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Dearest Brent/Kukubee, I just want to thank you - REALLY thank you - for taking the time that you have taken over these weeks to talk about this very difficult subject. It is getting touchy now even for those of us who have tried to stay upbeat about it, because, I think for me at least, the loss - the monumental loss - is finally becoming real. At first I was in denial - wouldn't talk about it, wouldn't go to the forums, would only go to my little house and play by myself, pretending like it wasn't going to happen. Then I started thinking about it. Went to the forums - posted sad but loving posts about our beautiful world and all the things I would miss. Then, when you and Dan (and others) started your efforts to save what you could of Glitch, somehow it didn't seem so bad again. I felt like it (and I) would be okay. And then (though please don't take this as any lack of appreciation for your efforts - I am still so totally stoked to have the book coming, and am ordering a CD & music box as soon as I have the cash this week, as well as being on the waiting list for the next go-round of pouches), I realized that NONE of this would bring it back. It could only ever be memories. From now on. Forever. I cried again when people started saying goodbye here on the update page, that they couldn't hang around anymore because there was no point. And then... I think that's when it happened. Things started getting quietly, understatedly angry with many of us who have never been that way. We started questioning the closing for the first time - wondering if it was purely a business deal - get what you can from it and get out. People brought up Flickr, and I (thank heaven) had my computer delete a reply I made that well, stoot was a businessman first and foremost, what did we expect. (Oh GOD - I can't believe I told on myself). I kicked myself for two days and didn't come back to the update page because I felt so bad about saying something like that when you ALL have obviously done everything and more so far above and beyond to give us everything you can of this game. Even to have left the site up for us to communicate - the forums - even (the closet of my dreams) the wardrobe?!!! It is just so clearly the action of people who care about other people and about doing the right thing as much as possible. There IS no other explanation. Stoot was even posting snaps a week after closing. Now tell me those are the actions of a cold-hearted business-only dude. So okay, I have rambled quite a bit here, forgive me, all of you, but it just means a GREAT DEAL to me coming from you, Kukubee - with all the craziness you have going right now with the projects - that you would take the time to look at these last few posts from us last few hangers-on, and actually be completely, truly honest. It helps readjust my attitude, because although anger IS a legitimate part of grief, it isn't healthy to stay there, and Glitch is something I want to always remember fondly - not have some niggling feeling that SOMEBODY could have done SOMETHING to save it and didn't. Let's face it - Glitch WAS really unusual - for me that was a great thing, but for mass marketing, yeah - I can see it might not be so good. It sucks, but its true. How many times, people out there, have you said - damn it! I loved that show - why did they cancel it and WHY is Keeping Up with the Kardashians still on the effing air?!!! (Sorry to all of you who love the K's) It's just a matter of - unusual not being enough of a draw to make a good living at. Anybody watch Firefly (the Sci Fi series)? Perfect example. Hilarious - unusual - great characters - rich with color... just a BIT too unusual to make it. And like Glitch, the people involved were really broke up about leaving it. Tried to save it. But in the end, it was numbers. I have always been an unusual person - creative, artistic, a bit poetic - didn't meet many people like that, EXCEPT HERE. So, it stands to reason really - now that I think of it. Yes it seems like there were quite a few of us, but realize, people that we were all over the world - from everywhere - and put that into perspective with any other big mass-market game, TV show, whatever, and you have to see that we just weren't enough. I can see it now. I couldn't before, and so for me, that's why your comment here meant so much. Thanks again. *sigh* (((Kukubee))) Love and hugs to my fellow hangers-on if you managed to hang with me through this post. :')

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"At first I was in denial - wouldn't talk about it, wouldn't go to the forums, would only go to my little house and play by myself, pretending like it wasn't going to happen. Then I started thinking about it." Right there with you. I realized I was in denial about the whole thing when, 60 some minutes til the end, I still had all my stuff in my bags. I thought I had been handling it - I made quests for myself, "I must visit every street before the end" etc. and thought I was coping well...Until I noticed that I was still hanging on to everything as if it would be there for me later. That was when the THIS-IS-IT feeling began to hit and gather momentum until the very end. I cried for a while and it still gets me sometimes if I think about it much. However I will be eternally grateful for this shared experience, and for the confirmation that not everyone is a batshit violent self-obsessed lunatic, but in fact a lot of people are very kind and generous (& a little weird certainly doesn't hurt.) :)

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  1. Hab

    LOL Gegnar! I still had my things in bags to the very end TOO!!! How terribly funny and a bit sad of us! I agree with you though about being grateful for this "shared experience" - what a lovely way to put it! And yes, weirdness was embraced and encouraged in Glitch - along with being nice - how very unique that is in this world! :')

  2. Shmoopie Kerfuffle

    I also was hanging on to everything! I wanted to leave my garden planted and looking pretty. Other people were dumping their treasures and rare collectibles, but I left everything in the SDBs I made for them. I left my house spick and span with everything in place. And yes, I still had stuff in bags, including tons of food and drinks that I always compulsively carried around with me. And I do agree with what you said about the people who played the game, and when you think about it, it is very interesting that most of the people who were passionate about the game were very similar in interests, intellect, personalities, character, etc. That's what made it a real community. It was exciting to meet these interesting people that understood what we loved and felt about it.

  3. Brib Annie

    I kept most of my hard-won stuff too. I dropped some items around Ur but it was the common things. I help on to my collectibles and potions because I thought that maybe somehow, some way I could "keep" them. I know it's silly but it was so hard to let go and I still have not done that. I never will because Glitch is a part of me and will be until I lose my memory (if I live that long). Thanks Everyone for such a wonderful time!

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Status update

Been a bummer watching Glitch slowly slip from 1 to 8 on my most visited pages tab in Chrome

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I have read this note and the note you left in Folivoria in the last street you hadn't visited. I am touring all of Ur as well and I agree this is one of the most beautiful spots in Ur. Peace, hope you see this at the end
Goodbye kind world! It has been wonderful!