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Tee-hee, I'm in jail.
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I'm booooored. Guys, come alive and entertain me please.
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Counting down the final hours...
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My wonderful Tower - a turn of the century English Gentlemen's Club
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A final gift from LP
stoot replica dolls.
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Awww, kitty.
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The Black Knight
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What is that I see? A YETI!!!
The cat jumped over the moon...
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LOL @stoot
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One of the prettiest sights in UR, imho.
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Huge congrats, Cleops, on this fantastic collection of artifacts!...
hmmm.... should've gotten some favor for this
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Obligatory pretty street picture spam
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Reminds me of Tangled
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I've figured out how to fit pigs into frying pans. #EVOLUTION
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I love glitch. :)
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So peaceful at the seashore...
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sample background
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I became #1 in the end for Grendaline as well. ? you Spriggan and...
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Nobody puts Helga in a corner.
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Furniture restock - Paintings, beds, ceiling lights - level 7
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Half my street is stubs/projects with zero added to them. To the...
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double hats! drooping ears! feathers in caps!
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The Entwives have been transplanted and I watered them! (In...
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Hell Furniture
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Eulogizing Voluptua
Thanks to the amazingly wonderful, Kai, I have a Glitchmas Yeti...
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