Who are you people ? Really I want to know ...

Howdy and thanks for dropping by my little thread. I ,as of late, have been wondering just who is playing Glitch these days (yeah I do weird things like that :). The old primary demographic of stay at home moms and retired persons seems to be shifting. I meet people of all ages and walks of life in Glitch, it's got that universal appeal thing going for it. Don't get me wrong I love stay at home moms and retired folk I just wanna know who the heck is here so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me a little about yourself. No need to write your life story or anything, not that that wouldn't be interesting, but just a few things like your sex, general age, social status, and what you do to fill your days when you aren't playing Glitch. Hey who knows you might even be weird like me and find this interesting :) In the very least you get entered in a random drawing to win 10 cubimal boxes just for taking the time to help me out. 

 I'll get the ball rolling.

Female , Age 40's , Not married, Self employed computer geek, nutritionist and keeper of other peoples stuff (aka caretaker) 

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  • Why, howdy!
    Well, I've been playing Glitch for almost a year. Female, not married, student.
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  • Thanks much for the input Seer :)
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  • Male, late 30's, married, self employed artist with two cats and a webcomic.
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  • Female, 20. I'm a student. Not married, but living with my partner (who was, incidentally, the one who introduced me to Glitch). I've been playing for nearly a year.
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  • Female, 60, work full-time as account rep. in a hospital, living w/ my soul-mate. Glitch is my only computer game - playing since last November. My oldest & best friend just started playing. Life is good.
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  • Female, late 50's, single, had been taking care of my Mom for the past year until she passed away in July. Have just gone back to working again part time.
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  • Female, late 50s (how the hell did *that* happen), single, repair HVAC stuff for a local school district, need to get back to the gym routine I had going on a few years ago!
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  • Female, 27, married, stay at home mom. I read a lot and poke about in different kinds of art when I'm not playing glitch.
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  • Female, 56, married (31 years), retired librarian, currently young-adult book reviewer. Been playing Glitch over a year, right after A Map Of The Floating City wrapped up.
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  • Well hello! Female, not married, 22 and a freelance illustrator who just got her BFA. I think it's been a little over a year of playing Glitch? and I guess I spend a lot of time searching for jobs and checking out grad schools
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  • Howdy ho' partner~. Female, 19,and a-- currently part time-- student. Unemployed, but mostly because I have some slight physical and mental disabilities and am not strong enough to hold a job. Unmarried. Living with my mother. (Seriously, kids who move out as soon as they turn 18 are really silly! I can't imagine supporting myself yet.)

    I've been playing since... last month, but I'm on a lot and it's felt like longer. My free time is divided between Glitch, drawing, and baking.
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  • Female, 20 going on 21. Part-time student. Unemployed, though not for lack of trying. Unmarried and still living with my family.

    I've been playing for... goodness, I haven't really kept track. I feel like it's been longer than a month, but it probably hasn't. I spend most of my time on schoolwork, but when I'm not writing essays, I'm playing video games and pestering my friends.
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  • 29 and a half, single, stop-motion animator freelancing in everything from translations through illustration and ending at workshops for children (my current startup business), have been playing since Alpha in early 2009. I have two cats and I play the hurdy gurdy.

    Carl, can we see your webcomic?
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  • The girls are all out to represent here!
    Female 34, English. Fix computers for a full time day job. I have husband who's a programer and two cats who are super lazy. I like baking and knitting.
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  • Been playing only for a couple of days.
    Male, 24, single, student ^^
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  • Cafeida, sure!
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  • Female, 20, Student! If i'm not playing Glitch then I'm usually slaving away on my homework which is a combination of animation, sequential art, and art history or reading. Currently living at home with my siblings, mom, and 3 kooky cats. I've been playing a little over a year now :D
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  • Female, 35, work from home transcribing and captioning video and audio.  It's my dream job, actually, because I get to be the proverbial fly on the wall.  I have a bachelor's degree in art history (and luckily did not find Glitch until after I finished that degree in June 2010, or else I would have had a big problem).  Interested in folklore, history of art (my main focus has been the intersection/overlap of Renaissance and Baroque art in southern Europe, mainly Italy), world religions (my minor).  Live in Seattle with my guy of 8 years, our dog Fidget, and our elderly cat Alabama.

    I used to play a lot more (A LOT more - 12-hour sessions were frequent) but it got kinda grindy for me so I took a break.  This was compounded by starting my business in April and just didn't have time to come to Ur.  I'm just now coming back to discover all the new things that have appeared since I last played, especially since I have bestowed upon myself four days off of work after not taking a weekend (and hardly even a day off) since getting things going.

    I love Glitch.  Sadly my partner doesn't, probably 'cause there's no raiding.  I have a few who have joined, though.
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  • Male, 32, self-employed (music production, performance, etc). Been playing since a year ago July in the first beta.
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  • Well, I was born 10 years ago in Groddle Forest. It was on a Fabday, 14th of Candy. The Ur World was expanding to Alakol, Bortola and Kajuu, but I fell in love with the firebogs! Then I survived the Reset Day, a kind of apocalypse that made us rebuild all our lifes from zero. We didn't have much butterflies and those were hard days.

    My favorite giants are Grendaline, Friendly, Pot, Tii, Lem... ok, I love them all and I believe the rook is the 12th giant and the Trisor in hell is the 13th giant. But those theories are not confirmed!

    I'm also a greeter and this is a volunteer job I really enjoy to do. This and the re-map of Ur for GS (waiting for all of those new regions to be updated). I also study this game in a very serious way, maybe it's because I'm a kind of advertiser, events planner, designer, marketeer irl. What else can I say? Brazilian, 29 years, married, believes in anything anyone can say (acreditando = believing).

    I live in a Jellisacs Serious Route (call me to join it!) and I have a tower that sells everything for 1K only :) I really want to tell you guys about my glitchy life! hahahaha! One of my favorite things in this game is wardrobe outfits, rook attacks, ancestral lands and fireflies.

    Sorry if I'm a bit off this thread
    Check my profile to see the links of other accounts.
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  • Female, 29 and 11/12-ish, unemployed, unmarried, unchildrened (?). Been playing a year and a half. Too engulfed right now in Glitch to do much else.
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  • Nice topic - thank you, Divine~!

    I'm female, age 56, stay-at-home mom of 2 daughters ages 20 and 22. Outside of Glitch, I'm a quilter and love to study history.

    Hello, everyone! *waves*
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  • Female, I think I finally tipped over into late 30's when I turned 37, mom, full-time employed as a paralegal.  Been playing online stuff since 1993.  ;)
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  • Female 38, started playing after being invited by my sister who knew I needed something to keep me occupied during the day.  Off with long-term medical problem but final back surgery is now on the way!!!!! So pretty soon I won't be on glitch at all.  I think Glitch for me has kind of turned into a job (a substitute one) until I can get back out and earn the real currants : )
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  • Acreditando, I loved your post.
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  • Female, 38, married, childfree, self-employed (I have a traveling reptile zoo). Herd of cats. Physically disabled.
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  • Female, 45, married with a daughter.  Besides my full time job as a mother, wife, maid, lawn care professional, decorator, tutor, dog walker, nurse, chef, and all those other fun "SAHM" things...I play Glitch.  Not as much as I would like these days but enough to keep me in the loop.  I started way back when in Alpha.  
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  • Female, 39 again (today) :) , very married, 4 children, busdriver, chef, event-planner, maid, gardener, seamstress, plumber, and sometimes nurse :)
    I've played Glitch since Alpa , and have had the unique opportunity to meet some of my Glitch friends IRL.
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  • Female, 23, happily taken.  Picture framer by day; freelance illustrator by night.  Living in Chicago with my cranky Maine Coon.  Have been Glitch'ing for nearly a year now.

    (Although, ask me this again in a month and basically everything will have changed--I'll be 24, working a different day job, and living with my partner [and my ridiculous cat].  Will probably still be playing Glitch, though!)
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  • New Jersey checking in.

    Female, early 40s, no kids (unless you count my cats and my cats do), not married (but taken), work full-time in international logistics, been playing Glitch one month shy of a year now.
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  • Female, early 20s, interested in the networking career and with any luck, finding a career in it sooner rather than later, no significant other, living in the Northwest, playing Glitch for somewhere around three months, give or take - I'm not good at keeping track of things like that hehe :)
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  • Male, 40, married, two kids (aged 7 and 1). Located in Denmark.

    I started playing Glitch at launch just over a year ago. At that time I was on parental leave with our youngest but now I am back to working full time as an IT architect.
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  • Male, 29,no children. my girlfriend and I live together with one very spoiled akita. My day job consists of design and prop fabrication for a special events company. I have my own design/screenprinting company, making posters for concerts and local events that consumes most of my free time. That is when I'm not double teaming Glitch and Pokemon Black2:)
    ETA: I've been playing Glitch for a bit more than a year now and dont plan on stoping anytime soon!
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  • Female, 20, no kids, living with my parents for this university semester to save money, because I'm going to be studying abroad in Spain next semester :) (If anyone reading this is from Bilbao/País Vasco/Euskadi, you should send me some fun ideas of things to do there! :D) I work at my college, I live in Wisconsin (United States), and when I'm not playing Glitch, I'm... working or at class, because I'm there all the freakin' time. But I do like doing things outside like walking or biking. ^^
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  • Female, grade 10 student, 15, located in Vancouver, Canada, oldest of 3 siblings, I spend a lot of time on my computer, PS3, Xbox, and Wii. I have taken a 2 hour pottery class every Wednesday since I turned 11.
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  • Female, 38, married with two kids (9 and 6). Located on the East Coast. I'm a professional engineer and own a civil/structural company with two guys. Play Glitch as a way to unwind at the end of the day and sometimes here and there when I need a break during the day.
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  • Hello ladies *wink*
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  • I am Me and also Brib Annie.  It's a Fact that I have been Me since day one despite any denial by others who may claim to be Me.  When I began is a mystery (not telling, so there!) but I will say that my Mother stopped aging at age 29 and I have passed that mark just long ago to not remember.

    I have been using computers since 1980.  My first one was actually a portable that used 3.5 inch floppies and had two floppy drives so I did not have to change discs.  It was a rugged portable about the size of a small tool box.  I used it in the Field as an Archaeologist.  I majored in Sociology in college with a concentration in Anthropology.  Archaeology is NOT romantic except in memory.  It was actually very hard physical and mental labor and I am glad it is over with but the memories are good.

    After Archaeology, I worked for the National Weather Service through a sub-contractor.  For 14 years I worked the graveyard shift in the Tower of my local airport.  That was easy and I have some good memories of that too.  I was replaced by the Automated Weather equipment.  I have been "retired" ever since.

    Genealogy is my main hobby after gaming.  It is amazing what you can learn about your family!  If you haven't tried it, I recommend it especially if you love history.  I also like arts and crafts and have tried many thread crafts including knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, weaving, etc.  These days my vision is not so good and I have a problem with my hands so I sedom do crafts and miss it terribly.  Genealogy and Glitch keep me busy.
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  • Male, 26, Entomologist, been playing for over a year
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  • Hehe, love acreditano's post as well.

    For myself, I'm 29 for a couple more months, female and work in the acquisitions part of a university library. I have recently applied for a similar job with the public library system because it pays a lot more per year. Hopefully I'll find out this week whether I got it or not.

    In my off time, I love playing games of all types and go through phases of what I play the most. Glitch is one of those. I usually don't stay away from it too long.

    I've been thinking about going back for another bachelor's degree in game design or something along those lines (the first is in psychology). I think being a part of TS or a company like TS would be my dream job.
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  • Female, 26, newlywed, no kids and not pregnant and not trying.  Graduate student.  Canadian.  I used to be an artist but art and I had a messy breakup.
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  • Female, late 30's, married with 2 kids. I'm a stay at home mom and part-time hospice nurse. Been playing Glitch since Sept 2011.  I also started up the Glitchen ImaginatUr :)
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  • Female (duh), 44, married, two cats, freelance literature translator (I've counted recently and scarily I have well over a 100 books published with my name on the title page. Scary.) Playing Glitch for more than a year. All hail allmightly Lem!
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  • Why not.

    Female, 19, student (undecided major), I am addicted to the Internet and lurk Global Chat all the time. I have 26 blogs that I read weekly plus one (Tom and Lorenzo at tomandlorenzo dot com, if you're curious, it's fashion and pop culture) that I check multiple times daily. I have Pinterest but no other social media, not even FB. I am super socially awkward, less so on the Internet/in writing. I live in Canada. Random fact about me: I write poems sometimes, but only sonnets. This is because I find them much easier to write due to the strict structure, and also because other people seem to think they're difficult. I'm kind of a wordsmith, actually. "Replete" means "full (of)", basically, but you probably already knew that.

    I love the community in this game and feel really great whenever I can contribute. I think (I mean, as far as I can tell) I've been playing since August 2011. I took a year-long hiatus right around the first Zilloween event, came back about a month ago and have been addicted. Incidentally, I found the game through StumbleUpon (which I no longer use because it makes me ragey).
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  • Female, 30s (but not for too much longer), married with a 4yo and far too many cats. I knit.  I just renewed my subscription today so I've been playing for over a year.  Since the first Beta.
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  • Female, 64, married forever, 3 grown kids, 2 awesome grandsons and 2 almost equally awesome adopted pound puppies. Work as a customer service rep. but out on medical leave following knee replacement surgery. I've been playing about a year. I'm English but living in the desert southwest, USA.
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  • Female, 20s, student.

    I've been playing since this time last year and I absolutely love it :) I love helping people, getting new achievements, mining, and cooking. I'm sure I'll love furnituremaking and all the newer skills once I learn them, since I took a few months of a break, and am now just getting back into it :)
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  • Greetings from the sunny state of Florida, Female, 63, single, retired, love spending time on the beach, Oct 31st will be a yr that I have been playing, luv it, so I bought my first subscription last week...
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  • Awesome responses.. fascinating, enlightening and just plain fun ... keep 'em comin' 

    innput .... more innput ....
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  • Wow, lots of women here!
    I am also female, age 30. Married and have one child (2 years old). I am an interaction designer at a large software company.
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