Glitch Fashion Show- Winners Announced!

Hello fellow glitchens! Before the world ends I would like to see some of your best outfits. I am giving away awesome in game prizes and even Real Life prizes! :D
Note: Entries will be accepted until the deadline of Tuesday the 27th of November 12 a.m. Eastern Time
-Official List
Only 300 entries will be accepted!

Grand Prize:Sweetum
First Prize:Selarias
Second Prize:Dr.MaudGonne
Third Prize:Paddington

5 Runner Ups:
1st runner up: Larch
2nd runner up:Kimbers
3rd runner up:Frowning Flounder
4th runner up:Sparklepunk
5th runner up:?Kiettra?

Bonus Prize Winner:

The Judges:
Rini -The one and only Moi

Sir Brendan of Chuz -Taking time out of his busy schedule of bed warming, gas excretion and food intake to join us.

lovelulu8  -Gracing us with her presence from the one and only


The Bonus Prize:
1 right side of wood apple artifact
*Given to the glitch who looks most like an apple(whole or sliced), You may enter this category as well as the regular fashion contest*

The Grand Prize:
300k in currants
1 Golden egg
2 Diamonds
And Two super awesome angry birds bracelet

First Prize:
200k in currants
1 Diamond
2 Modestly Sized Ruby
And One super awesome angry birds bracelet

Second Prize:
100k in currants
1 Modestly Sized Ruby
2 Showy Sapphires

Third Prize:
50k in currants
1 Showy Sapphire
5 Pleasing Ambers

5 Runner up Prizes:
20k in currants
3 Pleasing Ambers

Prize for everyone!*:

How to enter:

Simply take a picture in game with a camera, go to the My Snaps section of the main website, copy and paste the link into your entry, and post your entry. Only one entry per glitch. If more then one picture is entered from the same glitch ONLY the first picture posted will be judged.
Example- " I'd like to enter the contest here is my entry :; " OR " I'd like to enter the contest here is my entry"

Entrants will be judged primarily on creativity and style.

All of the winners will be contacted via in game mail. The Grand Prize winner and First prize winner will be asked to give an address to mail the items (the address can be given to the Etsy Shop care taker or to me directly.)

* Everyone who enters will receive 500c- available to the first 300 entries, except for the winners of the previous prizes.

~I hope you guys like tower/home contests and free cubimal lotto's cause i worked my butt off making these specially for you guys :D~

Edited side note*- The judges will take into consideration whether or not the outfit is a "free" outfit or a "credit" outfit.

Super Special thanks to axton for lending extra money to make the prizes better and bigger!
Special Thanks to: bagelmonster for donating the apple piece! 

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