Greasemonkey Scripts

I thought we could use a dedicated thread and directory for these - I wrote a couple and know of at least one more, but if anybody has written a script, I'd be happy to add it to the list.

If anybody isn't sure what Greasemonkey scripts are, they are basically code that runs on top of a website, enhancing it in some way.



For Chrome or Opera, you don't have to do anything. Click the link to the script, and it will install.

For Firefox, you need to install the Greasemonkey extension and restart the browser, first - then click on the link to the script, and it will install it for you.

Both Safari and IE can't easily handle Greasemonkey scripts, so I'm not going to offer any advice right now.


Achievement Checker - 6/4 update courtesy ping - Install - Screenshot

When you view the list of achievements, all the ones you've already achieved will dim out, highlighting ones you need to work on.

Location Checker - by Lord Tweedmouth and me - Install - Screenshot

Likewise, when you view the list of locations, the places you've visited will gray out. Unlisted locations are added dynamically, which gives a more accurate idea of your progess.

Nearest Features - by Poh Boy - Install - Discussion Thread

Sometimes you need to find the nearest Mab shrine or nearest grocer - this script allows you to see at a glance (and click to set your destination) the nearest location that has the feature you need. Alternatively, Poh Boy has a version that doesn't require Greasemonkey on his website.

Skill Queuer - by ping - Homepage

Queues skills for automatic learning.

Glitch Favor Checker - by Lord Tweedmouth - Install

Adds info about the favor you've accumulated with each giant to the leaderboards page for quick access.

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  • Oh Dave, thanks for putting the updated link up top! I was having trouble figuring out which link was which basically (so many in this thread!). Wooo! It works again:) You guys are total geniuses! Thanks:)
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  • @Dave.  Updated my original message on your Wiki page to add Isalan Interval blocks 1100,2200,2400,3200,4300, & 4400.  Check the current location script and did not see em.  Have a fabulous week.  I'll continue to update that page so you don't have numerous messages.
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  • Awesome changes to the location checker!!!  Thank you soooo much!
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  • @Dave. Sent you some new finds in a message dated June 8th since you've updated the previous.  Hope that was okay (More so I wouldn't confuse myself I think)  Have a great week! (Msg on your wiki page)
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  • It looks like the ID numbers on achievements are still contained in the img file names.  Perhaps that would be a way to sort them?
    Posted 7 years ago by Magic Monkey Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Magic Monkey - you are correct, and I whipped up something from that.
    It's a bit hacky, and if Tiny Speck changes one of any number of things in those image names, it won't work anymore, but here's the updated script with reordering:


    Install at your own risk.  It won't break anything, but it is less reliable than the version without reordering.
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  • Dave here are the urls for the model homes just in case you need them.

    thanks to everyone working on these. :)
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  • Thank you very much for all the extensions! Can't wait till the next test to try them out.

    Also, I remember seeing a screenshot where the contents of several bags were exposed simultaneously. I do realise that that was a part of the Flash Glitch interface, hence no way a 3rd-party extension would work with it. But at the same time I clearly remember seeing such screenshot. Am I hallucinating or thinking wishfully?
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  • Dave I have tried on my laptop and with firefox works fine but when I try on hubbys wdw7 computer firefox server it just wont work.any sugestions.
    Posted 7 years ago by Jellybelly Baby Subscriber! | Permalink
  • is what you're looking for, Dengo.
    Posted 7 years ago by JW Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Just wanted to thank you for the new filters on the location checker.  Just fab!  Love all the scripts and the show me my stuff.  You guys really ROCK!!!! Great work.
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  • Wow, thanks to everyone who just explained what a Greasemonkey thing is (riscy, fussycat, marcm) and thanks to everyone who made these!  You must all be computer prodigies or something!
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  • @JW - thank you very much! This is a very helpful page. However, it'll be even more convenient if I could see the contents of multiple bags in the game screen. But I guess this is a question for the Devs :)
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  • Wow wow and wow again thank you very much 
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  • I really love the location script! I used it during this last test to bring myself up to #1 Traveler on the Leaderboard!

    However, the Locations page says I've visited 546 of 581 streets (most of the ones I haven't gotten to don't actually exist yet - haven't been built). Yet the Leaderboard says I've been to 571. Not sure what's going on with that.
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  • Re: Locations

    I love the addition of quantity in (). Even more useful...if that's possible

    One minor request would be to add Active Projects, Dirt Piles and Subway Stations to the filter list.

    I hope I'm not being too greedy :) It's for the good of Glitch-kind!

    Oh, btw...the number of replies to this thread is directly proportional to its usefulness/awesomeness. Compared to the inverse relationship of most other threads ;)
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  • I added active projects and subway stations, but until the location pages report dirt piles there's not much I can do. I suppose I could create a list manually, but that's a bit of a pain. If you want other things listed, ask the developers to list more things on the location pages! The script the drop down box dynamically each time, so as long as something's listed it will show up.

    Zany: I can't explain why we're 25 streets off for you, but it could be that there's 25 housing streets I haven't added yet. It could also be that houses are counted in the leaderboard scores, which I haven't confirmed - I'll see if I can do that next test. I don't think I'll be listing houses on the locations page, though, so maybe the count will just have to always be off.
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  • Just discovered the scrips -- can't thank you enough!!!
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  • @Dave - I know it's not houses. I have not been in 25 houses. (more like 4) It's a mystery, for sure.
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  • Is it me or the Leaderboards are wiped out? I was just about to check the favour script in action.
    Posted 7 years ago by Dengo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • No, same for me. Maybe the devs are doing some work on it.
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  • Awesome... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! This is amazing... the skill queuer... amazing... and i love the filter capabilities of the locations page... will totally be using that to go looking for items! thank you for the time spent developing these tools.
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  • @Dave.  Saw your post in the happy to hear you have a new way of checking the Real Estate.  I'll look around to see if I can help Wiki in another way!  Well done Dave.  We so love the location checker and all the other helpful tools you guys do.  As always but worth guys ROCK!!!
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  • Oh yes, please add my thanks for these awesome scripts! Location checker with filters will be so very handy. I'm ready with my skill queue so I can keep on learning! ('cause right now, I ain't learnin nuthin) I haven't tried the others yet, but I am planning to install them - they look very helpful, too!
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  • Now that last test is over, I want to mention that for the past few days my location script is wonky. It lists the streets and properly fades out the streets I have visited. However, instead of noting 600/617 is shows 327/617. During the last test I kept notes and the numbers would only slightly vary, never matching up to the leaderboard totals. I have tried re-installing the script several times. The skill and achievement scripts work just fine. Should I uninstall the location script and then install? I am running the script on FF 4.0.1 on a Mac.

    The scripts are a fabulous tool and I thank you for developing them. I know it took a lot of time and effort.
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  • Ignore the total for now. I have to come up with a better way to count the number of visited streets. It's not your fault - it's my code that's apparently bad.
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  • @ Dave: Thanks for quick response. I will sit tight. I think you deserve a trophy for work "above and beyond the call of duty" b/c you do this on your own time. ((hugs)) Thank you.
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  • help I had to re-download firefox and greese monkey shows as enabled, but no script to make it work ,cant even delete greese-monkey from firefox.
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  • Loaded the sorter achievement script that you put together for Magic Monkey, and love it so much better than the original.  Yea, some achievements sort in order on the row, some you have to follow in a column, and some are grouped by type then numbers...but it really helps me to see what I still need to do and how many other achievements of a similar type are available since it does cluster them together better...given the limitations of what you are working with...this is great.  Thanks for throwing it together, and it was worth the risk :)
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  • @Dave.  Found some new locations today.  Looks like new areas called Kajuu & Baqala.  Left you msg on wiki with the locs.  Hope you are not already working on them.  Hoping to save you some steps.  See you in the game guys!
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  • OK...ok...broke down and got brave (no offence to anyone...I'm just not one to download stuff to my puter). Downloaded ping's Achievement Checker and absolutely LOVE it already!! TY for creating it!!
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  • Firefox 5 has just come out ready and states grease-monkey will not happen with this new edition.
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  • It does work - make sure you've got the latest release.
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  • Thank you Dave will give it a go once again.Okey so it went up in the corner okey but still no script it just says manage user scripts and below another New user script and at bottom it says no installed scripts run on this page.?? am totaly lost here.
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  • Did something happen to the location script?  Seems be dropping streets for me.  I'm using it in Chrome. Also the newest streets aren't displaying even after opening. 
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  • Same here, Beach. My script is not showing the Tower or Multiplayer Quests and several of the "other" category are missing.  It shows my numbers as 584/587, but my leaderboard score is 616, with the top Traveler at least 10 higher.
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  • Here's what's happened - Tiny Speck has blocked us from seeing location pages for any street that's not officially on the map yet, with the exception of the Tower streets, which have a map but are still blocked. I understand why they'd block location pages for streets that haven't been built in-game yet, but blocking us from seeing location pages for streets that are still accessible in game is a little silly to me. I'm frankly a little annoyed but they have a right to keep information from us.

    Anyway, I've taken them off because they couldn't be checked, and clicking them would give you a "Page Not Found" message anyway. We're pretty much stuck with the streets we've got.
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  • i love this!!! i've been so involved with the game, i never imagined anything like this.   thanks to all you geniuses!!
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  • Hi Dave - please add my Nearest Feature Greasemonkey script to your list if you like it:

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  • None of the automated installs of the scripts work on my box-- Firefox with Greasemonkey installed run on Ubuntu, everything up-to-date. The automated installs used to work.

    [ed: 7/1/11-- install works on Firefox w. Greasmonkey on Windows]

    [ed: 7/1/11-- install works on Chromium(Ubuntu's version of Chrome) on Ubuntu]
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  • Wrote a quick short script to display additional auction item information (from the encyclopedia).

    Details here.
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  • Ping when I check for updates for skill queuer, the page says latest version is 1.8, but the links lead to a script that says it is 1.7.

    Is this because you forgot to change the version number in the scripts?  You forgot to change the links?

    Also, it doesn't seem to show up on my Home page anymore? 
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  • bump (because these scripts are oh so dandy)
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  • Bumping this for all the new players. :)
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  • Bump
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  • dave, what can i do to repay you for the scripts!  do you need some earthshakers?  currants?  I just installed the skills queque (i use chrome) and even during this off-time i was able to queque up skills. and it was so easy!  thank you so much for doing this.
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  • Bumping for more newbies! (Or just lost, lost oldbies like me :P)
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  • Thank you for these scripts!

    Just tried out the Skill Queuer, version 0.1.9. Installed it last night. Just for good measure, restarted Firefox (ver 5.0).

    The sidebar showed up like it should, with thermobars showing how much remained to completion (all three skills I queued, I had started before, then started something else). But when I woke up this morning, the skill I'd been learning last night was done and the Magic Rock had not started on the next.

    Did I miss a thing in how to run the script? Is there a newer version? Or is this a bug?
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  • Oh, nevermind - I see the note that says "the glitch homepage must stay open for skills to be submitted," and I suppose that also means the computer must stay ON. Heh. Me am slow in mornings...
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  • bump:)
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