nottis & warming up in the firebogs.

  9. SeerQueen

    First, in real life I would run screaming through the house. Then, I would have a happy reunion with all my friends in AB.

  10. Chazerei

    I would start working on getting back all the cool shit I gave away in the last days - lol!

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  11. SockMonkey101

    I Would say hello to everyone and say how its so nice to be playing with them again.

  12. Fernstream

    I love all your responses! Honestly, I think I'd just jump, jump, jump across street after street, breathing in sights of the world that I haven't seen in so long. Maybe I'd go finish off the Completists, exploring every corner of Ur. I'd sit in my house for a minute, surrounded by lovingly arranged furniture. I'd say hello to Ink, my butler. I'd tend to each garden patch until my street was lined with cheerful yellow standing out against the peaceful forest and the purplish sky. I'd visit friends and lose track of the hours that would fly by as we talked. I'd take countless snaps to remember every moment by. I'd reminisce once more the Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth, and revel in Grendaline's presence under the warm light by the waterfall for a long time as that ancient music played. When day began to turn to evening, I'd whoosh to Nandak Intention and traverse the familiar path to Ajaya Bliss, where I'd greet friends and smile. Quickly I'd get caught up in the boundless energy of the place, jumping and gliding, dashing to sparkly and mining together. Bags full, I'd run off to Cebarkul or a shrine to empty them and run back before I missed too much. I could stay in AB forever... Maybe, though, I'd journey to the Groddles I've always been fond of. Excitedly I'd meet new Glitchen with welcome gifts and any advice I could offer. If I ran across Doon Way, I'd sink into nostalgia there for awhile, remembering the joy of my first house. That was always a wonderful neighborhood. When the real world time had grown too late to stand, I'd rub my human eyes and go off to sleep, dreaming of tomorrow's adventures.

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  13. Osiris ?

    I would go find a good friend of mine and go street-blending :)

  14. Golden Apple

    I would finish the Juju quest, marvel at the game graohics, and.. just...well.. play! while hugging all other glitchen (with you there kastlin)!

  15. Kellinator

    I would go check out the Vortex of Random, which I never made it to in person and deeply regret. Then I'd hatch some eggs and restock KellMart.

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Golden Apple

I would finish the Juju quest, marvel at the game graohics, and.. just...well.. play! while hugging all other glitchen (with you there kastlin)!

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