What did YOU do?

So, did you do something cool for the... sob... End of the World? A friend (harkyman) and I (madzapan) snuck into an old teleport point--Hakusan Heaps Towers Floor 9! There were no doors, but the hallway was just like it always had been. We were the only two there, and it was really cool. I don't think that place was even supposed to exist! 
I guess we were Glitchen in a glitch in Glitch.
So, cool plans? What did YOU do?

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  • I bounced around to some of the going away parties, then spend the last 3 minutes at home, having one last look around, and making sure everything was cleaned up for the end.
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  • I crashed and hit 'refresh' as the world ended. :/
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  • I was lagging terribly at the last ten minutes so I tried to refresh. The world ended without me :(
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  • I was in Ajaya Bliss as planned, but then my friends were all getting together on another street.  I tried to teleport to them, but the game froze while I was in transit.  So, I guess I died scattered all over Ur in a tragic teleporter mishap.  Fitting for a itchy-footed traveler like myself.  
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  • I Dropped every thing in my into my house then wrote a message for Glitch using the now empty bags I was carrying because I never took the skills to write a note. XD 
    Oh well... this was a really great game... wish I had discovered it sooner...
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  • I teleported into Shivering Isles after wandering around Nottis (which I hadn't seen before) and got to see the beach via a random door before settling down to enjoy the permanent twilight with dear ones (one across the country from me), and fellow Glitchen.  Many of us were using our orbs to radiate to everyone around us, and people were hopping all over the screen pressing 5 for "bye".  In the last couple minutes, the local chat exploded in messages of farewell and love.
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  • From 7:30 to 9, my boyfriend and I sat in the living room and played Glitch next to each other. He'd only started playing the night before (he got less than 24 hours to play), so I was teleporting him all over the world. We went to Cebarkul, Lotha Harte, and Jal. He fed sloths and we brushed foxes. He pocketed salmon while I failed at getting near salmon. We activated tickets and I named his piggies for him. We raced and battled the Rook. He completed every quest he could to try and be able to get to An Autumn Day (my favorite place in all of Ur, that I wanted him to experience really badly). The lag got so bad we couldn't go everywhere we wanted, and he ended up stuck in Autumn Day for the end with me on my home street.
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  • Lovely, Asazi <3
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  • the last hour I spent trying to help a friend get the party badges, then was invited to Carl's rendition of "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe", then I swam in Jal and listened to music for a bit, then was invited to TimTim Timm where I saw some new friends and said "hugs to all" and crashed in the last 5 minutes trying to take a snap.

    overall, a good ending.
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  • I fell asleep on my pile of stolen stuff and onion rings, and then got stuck in my attic.

    So, a typical day for me.  Plus I watched everyone melt down in Global, which is fun always.

    Lets do it again?
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  • Yeah... such a shame its over. I just can't believe it. I was typing, Bye Glitch, LOVE-- and then the world ended. It was going to end with you. Duh. So I think the last thing I said was No, GOD! to the site admin because they said to leave.
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  • I set up a feast at my home and invited my bestie over for a last supper. We sat in chairs and stared at the feast, listened to the giants and watched the fire crackle. Truly a great game. Thank you so much for the experience.
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  • snuggled with yeti in winter wingding. and loved my pbmsers.
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  • I ended up getting stuck in my house trying to get two cubis to release while my sister licked an apple for the first time. I was supposed to be petting piggies :(. All in all it was a nice ending I guess XD.
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  • I actually really enjoyed watching bored no more bouncing on the water vent in Jal. Ze showed up where I planned to be for the end, and at some point I thought ze'd gone afk!

    I'd spent my time before that getting full snaps of the water streets and going into Tickets until the lag threatened crashes, at which point I settled down in Vayu Trench, watched bored until ze left, then got my friends Vesper and Pookies to join me. Oh, and I of course screencapped the giants' messages.

    My spouse, who I'd never convinced to sign up, sat watching, and has been moping ever since.
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  • I went to Stoot's shrine and ended the world there.  I just thought that was fitting. 
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  • I also died while in a glitch in Glitch - under the ground in Level 3 East with Nyssa Tegan and narie.  I was booted when trying to get to Cebarkul.  I spent most of the day helping other glitches get badges or level up, attending parties, scattering food and potions, so it was overall a fairly appropriate end.
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  • Faranae the fact that you enjoyed watching me swim made it even better :)
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  • I was in uutiif with some friends.
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  • I was on a Glitch train, which teleported into Cebarkul for the last five minutes. I wrote about it (apologies if you've already seen the link elsewhere):
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  • I spent about an hour hopping around Piano Party before the lag got too much, and so I spent the last few minutes up (down?) the tree on Downside Up.
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  • First, at about 7am my time (14 or so hours before the end), I played with my fun pickle in Cebarkul and glitched him somehow (yes that was my fun pickle every one was asking about lol!). It wouldn't let me pick him up, he bounced all day long. I checked about a half hour before the end and he was still going strong.

    But the very end I spent on my home street with my butler. I reminded her to feed the piggies, and told her to try not to fight with Craftybot; he can be frustrating, but useful. I planted up all the plots and left all my tools in the storage in the house. I like to pretend that it's just us Glitches that left Ur and the butlers are living there in our houses now, taking care of everything.
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  • I got an invite to a party in Mazza'la Gala and had a great time with some dear Glitchen friends. Then the PBMS-ers decided to all collect in TTT for the very end. I realized there was nowhere else I'd rather be for the end of the world. The lag was particularly challenging and I got the dread Red alert that I should really close my browser and reload. So I did. And spent several anxious minutes getting the Juju screen. Finally got back in. So glad I did because Glitch friends began IM-ing me to say goodbye. The last few minutes were spent madly IM-ing all those dear to me in this preposterous game to let them know what they meant to me.
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  • I held a reading from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  This is facebook, but it should be a public album veiwable by everyone:

    And then, later, I did what Voluptua Sneezelips did.
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  • I sat at my computer, drinking a glass of wine and playing Glitch.
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  • Took pictures, and more pictures and full page snaps (with & without objects).. and yeah.. had several vodkaish cocktails to ease the pain. :)  Unfortunately.. still in pain.. but my glass remains half full. :)
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  • Took pictures, visited the one location in Salatu I hadn't been to since I started, was about to go to a friends home street when my laptop shut off suddenly with nearly 10 minutes left and I couldn't get back in game.
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  • Took a picture of my Cubimal Collection, told my Butler Jeeves I loved her, and set off to Cebarkul to phase out at the place I first found out Glitch was ending.

    I didn't really want to be in Cebarkul, but it just felt... right. If I could go back I'd probably end with my Butler, but it was like old times, telling her farewell and setting off into the world.

    Unfortunetly I fell asleep, as it was 4am my time, and missed the end of the world, but during that sleep I dreamt of Glitch and I know my Glitchen will be running around, leveling up her cubimals :)
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  • I wasn't able to get online at all over the weekend to play, which was a major bummer, but alas - such is life.

    I logged in with ten minutes left. Met up with my two IRL buddies who I introduced to Glitch on the street all three of us were born on. I gave away all of my things, bestowed random kindness to every person I could, then cried my eyes out and sang along to GNG.

    Parting is such sweet sorrow.
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  • i played my conch repeatedly and went on the esquibeth quest.  then i went to cebarkal where i cuddled a stoot doll and tried to take one last snapshot, but POOF! went the plug.  i took a screenshot of the snapshot that was not to be.  how can i share that screenshot?
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    Tikva is my SO in real life, so I figured this would be a fitting location to take her (she'd never seen it glow before).  I just wish there hadn't been so many people who'd left themselves standing asleep in the middle.

    I should have done it Saturday night.  When I scoped it out and learned how to make the heart glow, it was empty.  Oh, well. :)
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  • I lost connection and spent the last five minutes trying to reconnect, but before that, I explored the last few areas I could make it to, returned to a couple of favorite quest areas and a couple of the most beautiful streets I could remember, then went to my home street, sang to my butterflies and told my butler I loved him. I'd hoped to be able to go pet all my trees one more time, too, but lagged out before I had a chance, but at least I completed most of what I wanted to do.
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  • I went back to Doon Way, where I had my first treehouse, and spent the end with Samurai Jenn who was there for the same reason. Gazing at the view, the piggies wandering past, asking each other if that was where the signpost was. Quiet but not lonely.

    Before that I'd visited nearly every remaining street (I overlooked that I hadn't completed Haraiva, bother) and taken snaps of important places, and snippets of video. I haven't felt able to look at all that yet, but I will soon.
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  • Earlier that day I started the quest to take Purple in Aranna, and noticing the dead end streets, I thought that would be a fitting place for the end of the world.  I left a note on the mountain top in Kerivepa Vili explaining that I would be there at the end, and anyone was welcome to join me.
    About 20 (RL) minutes before the end, I went back to my house, picked up all my Purple and Hoch, Tried to explain the end of the world to my Butler (He didn't seem to get it), Released my Chickens one by one (Some were cranky, others grateful), and Teleported back to Aranna.
    I left a bundle of Purple, and a few bottles of Hooch as tributes (The only time I littered that day).  A few others showed up.  I don't recall meeting them before, but I didn't ask if they read my note.  We chatted a bit, stared over the horizon, and Purpled out.  It was peaceful.  A fitting way to go.
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  • i died in my sleep :( laged out
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  • aww, too bad so many of us died trying to refresh!  I started out in my tower, level 2, making changes to it--added brick wall paneling, a window, curtains, a couple of danish modern pieces, some lighting and a comfy chair for emo bear to sit out the  end in.  I placed an onion on the shelf because it looked nice and warm.  Arabesque stopped by and we rode piggies in thee room and chatted.  She gave me a fire for the room, warm!  I went to Carl's reading/performance but was a little bit late due to a lot of lag--had a great time!  I didn't have plans so we straggled to a swimming place where some of us got lost due to server errors.  I had wanted to play my GNG at the end but decided not to.  There was much refreshing and hoping and then I let it go after a couple minutes past 8.  It was lovely regardless of being kicked out by the server issues.
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  • I managed in the last minute to give a well considered quote about it all ending, a toss up between A.I, bladerunner and 2010 and in the end settled for 'I'm scared, will I dream' and damned if someone didn't spot it just (just) in time and came back with 'Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream.' which was correct, spot on and rather wonderful.
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  • One of the many in the Last Vigil of Uutiif, as I like to call it. I abandoned all my worldly possessions, except for a focusing orb, a quill, paper, my play cube, and my heart. And then I wrote notes, and shared memories with all the other great Glitcheem with me.

    At a half-hour till server countdown, I put on the End of Ur playlist I made. Then I went to bed, and dreamt of Glitch, and the times I had.
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  • I had one alt go too bed and my other was in GFJ I figured I started there and spend the most time there so was only fitting, I ended there. 
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  • I had planned to spend the End high up in a tree in Balzare forest, overlooking Ur together with my piglet, some choice crudities and a carrot margarita... But as the End approached I left my position to see everyone in Uutif, and then, I sort of got stuck there. I just couldn't bring myself to leaving the side of my fellow glitchen. When the end came, I was standing huddled closely together with the others, shouting my farewells.
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  • Wow. All these ends sound really cool (sad, of course, but cool). I never made it to uutiif--I didn't even know it existed!
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