Who are you people ? Really I want to know ...

Howdy and thanks for dropping by my little thread. I ,as of late, have been wondering just who is playing Glitch these days (yeah I do weird things like that :). The old primary demographic of stay at home moms and retired persons seems to be shifting. I meet people of all ages and walks of life in Glitch, it's got that universal appeal thing going for it. Don't get me wrong I love stay at home moms and retired folk I just wanna know who the heck is here so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me a little about yourself. No need to write your life story or anything, not that that wouldn't be interesting, but just a few things like your sex, general age, social status, and what you do to fill your days when you aren't playing Glitch. Hey who knows you might even be weird like me and find this interesting :) In the very least you get entered in a random drawing to win 10 cubimal boxes just for taking the time to help me out. 

 I'll get the ball rolling.

Female , Age 40's , Not married, Self employed computer geek, nutritionist and keeper of other peoples stuff (aka caretaker) 

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  • Female, 20.  Busy being a potato.

    Is it that there are more women playing this game, or that more women who play this game are willing to admit that they are women in a forum post?
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  • Female, early 30 range and I do hair. I love people. Mostly.  I am a full time student as well.  I can't decide what to be when I grow up. I love to travel when I find time.  I have 8 pet ducks and a pond.   Not married. No kids.  I passed my playing Glitch for a year mark not long ago. 
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  • Female, 40s and so happy to see so many peers here!  Been playing forever, married forever and a mom forever. 3 beautiful grown sons with daughter in laws. New Grandma x2  :D  Self employed with too much time on my hands, mostly  ;).  Pleasure to meet so many wonderfully delicious personalities!
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  • Muncey Mango makes me happy for playing Pokemon :D ( I have White 2 right now!)

    I also think that females tend to flock to each other because we are females and we like to talk about ourselves to some degree. Plus, we are just awesome, case closed! 

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  • i love introduce yourself threads!

    male, 34, have a partner and have been here since the beta days! i'm currently a manager with a large consulting firm but am about 6 weeks away from being the founder and CEO of my business launching my first product app, a CMS for enterprise social media

    fun times people, fun times indeed. oh, and i travel every week (even globally) so i might be in your town!
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  • Female, a student, been playing Glitch for a year and two days:) I love to play violin and also draw pretty often.
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  • Male, mid-30s, married graphic designer and part-time grad student.  The world's most amazing bunch of pottymouthed knitters (hi LSG!) clued me in to Glitch and since my invite finally arrived a couple months ago I've logged in most every day since.
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  • Female, teens, I am a student. I play Judo, tennis, volleyball, and sometimes basketball. I play the saxophone, and enjoy acting in plays and pottery. I have been playing Glitch for almost a year now. I started sometime in November 2011.  And yes, females are AWESOME!
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  • Hi! I just started Glitch a few days ago, and I'm loving it so far! I've been looking for something like Glitch for a while, and I'm glad I can play it now :)

    I'm female, 21, and a student. I like knitting, cooking, and playing all sorts of video games! MMOs are a favorite of mine. Sadly my computer cannot handle most them, so it can be hard finding things to play.
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  • Female, early 30s, unemployed (unfortunately), I love games, writing, roleplaying and loads of other things. Never married, no kids.
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  • Female, 43, married 24 years (as of tomorrow!) Operations Manager for a catering company. 3 kids and 2nd grandbaby on it's way. Glitch is my way of relaxing and, boy, do I need to relax. :)
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  • Vancouver B.C. here tuning in to  a a lovely thread, so nice to see good fuzzy warm threads here.Am lazy ole gramma way over the pension age lol l can still sit it out for hours playing this enjoyable game ,meeting wonderful folks here in this game and loving to see what to-morrow brings in the land of UR
    .(However did notice )
    NO poppy fields here but lots of mushrooms   lol.
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  • Female, 30's, Former HS English Teacher current SAHM to two 6 and 4!   Beginning of Nov is my 1 year playing and its been a blast.  :)   
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  • Female, 50's, live in the Southwest, married, two great daughters who also play Glitch. Introduced to the game a little over a year ago by a good friend and co-worker, whose two daughters also play. I work as a manager, travel a fair bit (off to NYC at 7 tomorrow morning, so what am I doing writing this now ???) I have 3 cats (one annoying feral one), 1 dog, and I love gardening, sewing, sleeping in. Glitch is way too addictive (says the hubs, who for once if right!).
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  • @whimpypotato, I read your username as "why am I a potato" at first. made your post even funnier.

    maybe all these females are just, as they say on other video game forums, Guys In Real Life? errr....probably doesn't apply here.

    also, I'm female. seriously. :p
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  • Slugbug, I've found that many of those here who play with their online gender roles are often honest about who they are in real life.  Glitch seems to be a relatively safe place for that.  Also, there've been some anonymous demographic polls that indicate an unusually high number of women playing the game, so I think there may be a small margine of error here.

    But I think one of the coolest things about Glitch is the high number of older players.  Makes for a maturity level and a friendly culture that you don't see on most other games and networks.  Not that age is better than youth, but that the MIX is really good.
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  • Might as well mix it up. 
    Male, 22, NYC. Recent graduate (BA in English), screenwriter, freelance photographer. Addictions include, but not limited to, vinyl, reading, procrastination, coffee, absurdity, film. 
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  • Female, in a relationship, 24, student (computer science), Finland. Likes tea, languages, films, board games, video games, card games, potted plants, Chinese food.

    Carl: Totally agree.
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  • So many girls!

    Female, 20, single, student, near Washington, DC. :P
    MMOs have been a guilty pleasure of mine but this is the only one I've managed to play long-time since my stint with Runescape back in middle school, haha.
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  • Female, 28, live with my partner and 2 cats. Within 6 months I'll be a certified Social Science teacher.
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  • Female, 45, divorced mother of five with five grandkids. I live with my two youngest children and work for America's Global Leader in Stored Electrical Energy (i.e. get to "play" with acid and electricity)
    Started playing in August after a six month wait for an invite. I like reading, writing, and gaming (of course) I prefer RPGs to FPS or platform and this is my first MMO experience. (I'm really shy)

    I love lurking in Global. The conversations are wild. :)

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  • Love all the female representation here :D  

    Female, 23, Married - One kitty, full-time job, second full-time job remodeling our house.  I play for relaxation and a break from all the other depressing and violent media around.  My husband and I have side-by-side starcraft2 / glitch time when we get some downtime!  I've been playing for almost a year now (woo woo!).
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  • Great idea Divine!

    Female, 21, Engineering student, not married but living with partner :) Been playing for over a year (I think)!
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  • Female, 38, married, one daughter of 11 (almost 12).
    Studied Psychology at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands)
    And account management later on. Working 20 hours a week at two schools.
    Playing Glitch since march 2011.
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  • Female, 31, live in the south of England, work as a civil servant, single/never married, no kids, live on my own, no pets! I've been playing Glitch over a year. I sometimes write silly Glitch-related songs which can be found at - but I'm well overdue to update with a new one!
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  • Male, 42, married, retired business owner (although in the process of starting another teehee); naturalist by education. When not glitching I write, hang at the beach, and have fun with my amazing wife! Been playing over a year.
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  • female,39 ,two kids 16 and 12 and work full time, uk. Ive been playing glitch for a year and love it!
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  • Male, 24, married, currently a full-time psychonautic adventurer (and occasional farmhand) who moonlights as a cook at your local un-ordinary clam shack

    I also make very half-assedly make music; previously sang for a band by the name of Malice (no, not that Malice -- that Malice sued us!)... now I have sort of a bedroom pet project I call The Insomniac's Dream. Don't bother looking, you won't find it.
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  • Female, 66. Mother and a grandmother. (7 Grandkids).  Married. Started playing Glitch 19 months ago. Glitch and reading are my favourite pastimes.
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  • Female, 86, live in large house in central london (at end of Pall Mall)
    spend time at windsor and balmoral - like corgies and waving at poor people.
    Happily married with number of wayward kids 
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  • ZOMG I play with the queen of England! I had no idea, Loupin.

    Female, 45, self employed glass fuser. Married, child-free, one dog. I've been playing for nearly a year.
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  • Female, mid 20's (and will be even older in Dec! Hooray birthdays!), I run a pet care company by day and am an actor by night, I supplement my income and passion with being a standardized patient at one of the local medical schools when they've got gigs I'm good for.

    What else are people mentioning? All hail Trisor! The TRUE giant! :) Um, not married, no kids (but one adorable Monster of a dog), uhhhhhhhh super not girly. I'd rather be out hiking or biking or running (just ran my first full marathon a few weeks ago) than going to have my nails done or something of that nature. Actually, I hate spending money on stuff like that. I can paint my own darn nails (kinda). As for makeup, you want to look like a lion or zombie or zombie lion, I can do that. Look like a girl? Um, what's a smokey eye?

    Been on Glitch for over a year and, I'll be honest, getting a little bored with it right now. So I'll probably be on less and less until after the holidays. Which is good, because I start rehearsals for my next show tonight anyway and will be nice and busy until Christmas.

    Ummmmm I LOVE traveling. Actually looking at moving across the world (from the US to Australia) for a year and hopefully adding a second year in New Zealand. Because I can.

    I also tend to ramble. Sometimes.

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  • Thats your majesty to you glassy ;)
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  • Male, 46, will be married on my 16th anniversary next year if we can pass Prop. 74 (come'on WA, don't let me down!). Live in the south sound where it looks just like Roobrik, with my guy and three crazy cats, growing flowers and being a bureaucroc during the week. Been playing for a year this month.
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  • Female, 41, Canadian.  I have been with my husband for 26 years (married for 13).  No human children, just three fur babies - two cats and one dog.  I am an artist and that takes up most of my time.  Been playing Glitch for over a year. 
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  • I completely misread MikkiO's statement and thought she married at 13.
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  • 27 Male.. live on the east coast with parents and grandparents... my mom plays glitch as The Paint Princess.. Love to write and to read when I'm not either glitching or running around my local big box hardware store.
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  • Female. 35. I live in the greater Boston area after moving here from Georgia, before that, Minnesota, but I'm originally from Ohio. I bring this up because I am currently a stay-at-home mom looking for work teaching, editing, writing, admin assistant, etc. I have one boy and three kooky cats.

    I am an English major with degrees in English and Creative Writing. I write poetry and am working on two novels. I will be starting a teaching job for an online university. My first class will be Introduction to Film. Although I have a lot of experience teaching, I also like editing work and audio. One of my favorite jobs was being a jazz dj for public radio in the mid-late 90s!

    But I've been playing Glitch for over a year and it's still tons of fun! I don't have a Giant affiliation yet, but am leaning toward Spriggan. We'll see how it goes. I love learning about everyone!
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  • I am a 31 yr old lady, living with my partner and my most loved companions. (one who is flicking his orange tail self-righteously at me) I'm a Canuckian and a library chick. 
    Total nerd/geek. Love my books and my anime
    Uh.. hmm.. anything else? 
    I love the people on Glitch.. They rock. . 
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  • 32, female, divorced, no kids, 3 rescued dogs (2 shih tzus and a 9-lb mutt), working as an operations manager in a secure software development firm in South Texas. I joined Glitch in September of 2011, played until January/February 2012, took a break for awhile, and just re-subbed for a year about 3 weeks ago. 
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  • Female, 24, University Student and I work *Hehe I love playing Glitch while I work! So lucky to have a boss that is very relaxed* 
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  • Female, 43, no kids, Texas native - been playing Glitch since March of 2011...oh yeah, and a shout out to Humbaba...
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  • Female, 29, married, no kids, 3 crazy cats. Recently graduated with doctorate in audiology, working part-time as an audiologist. Live in Colorado with a view of the mountains from my place! Avid concert-goer as well as a hiker/climber. 
    Introduced the game to other family members, who live in different states, so we're happy to *see* each other in Ur several times a week.  Also have known Scatje and her daughters in RL for many, many years.  :)
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  • Female, 22, soon to be married (yep, I tell everyone about it, I'd be happy to be yelling it from the highest building :D), from Sweden. No kids yet, but a lot of off road vehicles. Yes, I've named my old JEEP... ^^ Works full time with machine embroidery on workwear, and have a (very) small company of my own also in machine embroidery but that specializes in home decor.

    Don't really know how long I've been playing Glitch, but at least long enough to realize that I feel at home here. That's the only time frame I need here. 
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  • Female, 30's , Married no children, 1 dog , 1 Guinea Pig. Been playing since Beta 1. I used to volunteer at animal shelters....until i crashed my car...oops! So i ended up being online a lot due to no car, not enough money to get another one, and being on disability.  Not proud of having to file for disability, my hand was forced on that, couldn't keep myself in check, my issues were leaking...everywhere,  but it was always an inevitability anyways :S. I live in Michigan , most of my family lives locally, which is both a positive and negative. I try to see topics / issues from both sides of the argument , some things i cant but generally the world is more grey than black and white. At times i can get out of control joking around, but when i catch myself doing so i TRY to back off, not always successful, but i do TRY! Currently i pop in mostly to chat and feed my pigs, and garden, im on a bit of a break from the game, and am playing the other games i frequent, i rotate which games i play, but i DO always come back to Glitch, i love both the game and the community!
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  • Human(oid[ish]), 48, disabled & not (currently) working for pay. Volunteer with two organizations, one as a system administrator and one as a conference organizer.  Live alone with my pet spider-in-the-bathroom [he invited himself to live with me, does that make him a squatter?].

    So there.
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  • Male, 60, Brum, UK. n/s gsoh, seeks (oops).
    Married with 3 daughters, 4 grand-children, and a playful puppy.

    FS refugee and maker of silly FS and Glitch videos ( snygystFS on YouTube )
    snygyst is short for Snippy Gymnast, a random name given to me by MSN Game Zone in the early days of dial-up.
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  • Female, 50s, Scotland, married. For money, I count beans for the Council and for fun I wander aimlessly round Ur. I've been playing Glitch since the end of alpha and am still learning!

    GL to Snowpuff, congrats to Addi Bee and I hope you get your wedding Dr Babycat. and happy birthday Snyg!
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  • Male, 29, "married."  Mathematician, but I'm taking a year off from academia to take care of my mom while she recovers from a stroke.  On the weekends, I get to return home and do things like be a home butcher.

    Since the comment was made about there being so many females around, I should note that it was my girlfriend who introduced me to the game.
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  • Female, 40s, divorced. I'm a scientist by day and musician by night. I like to unwind with computer games. Oh yeah, I knit which seems to be de riguer for Glitch players.

    Dr. Babycat good luck on that prop passing! A similar bill didn't pass in my state but perhaps you will have better luck.
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