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Eww, Sauce!! At least this time it's not KM pooping! :)
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The High Seas
off to fight crime
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Started my tower today....will be a big job but then I can sell...
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The wedding hall started to get a little restless...
Whenever I've lost my way, I stand in the Church of Ballsack and...
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I am absolutely in love with this room. Props to the designer.
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I'm gonna just let this one stand. No comment.
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Loupin in crow, Amelia womannin' the Quarterdeck. Anda me...
Next time, on Havok Summers: Safari Hunter, we take a look at the...
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All Hail Mighty Rook!
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Baby bird can't fly! Maybe she should try riding a horse through...
Rook.... attack??
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The Parliament takes flight...terrorising a poor new player....
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The species was progressing so well until it discovered whiskey.
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The Evolution of Glitch
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Caiyotite shrine :)
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I looked long and hard, but couldn't find anything out of the...
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I don't have a problem!
This is how you play Glitch. Basically, you just do pointless...
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Boss level my ass!
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One too many bacon jokes
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Museum route here I come
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Rube Goldberg machine
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