[I am inviting you to join my group!] lets get are old houses back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know about you but i want the old housing back so do a lot of people join the house protect so we can get are old houses back!

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  • *facepalm*

    Nothing has ever not happened as much as this is going to not happen.
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  • No
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  • There's no way this *could* happen - the old housing did not scale well.  As we get more players, we need scaleable housing.  Also, old housing sucked.
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  • weren't you the girl who threatened to commit suicide over changes in herbal mechanics?
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  • A. I doubt there's more than a handful of people that want old housing back. It was a mess. The only possible organizational scheme was called "dump crap all over the floor."
    B. Old housing was severely lacking in individuality. It's nice to finally have spaces here that we can customize.
    C. I doubt TS really wants to undo all the work they've done on what was possibly their biggest project since unlaunch.
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  • Ok, first of all, change the title to "our old houses..."  

    Next.... I thought, "Oh brother, not another one of these" but ... hear me out here... I'm not sure what "old housing did not scale well" MEANS exactly.  There are tons of streets, each street could have had a housing quarter, each quarter could have hundreds of houses... get my drift?  So I'm not sure about the scaling thing.  There are tons of streets.

    I think the thing I miss the most is the neighborhood feel, having a shared street, having our homes connected to Ur.

    Don't get me wrong - our current housing system is FANTASTIC.  I love it.  SDB's saved this entire game, in my opinion.  I love customizing it how I want it to look.  I don't think that should change.

    But having our houses connected to Ur somehow... that would be nice to have again.  Residing in a region we identify with.... that would be nice.
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    throw a party in an old house, then everyone (should) be happy

    the old houses were: small, laggy, and for the most part identical.  new houses are: huge, a bit easier to store WAY more stuff in, and all different and suited to everyone's taste/design.
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  • Agreed with Justin on all points. My old house looked like a family of hoarders had lived in it for twenty years, there was far less I could do to customise it, and I never even saw other Glitchen on the street it shared with other people's houses. Now I have customised both my backyard and street just as I want them to be, I get visitors to whom my street offers useful things, I have a tower to show off/decorate/organise my things in, and I can look at other people's streets and towers, when before I rarely had a reason to go to others' places at all, because I'm more of a solitary Glitch.

    Why would I want my old house back? I see people on the linked group talking about the rewarding experience of working for a house, but nowadays, there are a lot more challenges and options involved. Yes, in the old days I had to make some money to buy a house (and wait ages for first a cottage and later a big house to be available), but I found extending both my backyard and street to their limits and building both the house (which I since shrank) and later the tower a lot more challenging. It was not just a matter of once getting 50,000 currants, but rather of getting imagination, crafting building materials, crafting furniture... on the tower, I spent weeks to just build all floors, and I am by far not finished with it.

    Having seen some of the fantastic towers people have designed (which are only a fraction of the ones in the game), I really couldn't imagine what would be gained in going back to the generic old houses and streets.
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  • Lol.
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  • You know what zoey? I totally agree with you! I mean, these new houses are cool and all, but I miss the preset style of every house. I liked how all the houses were together, so alot of glitchen chatted, but mostly, I liked how it costed 0 currents. Nowadays, if you want everything that used to by within a groddle cottage, it would cost me 300-400 credits! But for a mere 4k, I could easily get that, and even better, I think we people can put our own furnishings in a house, so we get it all! +1337
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  • @ennuita - The problem is that unless the old housing had something in place to add a new house every time there was a new player, eventually the game would run out of houses.  The system was not set up to scale when new people joined, especially when a lot of people joined at once, like when they first launched.

    And if they *did* add a new house every time there was a new player, who's to say it'd be in the area the player would want/could afford?  When I played, several months before the change to the new housing system, there were people offering TONS of money for someone to sell their house so that the other player could buy it, because there weren't any for sale of a certain type.

    Alternatively, they could just add millions of houses.  In which case, it would be difficult to find a house that had neighbors, if that's what you wanted.  They'd also have to store info for each of those houses, leading to more server space needed, etc., etc..  And if they had enough people coming in to the game (whether or not they stayed), they could eventually run out of space *anyway*, and have to add more.

    They *have* said they're looking at adding a way to connect your house to a certain region of the world, though, which might be good for people who want that.  :)
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  • Oy.... oy, I say.
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  • A bigger problem was people leaving the game - my block was OK - about half of the house were occupied, but other blocks on our street had no active players on them. And that was only a few months into the game. Pretty soon there would be thousands and thousands of houses with no one living in them as players aged out of the game. That was the main reaon the existing houseing program was "not scaleable"
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  • nope, I like the housing the way it is....
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  • Dear zoey10189st,

    I am Boom and Bust writing to you from the Society of Conservation of Exclamation Marks. We would like to inform you that at the rate you are using up Ur's natural Exclamation Marks supply, very soon we we will have no left. If this happens we will all be very sad. :( Exclamation Marks are a shared community resource which all should be able to cherish and enjoy. Please use them sparingly in your posts, and let others use this amazing punctuation to express genuine surprise or shock.

    ? Boom and Bust
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  • Nope to switch back to the old houses, but I hope we get our baloncies (sp) back soon.
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  • @ Boom and Bust:

    Spelling. Spelling is important too! Where's our society for that?
    Also, capital "I"s. And apostrophes.
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  • +1!!! I miss it too!
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  • Uh, how old is Zoey exactly? If this is her second thread overreacting and using terrible punctuation for tiny things, perhaps she shouldn't be playing...
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  • I, too, miss the endless squabbling about herb vs. crop gardens and the cozy neighborhoods where I didn't know a single damn person because proximity does not magically cause friendliness.

    Wait. No.
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  • Yeah, forgot about inactive players taking up houses... ok, carry on.... :)  (But still change "are" to "our" thanks!!)
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  • I've been wondering that too, Avnas. I think an investigation is in order.

    But not really, because I'm way to lazy for that.
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  • Using gobs of energy and teleports to go home to simply empty my bags is not something I miss. Plus, of the four housing developments I lived in back in the day, I didn't become friendly with one neighbor because... lol... I never saw them.

    So yeah no. Fail thread is epic fail.
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  • Actually, I do miss my window. *flail*
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  • I do miss some of the designs form old houses but thats pretty much it. Bags and piles of supplies because you couldn't add furniture, or the empty depressing block s of houses, or the wars over resources, or the can ONLY have crop or herb gardens, but not both, were the many flaws of old houses. it makes much more sense to me to have the new houses optionally tie to Ur, and optionally create networks for neighborhoods wtihout actually changing how houses function now, simmilar to the way visiting stones are.
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  • I love having all the room in my new house. I love knowing who visited. I love having control of resources in the back and being able to share resources in the front. I love the neato new stuff and I love, love, super love SDBs, which are quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. What I miss about my old places are mostly that I stupidly didn't take any pictures (except one of my last house), and I wish I had the snaps to remember them by. But I do not miss the crowding, the mess, the loneliness when neighbors weren't every there or when half the block was for sale. I really, really would like a balcony for my new house. (hint--Glitchmas is coming after all ;>))
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  • I hate when people complain about punctuation and spelling!!!! This is a game, not a school room.  Live and let live!!  Not everyone excels at English, especially people who speak English as a second language.  Now back to our shoo  (show as in Ed Sullivan)  I love our new housing, and would also like a connection to the UR.
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  • There's a difference between struggling with English as a second language, and typing like a 13-year-old girl on speed.

    If you're trying to be persuasive and argue a point, at least make it look like you were actively thinking when you wrote the post.
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  • How can you learn if no one corrects you?  I have had my grammar corrected before; I didn't mind.  I appreciated it.
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  • @ Boom and Bust - Wonderful reply! Love it! :)

    @ topic

    I love my new house. I nevertheless miss my old apartment. In real life, that is. Maybe there's just something sentimental that ties us to places we spent time in the past? I could go very sentimental on my 11 square meter apartment during my time at univerity.

    Missing my old house in Glitch feels a bit the same.

    I guess, what I actually miss, is the feeling of being new to Glitch, and everything was exciting, and you set your foot the first time into the new house and think "Wow! I did it!". There was much less of that feeling in my new house, because my new house came together with thousands of currants and a high-skilled character who immediatly turned it into a nice, lovely place.

    That being saig, I am pretty sure I'm gonna miss that house as well, if it would be taken away from me.

    And yes, I miss the holes and ropes and twisted walls from my boghouse. Together with my underground garden. That's the only thing I truly miss. I probably still wouldn't exchange it against my current house.
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  • I never got to use the old housing system, but I like the idea of having your home street tied more closely to actual streets in Ur. Right now, it feels like home streets and Ur streets are in two separate worlds. I understand the scale issue though.
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  • i preferred the switchover period when we had 2 houses and all upgrades free
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  • Princess Zircon, I had trouble even understanding some of what was written in the post (it took me a while to get what the "are"s were doing in there), or in the group linked. One reason for use of spelling and punctuation is to enable people to understand what one is trying to express. By the way, English is not my first language, and we were definitely taught both spelling and punctuation. Most of the bad spelling/chatspeak I see online comes from native speakers. Second-language learners make other types of mistakes.
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  • with regards to the post itself - what not a princess said. it's generally pretty obvious when english is not someone's first language and this is not one of those times. /cringe/

    anyway, as someone who never had one of these houses/apartments, the first time i saw one i thought they were so cool - until i actually read up on all the restrictions. what i would be for though, is:
    -the old look as a style choice
    -ability to build a deck/patio
    -neighborhoods by style with some restrictions (egg plants only grow in bog or cave area type stuff, etc.)
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  • I like the new system as it is. With the old system, so many people had requests to personalize their homes and the new system is great for that. More storage plus instant access to our homes without losing teleport points or energy is a major plus. I don't really care for them bringing back the old housing. And whatever protests some players had against the housing reset is now an overflogged dead horse.

    But... Rental vacation apartments and cottages at choice areas for a time limited premium? It could be a cool idea to bring back some of the old designs and relive nostalgia this way. Why not? :
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  • Actually, I believe it was settled long ago that zoey is too young to play Glitch.

    Guess the devs don't know yet, though.

    Also, SeerQueen, Spellers of Ur, remember? xD
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  • +1 for the idea of rental.

    How about Hotels? You can get a room for a night, and then you can celebrate slumber parties with your neighbours.

    That way there's not risk that non-active players are blocking the building.
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  • @Ace of Imagination - I've talked to her and she claims to be an adult, who types like a young'un because of the influence of her son.  But... like other players who I suspect are too young, she conveniently disappears whenever the question of her age comes up in conversation ;)

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  • Minus a Bajillion.

    Apparently you don't remember not being able to get the house you want....
    Or in a location you want....
    Or with the features you want...
    Or being stuck with obnoxious neighbors...
    Or the pains the devs had to deal with to add houses every 5 minutes to accommodate housing demands instead of adding cool new stuff to the game?

    Bad idea.  New housing is vastly superior.
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  • Old houses back? are you on nono powder?
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  •          Be nice glitchen,...please. I know we all like to reminisce, but the old houses were just that....old. Things change and as many have mentioned the new houses not only allow for a TON of self expression but are better performance wise and that's good for us all.
             I too loved my old places, several..the cheapest and as I could afford I got the bigger ones...LOL I never will forget missing my little hole in the ground when oI got the Mansion like one.
              The new one is on my street,...everyone is my neighbor, I have gardens to share and a home I can make the way I want it to be and a MASSIVE Backyard. Not to mention the towers!!!
            The new houses are much better,...may not be the same as the old ones,...but still the benefits outweigh the losses and either way, need to be mean to each other just because we disagree on stuffs ?  ~Play, have and share the fun!
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  • Zoey, the old houses (as we knew them) are never going to come back as they didn't really work too well (other posters have explained the reasons why to you)

    There is a chance you could influence changes to the houses we have, if you and your group could come up with suggestions and add them to the ideas forum.  You could work out what features of the old houses you liked and see if there is a way they could be added to the new houses.

    It might be an exciting project for you, you obviously love the game and are really passionate about it, so think how it could be better and share your ideas :)
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  • What about furniture, and new houses that look like to old houses i mean its a compromise right?
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  • As I said earlier in the thread, I do miss my window.  I also miss my back door.  The way it is now, with just a gap and the inside of the walls visible, it makes me think of a partially finished extension.   

    My OH played for a while and had a bog house.  I liked that it had different size rooms and that there were hiding places and that it looked so cosy.   

    The old houses certainly had more character, design wise.
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  • I'm not even going to chime in on the topic of going back to old housing, because it's a ridiculous non-topic, I can't believe people are even debating it. I'm going to chime in about how freakin' sick I am of people who tell other people not to correct absolutely atrocious grammar. 

    Seriously, this whole "it's the communication not the punctuation" argument is stupid. Clear, grammatically correct writing is communication. I'm not even sure what the child is talking about in most of her screeds because it's just words strung together in no discernible logical order. This whole attitude of "never ever criticize anyone ever because because BECAUSE" has led to an entire generation of children who are functionally illiterate. She can't tell the difference between "our" and "are", people, that is not okay!
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