Where did your username come from and what does it mean?

I'm always interested to know these things and I know I can't be the only one! :D

Mine is the name of my favorite color. A vivid, bright, bold blue. I also want to name my actual child this, some day. I'm going to be one of those weird parents that names their kids all sorts of weird things (not as farfetched as "Pilot Inspektor") like Silhouette or Viridian, haha.

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  • Crys Lexenstar is my Second Life name... however, in about a week, when I can, I'll be changing it on Glitch :)
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  • uglydoll spelled wrong.
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  • Mitzy5000

    My favorite name is Mitzy and 5000 is a random number. lol
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  • BTS is an acronym for something my friend came up with. But its definition is a secret!
    0x0 because I'm a programmer and I like hexadecimal.
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  • I've been using this name in every online-only (like games and forums) thing I've been on since like... 2003 or so.  It originated from Neopets (might as well be honest, right?).

    It's pretty foolish that I do this, honestly, because it makes me very Google-able.  But I'm used to it now and relatively fond of it.
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  • My username comes from my real life name, just slightly modified.
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  • My name comes from tom clancys without remorse. John Kelly is an ex navy seal. I gave him a doctorate because glitch had a bit of an academic feel to it
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  • IIRC my username came about since I signed up after doing my Sunday Evening Breakfast Serials set, back when The Listening Room was still in Bay City.

    The big draw was You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx, whose character in the film Horse Feathers was to have been named such, but as there were a few too many doctors who actually had that surname... rather like his other comedy radio show was to have been Beagle, Shyster & Beagle.
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  • CooanBoo was copied from my grandmas glitch account! :)
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  • Should be obvious, just a silly way of spelling Sawrge! I tend to change my name a lot though, but this is for the most part the one I stick with when I can't.
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  • From one minor character of the now defunct comic Mc Hall, it kinda sounds like my real name :D
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  • Well, my cousin originally suggested 'Jirai' as a name for a Jirachi on my sister's Pokemon game. xP I thought it was really pretty, and used it as a name for one of my favorite pets on a sim site I play. Fell in love with it and tried to use it as my tumblr handle, as I wanted something new(and unsearchable by people I know xD). It was taken, and so I ended up swapping out the a for an e. I later added Park to the end as a 'last name' so I could use it as a 'real name' for my iTunes and Swagbucks. Hence Jirei Park was born. 
    It's so interesting, thinking about how my internet handles have evolved over the seven(holy crud, it's been seven years?) of my internet life.
    The earliest I remember was cybergirl4161, which was for Powerpets. From there I went to angelflames, angelightress, shadowed.innocence, DeathDoily, OrchidCrayon, loveaile, larkiestar, larkie, and finally Jirei. 
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  • Mine is from the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey.  The heroine (Phedre) always seemed a little too perfect for me so I chose the name of her sort-of nemesis throughout the series.

    Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to change it - I didn't know there's another character from something else called Melisandre that at least two other Glitchen are using (or so I've been told in chat).
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  • Mine just popped into my head when I was trying to choose one. I had no idea where it came from or why it felt so familiar until I googled it. I found the wikipedia article which made me realize why I knew the word. But I liked the sound and the period is important for the eventual development of multicellular life, which is important for me as a biology geek, so I used it.
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  • everyone thinks my name is an Othello reference, but it's actually because of this song.
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  • This is the name I use to beta games.
    Take three simple words, mash them, and voila, open username.
    After a lifetime of beta-ing, it feels more like my real name, now.
    There's a crashtest dummy.
    There's a test pilot.

    Just call me Crash.
    That's what most of the games I beta do.
    Glitch being a notable exception.
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  • My username is a street that hasn't been imagined yet.  And since I created it and thus hold the copyright on it (just like everybody else owns the copyright on the name they created before joining the game) when that street is imagined I will OWN it.  hehe.
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  • My name was originally Cynnamon, taken (and purposely misspelled) from the character Cinna of the Hunger Games. And I like cinnamon, so I thought 'why not' and made it Cynnamon. However, every time I saw it I kept thinking "A wild Cynnamon has appeared" due to an annoying habit of my friends who say this every time someone passes by them...
    So minutes ago, keeping to my Hunger Games theme, I changed it to Rue Bird (Rue being my favorite character). Wow, this is going to make me tear up every time I see it ;~;
    I should have just gone with something like Emanon (‘no name’) or Soritia (‘solitaire’).

    @Eldon: I know you're waywayway back at the top, but I love your name choosing method. Unfortunately mine is rather awkward - Lanlan Ashjac ^.^;
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  • 'Tis mah nickname. HUZZAH!
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  • Lienna is the name of my awesome not-human world-travelling OC. I like it. It doesn't mean anything special, I might have to write a conversation and get her to explain.
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  • Wow- this is a great thread!

    I'll update it now with my story.  

    Tatanka means bison in the Lakota language. 

    In SD, Kevin Costner has a place devoted to the story of the bison called, Tatanka.  When we went there my cousin fell in love with the tatankas and we started calling her that :)

    Fast forward to about a month ago when a different cousin told me all about Glitch.  When I signed up, I wanted to use a different name than I had been using for all my online stuff.  Reconnecting with my cousin through Glitch made me think about my other cousin (Tatanka). 

    At first, I wanted to use a name she and I used for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic- Sweet Tea but it was taken :P  So I decided to steal her name.  I actually emailed to tell her that I stole her name and to tell her about glitch.  She was cool with it and has since joined :)

    Btw- I loved all the stuff about the Star Wars names and figured out mine would be Willfeu Danspr XD

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  • My name is literally my name. I was surprised no one had it in beta (although my spelling is pretty uncommon) so I took it! :D 
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  • Lol i couldnt fit howcaniloveyouifyouwontliedown from my early linux days, so i settled with older than dirt! OL. Der Dan
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  • Oops double post!
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  • This is so interesting.
    I usually go by my artistic name, which I resently legalized as my middle name. But when I saw all the pigs and chicks.. Well I thought I was clever using the first 3 letters in my 3 names, thus becoming: Hen Vla Ham. Still makes me giggle a little :)
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  • In an internet community, years ago, I made my avatar a painting (cannot recall the artist now) of a chef sampling his dish and made my profile name "The Sauce is Missing Something"  

    Just for the fun of it, I started changing my avatar about once a week and changing my profile name to match the new picture but still contain the word "sauce" somewhere.  So of course, I became known as Sauce.  

    A person I respected would occasionally call me Saucelah, and four months ago, when I decided to try and establish a presence in the MMO blogging community by starting my own blog and regularly commenting on popular blogs and news sites, I discovered that Saucelah was available in every game I was playing/had played whereas Sauce was not.  I've since discovered that googling "Sauce" returns millions of hits that are barely related to each other never mind that particular identity of mine, and "Saucelah" only returns hits related to my MMO identity.  

    So it started out as creative but has long since become practical and kind of uninteresting.  
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  • I picked my username from Pottermore! (If you don't know what that is, go to I liked the way it sounded, and ever since, my online persona has been SeerQueen.
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  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author of Crime and Punishment.
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  • Originally I was just Fran, because while thinking off usernames I typed in slight variations of my name and to my surprise 'Fran' wasn't taken - and simple usernames like that usually are - so I took it.

    Then, I thought it was kind of boring and plain, so I decided to change it to a portmanteau and came up with 'Franthrax' (Fran + anthrax)

    When I feel the need, I'll probably change it again. I've reserved 'Frandroid', 'Franalytic', 'Franarchy', and 'Franeurysm' for future use.
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  • F'thagn Ia!
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  • For some strange reason my nickname was taken. I usually go by The Stenz. So I had thought of putting two of may favourite TV characters together and got RogerSterlingArcher (there wasn't room for spaces). I've seen some pretty great names in the game that make some amazing references. Some wonderful creativity in character and animal naming.
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  • Long ago, I played a MUD using a longer version of this name.  I originally took the name from the character on AbFab.
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  • My cat
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  • I love the jacksons. DamitaJo is the middle name of Janet Jackson. Yay!
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  • Maidy has been my online nickname for over 7 years.  It's a variation of another online nickname of mine, Maidink.  Both names are a variation of my rl name. 
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  • Molly Bloom is the wife of Leopold Bloom in Ulysses, a book which, like Glitch, seems to me like a world within a world, with infinite meanings and possibilities, playful and puzzling by turns, an odyssey of sorts, and a true triumph of imagination. If I'd known then what I know now, maybe I LOBE U!!! would've been my glitchian name. Actually, maybe that's just as well ...
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  • Nice background everyone; I enjoyed it all.
    My name comes from the email address my parents gave me when I was younger. My last name IRL actually is Ng (I'm 1/4 chinese), and when it's all mashed together it kinda sounds like Sweet Stuffing :D
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  • Why did I name myself Akane Tuna? No reason.
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  • My name: AwesomeCardinal2000
    So "Cardinal" is cause i love birds and pretty much all other birds.
    "2000" is because in comics whenever someone invents something cool they call it ".............." 2000 (i.e. "Super Mega Robot 2000"). And Awesome is because cardinals are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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  • oops double post!
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  • ooops double post!
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  • I picked this name because I really like it, and it has a lot of meaning to me.
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  • Klikini was generated by a random password generator. I didn't use it as a password, but I do use it for:
    -Game Center
    -and many other things.
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  • *waves* cant remember if i did this be4 XD ah well, may as well
    It 1st started at, as one of the pets is called a 'chia'. Coincidentaly, (dunno if i spelt that rite XD) my family call me 'Chi Chi' or 'Miachi' (dunno y :D) so i was like, snap! perfect! ive been using it ever since ;)
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  • Hey everyone!
    I thought Gordon was a cool cartoon character name, and Lughsen means son of Lugh, a pagan sun god! A gentle yet bada$$ name suitable for Glitch. . .haha
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  • I... honestly don't know.  I think I made the name up a few years ago, and I use it in a few places.  It's nothing like my real name.  I sometimes use Thor Olafsson too, as a change.
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  • Well, my name is Ruby, and I love noodles. My older sister made it up for me ages ago and I've used it for everything I've played.
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  • I took two names from one of my favorite books and smashed them together - Liahan and Althea.
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  • Keiki is Hawaiian for kid, I grew up in Hawaii and I feel like a kid (which I've not been for a while now lol) when I play Glitch so it seemed appropriate. also my favorite PUG in the whole wide world is also named Keiki. :)
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