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Pickle Bob

Any other SongPop, Draw Something (apps) Kingdom of Loathing, or Nation States players anywhere???????

12 replies

12 replies
  1. Carl Projectorinski

    Carl Bongosok on KoL, though I'm not sure if I'm gonna play it a whole lot. And, as you probably already know, Dominion of Agni Abys on Nation States!

  2. Pickle Bob

    Thank you all for replying!!!!!!! This is about the most replies I've ever gotten to an update! (Especially about these games :D)

  3. FortAngel

    I'm on Nation States. People's Republic of Kieheman Course.

  4. Frogger The Mad

    Frogger The Mad on KOL, haven't gotten to Nation States yet, but I'll be Frogger The Mad (or as close as I can get ) when I do get to it. Do you know about Farewell Transmission Clan in KOL? Lots of Glitchen there, and very helpful and friendly!

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Status update
Dahlia DreadNaught

\o Dahlia DreadNaught on KoL

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