LOBE: a survey.

Just out of curiosity.

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  • cool!
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  • voted
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  • 62 votes so far. :-)
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  • I don't get it :(
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  • "Lobe" is a word used by some folks on the forum and in global chat instead of spelling it "love" - so they say "I lobe you!" or "I lobe the new xyz!" - I'm just curious to see how well that's received and whether it's accepted as part of a sociolect or a shibboleth or whatever. I'm not trying to promote it or propagate its use in any way, it's just something I'm curious about. 

    Just search the forums for "lobe" to see it used in context. 
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  • Up to 95 votes now. 
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  • apparently they don't lobe it.

    IDGAF adequately expresses my opinions.
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  • I used it the first time in game, towards Avery.  After having a discussion about a joke.  Why not just block those using it if it bothers you, and move on your way?
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  • I lobe it. But I love 'love' too.
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  • [ETA: this whole comment is now kind of out of context since a number of preceding comments by other posters taking and giving offense have been deleted, but the sentiment stands!]

    Hey, to be clear, I'm not attacking anyone. I haven't expressed any opinion on this one way or another anywhere in the forums at any time. I think I've been pretty clear that I'm just curious and thought I'd take the pulse of the forum at large on the term.  I've been kind of heavily interested in descriptive/prescriptive grammar lately, and I think online communities are neat petri dishes for that. I get the sense that it's not a universally liked or even tolerated neologism (poll bears that out) so it's kind of like watching a really persistent meme. Persistent like "fetch" was for Gretchen Weiner or something, but on a larger scale? Or will it still be thriving in 3 months, 6 months, a year? There may be more polls, unless it just goes away and makes the question moot. 

    Clearly people are free to express themselves as they like. I'm just interested in how communities create and adopt sociolects. It's nothing personal against Buttercup(Flower Symbol) at all.  
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  • Aviatrix-  Im not really sure how anyone could feel you are trying to target anyone else over the poll.  Lobe is a term used,  or overused,  all over glitch so its a pretty fair question. Cant make everyone happy and some are going  to bemoan anything in game they dont like.  Cant wait to see the results!
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  • TBWCR - yeah, there's certainly no target or even implied criticism built into the poll. Just the usual three options. I wanted a wider sample set than just "people I know" so I really appreciate the participation. I'm also looking forward to seeing the outcome, and there will most definitely NOT be any kind of call-to-action after the results, it's just a poll. C'est tout. 
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  • Actually, it was around long before anyone here used it. I don't use it because I'm not a huge fan of adults speaking in baby-talk, which seems to be its primary association, but some people argue that it started as a simple typo (since the B and V are right next to one another on the keyboard), and continued on from there. The Ferengi association seems like more of an inside joke, and not what most people would think upon seeing the term. I would think it's probably more the baby-talk association that is generating the greater (so far) negative response, rather than any direct reaction to anyone here.
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  • Not a fan of "lobe" as a sequence of letters meaning "love".

    I'd support a lobotomy.
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  • Like Sirentist, I have seen it before.  

    I'm not a fan at all, and I can't even put my finger on why.  I should clarify that if other people want to use it, I do not think any less of them for it.  I just won't use it myself.  

    I am, however, 100% behind replacing lobe with lube.  I lube lube as a replacement for lobe replacing love.  
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  • For a  while I used it, thought it was some kind of Glitch meme, but after a while it just ran out it's welcome, like most memes. It just got old to me.
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  • idgaf
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  • +1 Saucelah

    Ayasta - that's exactly the kind of thing I was suspecting - that it caught on more because people somehow thought it was a local custom or usage, but in reality... 
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  • sociolect.
    had to look that up.
    I love this show.
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  • i prefer "lurve" over "lobe" any day. but lube is pretty good too. the word, i mean..........
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  • FWIW, this is my new favorite forum thread ever!
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  • lube. truly. I lube lots of people.
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  • Who doesn't prefer lube? +1 Saucelah
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  • I looked it up, and then immediately felt that I should have known what it meant.  That word is like the ninja of portmanteaus.  
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  • It was an inside joke amongst a small group of global chatters but it spread as 'accepted' usage I guess?

    And if you blocked someone, why would you speak to them in the forum? I can't simply fathom the logic behind this. 
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  • I love the way "LOBE" is used in Glitch. To me it expresses appreciation / fondness / joy of pixels on a screen without the overuse that l-o-v-e gets.
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  • I LOBE LOBE!!! :) 
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  • My spouse and I  started using that back in 1998 when we were dating, before cell phones were prevalent, but pagers were.There was not texting. , You could type "3..07", upside-down, but obviously there is no number equivalent for "v", so I typed "8".  The 1st time I paged him that way, he thought I was making a  comment about his piercings!  So it was our own inner joke/cute way of saying "love".   Since we've started playing here...  it is a trip to see people use it here, because we didn't know anyone else used "lobe" that way!
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  • Personally, I like it.  I think it fits the somewhat cutesy spirit that I associate with the game.

    That being said, lube does make everything better ;)
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  • I lobe LOBE!
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  • I think 'lobe' is a way of saying 'love' to a bunch of people you don't *really* know, and thus perhaps do not actually really love, but only sorta kinda close-to love, hence lobe. 
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  • I like "lobe," but I perfer "LUUUUURVE"

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  • Lobe as love is used tons of other places than glitch...not sure why anyone would think it is a glitch exclusive, though it does seem to be overused here.

    Blocking people who use lobe...LOL what? I doubt anyone feels that strongly about the word, seriously would be verra trigger happy w/ the block button for that
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  • Somewhat off-topic, but there's nothing wrong with being trigger-happy with the block button if it keeps your blood pressure down, other than the fact that it then really messes up your ability to participate in resource routes. I wouldn't block someone who used "lobe" but I have totally been known to do it to people who habitually use texty language. "Do u no wer fox is?" and "y u no help pl0x gimme curants" just hurts all my squishy parts at once. Sometimes it's funny. Yesterday someone asked me why their (and I quote here) "Mr. Funkerpickle" had not yet given them a GNG block even though they had played with it for like five minutes. "Mr. Funkerpickle" is so awesome that I feel like we should all collectively retcon that into being the funpickle's proper name. 

    Also always good to realize that online communities are not exclusively anglophone, so variations in grammatical consistency can be due to it being someone's second, third, fourth, fifth, or whichever language.

    It is kind of awesome when online game shibboleths sort of break the fourth wall or whatever that would be called and escape into the world. It happens. 
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  • I'm imagining wild lobes, fleeing, gamboling, jaunting, cavorting in the wilds...
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  • In the forum I grew up in we used "luff" for the same reasons "lobe" is used around here. I haven't adapted to the change yet (and am not keen to, either). You could say I prefer "luff" over "lobe" for mere sentimental reasons. xD
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  • Lube this big
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  • I'm more impressed seeing the word 'shibboleth' used in context =) Yay Aviatrix!
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  • I loathe lobe. I love love. I love those who loathe lobe.
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  • Aviatrix, I lobe you for starting this thread and then your comments make me lobe you even more.

    As for the word...I know it's not exclusively Glitch-y but the way it's used here is not just to simply express love for something/someone.

    It's pure glee.  Glitch seems to bring out lots of glee in people,  which I find to be excellent. 
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  • I quite LYKE this thread.
    Oops I've started a new misspelling trend.
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  • I''ve voted.

    I -luv- this thread...
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  • Shibboleth sounds like a wonderful swear word... Oh shibboleth!
    I want a poll for frontal lobes vs ear lobes
    ...ooohhh luff to luv you baby...
    Lobe some lube and make your day a happier one

    2 nights without sleep are all the justification I need!
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  • I voted in the negative, but just because " Hate it. Loathe it. Kill it with fire." is such a delightfully gleeful response. I actually maintain a studied indifference to lobe (with the exception of occasional indulgence in puppy-rubs). Introducing lube at this stage seems just a little too perverted. And the puppies then require a bath, which they do not appreciate.
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  • I can't believe there is a debate on its use. The people who use the word lobe will continue to do so no matter what and those that don't like it - oh well.

    I don't like beets so I just don't eat them, same with beans.  I don't like many things others say and do. 

    DIVERSITY.  We are not all the same.

    I happen to love the word smexy and others hate that hehe... Go on being who you are with your smexy selves. 

    Have we just run out of other things to gripe about so now it is lobes turn?
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  • Can I just say how hilarious it is that this is even a discussion?
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  • It shows what very very special people we Glitchen are. I just LOBE it all! :)
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  • ...for the longest time, I was pretty sure people were saying LUBE not LOBE (apparently misreading words in Glitch is the norm for me). It was mildly perplexing but I didn't think much of it since I don't use it and no one I talk to uses lobe. I only figured it out last week or so that people are saying LOBE and not LUBE. Personally I think it made Glitch way more hilarious when I thought tons of people in the forums were saying I Lube You!

    So in conclusion IDGAF about lobe. But I am pro changing it to lube because it makes me giggle.
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  • The more I look at it the more I like it - annoying yes, but I'm a big fan of brains and brains have lobes, thus I imagine my virtual love for my fellow imaginary glitchen come from the lobes of the giants.
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  • I hate "lurrvve" I love "lobe" but I much prefer "Luv" or just " <3 "

    ~ <3
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  • I just spotted "lobe" on an upgrade card. I lube lobe.
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  • LOBE is meh. WUB is better!
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  • Every time I see the word "lobe" written, I immediately think of an earlobe, and then when I realise what they are actually referring to, I think the author is an idiot.
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