how old are you really?

so first off, i want to let everyone know i am actually only 11, an i was 10 when i started playing. My parents and i talked it over an decided i could play. I managed to bring in over 10 people my age or younger, along with a few others who were 12-13. i feel that it was cool to come on here and make some friends, and it did not really matter that i was not their age. do you remember that stupid post about the yeti (cubi)? people accused me and grace of being underage, and the irony is we were really. This game really set my standards for online gaming. I just want Glitch to know that people under 14 really enjoyed this game too. thanks! 

P.S. i dont care if you comment saying that i should never have started playing. i think if you have parents consent, you should be able to play a game.

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  • Ha!

    It's not all about getting parent consent. That's important if you're underage, but also you should have followed the rules of the game, and other such laws.
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  • huh. well, I guess maybe it's time now to tell everyone I'm actually thirteen?
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  • yay!!! im not alone!!!! lol
    Posted 7 years ago by Sir Rachel Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm 37 and a half.
    Posted 7 years ago by Carl Projectorinski Subscriber! | Permalink
  • 21 (and 51 weeks)

    And I just *knew* there were kids hiding out here. Blablabla boring laws lecture, but really, thanks for being an almost-teenager and choosing to pet piggies instead of shoot army dudes. You'll probably make the world a nicer place just for being that kind of kid.

    I would have shown my 13-yr-old cousin this game....if he were cool and not a violence-loving probably-rude online player.
    If the game had lasted long enough for me to have kids, you can bet anyone's butt that kid would be allowed to play here, no matter their age, as long as they kept to themselves.
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  • i know. i really hate the violence games, and the rest of the games out there have bad graphics, or you don't actually talk to anyone. this game is a blessing. i just wish it would have lasted longer.
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  •  i'm 13.

    oh yeah, and i'm awesome too.
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  • 26, yesterday. Kind of a crappy birthday, considering. :(
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  • Still 48.

    To all those underage: Know that you could have caused TS to at the very least get a whopping fine from the US government, if not, ironically, caused them to be forced to be shut down.  The age limits had nothing to do with maturity or ability, or even parental permission; it is all about the screaming paranoid nanny-state called the United States of Somewhere South of The Magical Land of Canadia.

    Seriously, though. The age stuff had to do with COPPA, which (mostly) is about trying to prevent minors from being preyed upon by pedophiles.  They take it pretty dang seriously.
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  • I'm 19, and I'm not at all shocked people under 13 signed up and played. The game looks and feels very much like a game for kids, and when I started finding pretty naughty jokes I was really shocked. And later when I heard people post porn in global, I was really grossed out and totally stunned. If I had been younger than 13 I would have played, and if I had kids under 13 I would have let them play with some monitoring and restrictions (such as no Global).
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  • 33 and confidently expecting this thread to turn into yet another enormous argument. -__-
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  • 20 (and 24 weeks) and hoping this doesn't turn into an argument. There will always be underage kids on any site with age restrictions, and the game is over now anyway, so let's not waste time on coulda-beens (though I suppose the laws still apply with forums...?). Anyway. I was always really fascinated by the diversity in ages this game attracted :)
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  • Moose, that's not how those laws work. They said "Don't come here unless you're over the required age", and they acted swiftly to remove any accounts claiming to be younger than that age. They can't and would not get fined for a child lying to them and keeping a secret. If that was how internet age-related laws worked, no "adult" sites could afford to stay online ;) (don't even pretend you don't know teens click Of Course I'm An Adult Why Else Would I Be Here links)
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  • +1 Biohazard (ya know, not because I actually did that myself)

    I'm 23, will turn 24 in March, and have no shame in admitting that I would have gladly shown my 7-yr old nephew this game if it weren't for the fact that he has already gone the way of first-person shooters. There need to be more MMOs that make you think, and I sincerely hope and pray that Glitch serves as a positive model for games in the future.
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  • I'm 18, and was 16 when I started playing (about a month before my 17th birthday). I've always been amazed at the range of ages on Glitch and I think it really made for a unique community experience.
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  • Nearly 22. 
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  • I'm 31 :)
    I had no issues with people being younger as long as we still could be lewd in global sometimes, and there was no outragiously 'childish' behavior.
    Then again - I think most of that behavior came from some a little bit older ;)
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  • 37.
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  • *Looks left*
    *Looks right*

    I'm kinda scared to say this.
    Actually, no. I'm really, really afraid to say this. Terrified. I am extremely paranoid now because of you, Bio ("they acted swiftly to remove any accounts claiming to be younger than that age") and do hope I do not get removed (That would probably make me bawl even harder than I did on Sunday)
    Okay, before I say this: Sorry everyone. Oh my god, how many people are going to hate me now? How many people are going to say, "Oh, how could you!?!?" oAo;
    I'm twelve and a half. (Please don't kill me greeters, guides, staff...and Pali...and everyone else.. ;A;')
    Really, don't kill me (In other words, don't delete my account. (I'm so paranoid D:) I still want to be in contact with everyone 'till the end.) I love this game and everyone in it. If only the kids at school were like the community here at Glitch!

    So here's the story:
    Me, being an ignorant ten-year-old when signing up, did not read the ToS. It was later when I finally became a greeter that someone told me about the over 14 rule. And, obviously, I couldn't just 'let go' of my favorite game! Everything about this game was so awesome, so inviting (so...addicting....)! I was already smart enough to know not to tell people my age, so I just went with the flow. Whenever anyone talked about ages, I'd stay silent. I'm normally silent...unless I'm helping in Live Help. (So many memories :D) I was always so afraid that someone would find me out or I would slip up and accidentally tell someone. When I got those Greeter and Guide invitations, I stared in disbelief! (and yet I still accepted both of the invitations; probably not the best idea for someone underage...)
    Playing underage was like running with scissors; you've got to be careful or that will be the end of you!

    Oh, and Sir Rachel, you are very, very bold for being able to bundle up the courage to say that you, too, are underage. Thank you.
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  • Oh my god an underage greeter? That's so cute and awesome lol

    Very sneaky. Very talented. Consider a career in an intelligence agency when you're older ;)

    Is it weird that I despise when adults lie, but am so super proud/in-awe-of of kids that can successfully lie?
    It's a skill, after all.....
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  • I'm almost 28, but my seven year old loved this game and was heartbroken when it closed. She's incredibly smart for her age and knew not to open chat or talk to anyone but family and friends who played the game.

    She spent most of her time at her home street, taking care of her animals, or venturing out into the world to buy five shovels, in case I needed some. Her last glitchy dream was to open a tower, which I helped her do. I was paranoid constantly that someone would report her, and I'm glad that she was able to stay up a little past her bed time and finish the game with me.
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  • @Bio:
    Oh my god, I feel so incredibly small after reading that. xD

    Your daughter must love you so much for taking such a risk just for her. She reminds me of myself when I was younger, but of course, minus the awesome mom. :)
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  • I am currently 15, however almost everyone I came into contact with believed that I was in my 20's or 30's.

    This game was wonderful for all ages, I cannot imagine why some people wouldn't be allowed to play.
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  • 29 until January.

    I agree it was, The Rook, but the reason behind people not being allowed to play had to do with laws, as previously mentioned, not maturity or anything to do with the world itself. There obviously were some wonderfully mature, though young, players.
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  • Although I can't officially condone it, there are much worse things a kid could be doing than sneaking onto Glitch.
    When I was ten all I did was talk about dongs and draw dongs! But I grew up okay!
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  • @Chemisie

    Sorry. That wasn't the intention. But you should be small (and joyful and all that stuff). At least for a while longer. Being a grownup is only fun when you make cake for breakfast, otherwise it's pretty lame.

    I wasn't totally kidding either though, that's some impressive sneakiness I think, to get to Greeter while underage. Very stealthy, and stealthiness is valued in many careers. Most of the cool ones, I think.
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  • 39 here.  (No, really -- first time I've been 39, and all that.  I'll 'fess up to 40 when I turn 40 next year!)

    I'm breaking my lurker status to say a big thank you to everyone who made the game nicer and more enjoyable for others, whether by formal means like greeting or even just taking a moment to be friendly to someone you didn't know.

    It warms my heart to know that the younger folks can do this as adeptly as those who are older.  One of the things I liked about Glitch was knowing that you never know who's on the other keyboards but most folks would go out of their way to be kind.  It's *so* much nicer than the screaming I hear from my son's bedroom as he goes FPS-crazy.

    Thanks again to all of you, whether you're young or older or somewhere in between.  :)
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  • I'm 56 and I know I should lecture you severely on Following The Rules, but frack it. I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!
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  • I've known several underage players who I never reported (probably all friends of Sir Rachel haha). I've even played with someone's 7-year-old who was more mature than some of the 14+ players. I agree with Kukubee - there are far worse things you could be doing than sneaking into Glitch. :)

    Me, I'm 30. If my son was old enough to understand video games, I totally would have let him play Glitch.
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  • Well, I think we're beyond the point of recriminations now!

    My view has always been that if you're smart and mature enough to keep your mouth shut about your age and interact on an appropriate level, and your parents are okay with you being here, why not? Glitch was one of the most positive, affirming places on the internet. It promoted creativity, kindness, imagination, and individuality. I certainly could have benefited from something like it when I was a youngster. The dong jokes are nothing I didn't hear in the 4th grade (and that was back in the more innocent 80s!)

    Sororia Rose, I've long admired your snapshots of the scenery of Ur (and have downloaded a great many of them to keep). You have a marvelous eye for composition, and I really hope you'll pursue and develop that as you grow up.
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  • I am really in my early 30's- just as I have mentioned before. I have no reason to lie. Except pretty soon I am going to be 29 for a long while :D My mom is still 29. It happens in my family after a certain age. You just start counting backwards.
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  • Rose- I knew you were young but you are a brilliant poet and glad to see a younger generation seeking out beauty in this lifetime!

    You have been an awesome friend.
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  • I can't seem to stop checking up on this thread! :)

    I'm super-curious to see what my friends as well as other Guides and Greeter[bots, good times...] will react to my confession.
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  • Chemisie, I will have to say I am surprised. Not shocked. (I won't go into the potential legal problems you could have placed Tiny Speck in if something had gone horribly wrong... because it is a moot point now.) Surprised because I would never have guessed. Not shocked because I have known many a person under 14 years old who were smart, mature, etc etc.. And conversely PLENTY of folks over 13 you seemed to have the common sense and empathy of a piece of moss.
    I always made it a point NEVER ask anyone their age. And was always amazed by the amount of times people confessed to me out of know where how old they were (often in non-solicited IMs). Many times it was as a defense. "I didn't know any better to not do X because I am only nine." Which would be followed by me politely telling them the rules, linking to the ToS, and explaining that I would be reporting them.
    To which two things would usually happen. Either (A) say they'd been lying and were actually 14, or (3) that wasn't then and was their "little brother."
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  • Chemisie, I was deeply surprised to read your statement about your age. For you and Sororia Rose both, I'm impressed at your articulateness and the maturity with which you come across. I've always said that, beyond a certain point, age doesn't matter, and you guys prove that.

    For the record, I'm a 12-y-o in a 40-y-o's body. :)
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  • It has been an honor playing with you guys whatever your ages.
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  • @LBO:
    Silly children. (Although, I guess I am considered one of them )
    I agree on the moss-brained part; it amazes me how ignorant modern young adults are these days. In the few years I have lived, I have observed such a dramatic change in what people are influenced by and how people alarming (and increasing) handful of people around my age are just...plain inconsiderate [*cough* and not to mention idiotic e_e; *cough*].

    *cough* ;;;

    Thank you for your response!
    (And now I feel guilty because my responses to the thread are taking up half of the page..)
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  • Let me just say as an adult, and mother (and someone that is 41).......My biggest beef with being on here (in a game like this, with those under 14), is that it gives me an extreme sense of EWWWWWWW to find out I spoke about, what I consider, to be very adult subjects with children. There is no convincing, or amount of "im more mature than you think" can ever convince me you are anything more than just a child that thinks they are older than they truly are. 

    Im sorry, "maturity" or not, there are just some things that are not ok, this is one of them. 
    Posted 7 years ago by Innie?, Obviously Subscriber! | Permalink
  • It wasn't "ironic" that people accused you of being underage, Rachel (& Grace).  It was *accurate*.  It was obvious that you were little children; I wasn't sure why your accounts were never deleted, but I and many of my friends steered clear of you.    ETA: I never reported any children, nor the schoolfriends they told me had invited them.  I knowingly had at least one underage friend here. But a lot of shouty drama came from kids, and that I avoided.
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  • I don't get why it's that big of a deal. I feel like when you're younger and playing this game, the dirty jokes just go over your head, and you don't realize that they're there. I mean, yes, global was very awkward at times, so I could see why that would be a problem though. But I think it's other people's choice if they want to subject themselves to that stuff, so I don't think anyone really has the right to lecture other people about how they shouldn't have played this game. Plus, there's much worse out there on the Internet.

    And I'm 16 :)
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  • err...
    firstly, congratz on getting the courage. 
    secondly, (ts, pls dont delete me!!!), im 12 and perhaps 1 1/2 months. born on 28 october 2000. 
    Rose, you're awesome. though i dont think you know me. 
    My story: my classmates joined last year, in primary 5(singapore, 11years old) and they got practically the whole cohort of us GEPers into glitch once when we were doing a national education survey. we had extra time, so our teachers allowed us to play online games and they were all playing glitch. i was slower, so i didnt have time to play. a few weeks after that, i remembered glitch and went on to try. i got addicted instantly, and it kinda made me forget about my homework this year. that sucked, cos i had a national exam recently this year. 
    btw, i've got a facebook too. still underage. and just created a twitter acc when glitch closed so i could follow the twitter. anyway im underage for most of my games...
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  • I need to stop posting...;;;

    Isn't it awesome being a millennium baby? I can't wait to tell someone when I'm older, "my age is the year minus two thousand" xD
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  • Hi my name is Osiris ? and I am 23 years old. I have no problem, honestly, with playing this game amongst young people. I am in a couple groups with a couple people under the age of 17 and they don't bother me one bit. It just seems that many of the griefers and beggars I've run into were young kids and that I do not like. There's really no way to tell. And as far as feeling bad about having said something sick to them, usually I at least make some sort of attempt to know that I'm talking to somebody of age. 

    As far as I'm concerned, if you're not of age to sign up but are playing anyway, I don't care what I say in your presence. I'm no role model, by a long shot. And unfortunately it won't be heavy on my conscience if you are young and may have heard something you shouldn't have. Going into Glitch and being offended by a dirty enuendo is about the same as going into a bar and being offended by the fact that there is alcohol. I am an adult and I enjoy my curses. And I shall use them :)
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  • 38 over here... Am just relieved that Glitch wasn't shut down by COPPA due to this sort of thing.
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  • I really doubt Glitch would have been shut down over some people lying about their age. People lie about their age all over the internet.
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  • I'm this many *holds up fingers*
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  • 21 Here. I have no real opinion on the underage thing.
    Posted 7 years ago by SaSa Jack Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh dear god. I am with Innie, on this. When I started chatting and venturing into the internet at 12, I told people my age. It seemed it would be unfair to make someone unknowingly talk to a child. At 17, I was mistaken for 18 (as a college student, living on my own, with a blog...) and no one questioned my age on a site where it mattered. I didn't speak up. It caused a problem. Not a major problem, but it could have been a huge legal problem.

    I get it - I was online at 12. I clicked the button saying I was 18. I was seeking information about things (sexuality, etc) that legally, I wasn't supposed to talk about.

    I reported a person underage, and nothing was ever done about it - I saw her around and in chats, and when she'd show up, I could never bring myself to join the conversation. 

    As someone who spent a significant amount of time online from And did some really stupid things (meeting people offline at 15, granted, they knew my age WHICH IS EVEN WORSE), it's OBVIOUS that you're a child when you're willing to take such a HUGE risks  in someone else's name (in this case, Tiny Speck) and think nothing of it.

    My mother always used to tell me things like "When you buy your own toilet paper" and you know what? Now that I've spent 6 years of hard earned cash on goddamn paper to wipe my ass...I get it.

    Go kick a soccer ball - what I did (and should have done more of!), when I was 10 and 11 and 12.

    Also, who else FEELS REALLY OLD hearing about people born in 2000? I'm only 23 but I remember NYE 1999 extremely well. Infact, I was 4 days shy of 11 then!
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  • Also, The Rook...I never, ever, ever, would have guessed; but you're still legal in the eyes of the ToS.
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  • Rook. I had a suspicion that you were a youngun, not necessarily that young, but you reminded me of a couple of peeps I've known online through the years.

    There are some adults who behave like children a lot of the time and there are teenagers who act with intelligence and maturity that seems beyond their years
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