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The End of the Line

When we first announced Glitch's closure, we said that the website and forums would remain available for a while and that we'd notify everyone of the site's closure ahead of time. This, unfortunately, is that notification. We will be taking significant portions of the Glitch website offline on March 25th.

The silver lining of this particular cloud is that we will be able to keep far more of the Glitch website alive than we'd initially anticipated. Rather than going offline completely, we'll be switching the site into an archival mode nearly all of its existing content will remain online. You will no longer be able to log in to comment, edit, or like things, but your profile and snaps will remain available for viewing.

The portions of the website that will remain online are:

  • The Encyclopedia, including all of the CC-licensed assets
  • Published snaps, including comments and likes
  • Profiles, including status updates and comments, avatar images, achievements, skills, friends lists, and player biographies.

The portions of the website that will go offline on March 25th are:

  • Logins
  • Forums
  • Mail
  • Groups and group discussions
  • API
  • Wardrobe and Vanity
  • Leaderboards

Thank you all for being part of Glitch. We had the best community a game could hope for and we can't imagine having an online archive of the game without all of you in it. If you don't want your profile or snaps to remain online, you may go to your account page to delete your account. If you're going to stick around for the long haul, be sure to put on some snazzy threads, pick your best nose, and update your bio while you still can! March 25th will be the last day to delete or change your profile.

On behalf of the crew at Tiny Speck, both past and present: we love you. Thanks :)

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  • Thanks tons for leaving us so much to hold onto! We cherish what you have given us.
    ((HUGS)) to stoot and the TS team ?
    Posted 9 years ago by JW Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you.  Sigh.
    Posted 9 years ago by Andrasia Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I find it amusing that the current date is Doom 1.

    We love you too!
    Posted 9 years ago by Fern Connelly Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Like a fly in amber, Pascale will stick here as long as you'll have her. Thank you for a magnificent experience. <3
    Posted 9 years ago by Pascale Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I still play in the wardrobe and vanity - will be sad to see that go too, as well as the forums and the rest. But I'm grateful you'll be keeping so much of the site up. Thank you, you guys have been awesome. :)
    Posted 9 years ago by Dwit Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm sad to see everything else go, but I'm glad to have our snaps and the forum. 
    Thank you for letting us have them :D

    Oh, and I have a question - what if we've spent all our credits trying on new outfits, as I know some have done?
    Posted 9 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm happy to give more credits to anyone who's run out. You should have more than enough now, NightDraconis.
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • So long and thanks for all the fish.
    Posted 9 years ago by snarkle Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thanks, Stoot and Everyone. I visit here sometimes and - well, I have become a Glitch. In Real Life. I think it shows that I have lived in a better world. I have battled Rooks, taken part in the Tree Wars, worn butt-feathers (on my head), and bestowed Random Kindnesses.

    I walk in gratitude for UR 
    Thank you so very much
    Posted 9 years ago by harriette Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh my Giants :o Thank you so much LP, you're awesome :D

    Oh! And I have another question. Can staff still post? 
    Because you need to tell us about mountaineering.
    Posted 9 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you. For everything.
    Posted 9 years ago by SeerQueen Subscriber! | Permalink
  • To the TS crew... thank you for everything. I miss everything about this place, more than you can imagine. 
    Posted 9 years ago by Zany Serendipity Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hey, hey! LP! Can you release a party hat?? And a t shirt that says SURVIVOR ? Oh, and infinite bacon!! I still want a bacon tux. CRAZY STUFF FOR THE END!!

    Posted 9 years ago by OMG BACON!! Subscriber! | Permalink
    B. I'm gonna miss you guys...sniff...
    Posted 9 years ago by 3jm2fg1gc Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Aw can't we just have the forums :/ I'll be so very sad to see it go. It and people's updates are my last links to Glitch. Sure I have the facebook groups but not every one has migrated there.
    I knew when this was anonced it would hit me hard, but this feels this the game closure anoncement all over again. Why Stoot why *sniff sniff
    Posted 9 years ago by koolaroo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'll tell you guys about mountaineering in the dev secrets thread... soon.


    OMG Bacon!: We actually had some party hats stashed in a corner. Who knew? Now they're in the wardrobe, so put 'em on! Have a party!!
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • *sniff*
    Thank you. For everything. You are loved and missed...more than you will ever know.
    Posted 9 years ago by TransplantedEntwife Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Are there assets for the clothing pieces that we can download?

    (I mean without screenshotting all the pages in wardrobe, of course.)
    Posted 9 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you guys for everything. It's been a wonderful, qurazy ride <3
    Posted 9 years ago by Moi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Clothing assets: not yet!
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Wait, if we can't log in then I think that means most people won't have access to their snaps any more because they won't know where to look. Be sure to bookmark your snaps and your profile so you can look at them again.

    My snaps are here:
    Posted 9 years ago by Anthropocene Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh, we're gonna add some sort of player search thingie on the main page so that you can find yourself and others again. I think it'll look a lot like the encyclopedia search, but, you know, with people.
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • So we'll get them, eventually? :D

    (determined to be hopeful)
    Posted 9 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hope is a wonderful thing, isn't it? 
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • You guys don't mind partying bald, right? We can't figure out how to make it so that your hair stays on when you start rocking a party hat.
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Give us a rainbow shirt and it'll be fine :D
    Posted 9 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • But there already is a rainbow shirt!!shirt.817
    Posted 9 years ago by Little Poundcake Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I must be blind :o  It's okay then!

    *walks off with shirt*
    Posted 9 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thanks for the memories, staff and other forum regulars. I lurked a lot, but you brought so much color to my Glitch experience.
    Posted 9 years ago by kalsangikid Subscriber! | Permalink
  • oh, god. 

    what is this feeling?

    oh. i remember. it was the mourning of the end of the world. i remember what it was like.

    i did not enjoy it.

    Posted 9 years ago by flask Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'll miss you all! I'll have a bubble tea, and meditate for a while to commemorate the date.

    And thanks to each and every one of you for being beautiful people. Remember: You're here because you're awesome. :)
    Posted 9 years ago by Lone Druid Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh man, I'm out of credits too... *pouts* i wanna make more outfits now while i still can!!!

    even now, you guys continue to be fantastic beyond all expectations.
    Posted 9 years ago by awesome sauce01 Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Any way to keep the forums up, just made static / perma-archived? It's probably the best historical archive of Glitch's development over the time it was open -- pointing to past iterations, tree wars, splank fights, 50ks, herb patches, etc. -- things that aren't necessarily visible elsewhere in the site's final snapshot of the game.  Diachronic Glitch, if you like, vs Synchronic Glitch.

    (If you can't host the forums, perhaps Jason Scott and Archive Team might be willing to accept a a text-format archive of them?)
    Posted 9 years ago by Holgate Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you so much for all you've done for us. 
    Posted 9 years ago by eyemonsters Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh my, so this is it
    Timing is just fine for me, as at this time I'll be moving to a new life in a another country :]
    Will things ever be the same again...? It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN (sry I had to post this version really :p)
    Posted 9 years ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Time to weep all the tears. :(
    Posted 9 years ago by Asperity Subscriber! | Permalink
  • i thought it was all gone.............that i was over you.......i smelled the flowers again, breathed in the scent of fresh coffee, heard the birds sing and felt an inner peace, learned that there is nothing worthwhile on tv, started enjoying my book collection, re-connected with old fb friends and began to forget you.   

    This bought fresh tears and opened the wounds of loss.  I'm not sorry. I remembered the moments of laughter that had my eyes spilling, the times I literally spit liquid on my screen, the actual tears and sorrow at a friends heartache, the joy of new discoveries and  the contented hours I toiled away banging rocks while stalking various chats.  The new friendships I have discovered and enrich my life each day.

      I love you always and you will forever be etched in my heart and soul. 

    Thank you for all that you have given me and all that could have been.
    Posted 9 years ago by Li'll Missy Brenda Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thankyou for being so spectacular, Speckers!
    Posted 9 years ago by Miss Eva Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Oh, you guys! This was my first MMO and I just love it and you. *Won't* use past tense. Just simply *won't*. I have had the best time with you all. Thank you for all the lovelies.
    Posted 9 years ago by Axa Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you so much for all the extras! Bravo to you for showing how it all should be done. I don't regret a moment of it, I'll still enjoy the time we have left and all my memories will always be happy ones. You're the best, TS!!!
    Posted 9 years ago by Flowerry Pott Subscriber! | Permalink

    If you have purchased a Glitch art book or album and paid for a perk that will see your avatar on the Thank You page/poster, we have grabbed MOST of your avatars already. But not all. So if you're gonna go nuts with your avatars, please do not complain if the avatar that you did not want ends up in the Thank You page/poster!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please email MacKenzie at! Pleeeeeease don't message me through facebook or twitter for anything important because I will most likely miss it cause my brain sucks!

    Thanks and sorry if this puts a damper on any fun wardrobe games!
    Posted 9 years ago by Kukubee Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm so glad the Encyclopedia is going to stay up! I use it almost daily. :)

    I'd love to see everyone get another pile of credits. I ran out long ago as well, and there are some outfits I'd like to try.
    Posted 9 years ago by Asazi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Speaking about avatars, nice move keeping the images and profiles online!
    Is there going to be a way to access the sprite sheet urls directly with just a player name?
    Posted 9 years ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you so much for leaving so much of the site up, and thank you for a wonderful experience. I love you, Glitch!
    Posted 9 years ago by Madzapan Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I was hoping that at least the forums would stay up. Shame, but appreciative that as much as it is, is staying up.
    Posted 9 years ago by WaLLy3K Subscriber! | Permalink
  • March 25 is my birthday :( It's not all bad, though; I'm happy to hear the Encyclopedia and snaps will stay online.

    I still miss you, Glitch.
    Posted 9 years ago by Yse The Great Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I miss the giants.
    Posted 9 years ago by KatGamer Subscriber! | Permalink
  • stoot, thank you for the warning & for keeping bits of the site up. It makes me happy that pieces of Glitch will continue on. :)

    Dearest LP, may I please have some more credits? I blew mine almost completely before the game even closed. I've been trying to recycle some things, but I don't want to sell anything (lol), plus that's slow going. 
    Posted 9 years ago by Wynella Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Tiny Speck--
    You've been awesome. If there was any way to make the Glitch-pocalypse a good thing, you would be doing it. The wonderful, creative, imaginative game is irreplaceable, but it is so nice to be able to have the sprite sheets of our avatars, the animated gifs of heli-kitties, the book, records of all the wonderful notes written by Glitchen in the final days... (tears up) Anyway, I can safely say I'm a better person from playing this game, and it's so nice of you to keep up the profiles and encyclopedia. I can't say the dark day of December 9th (may it be reminisced in sad remembrance for decades to come) didn't upset me, but thank you for leaving the lost Glitchen with so much to remember it by. I will be sad when the forums close, but I knew this day would come, and I'd honestly expected it sooner. Thanks for prolonging the end of the forums for three months longer than I expected, I really appreciate it, and thanks to Little Poundcake for posting those post-apocalyptic and concept snaps. Even though I can't help crying over places that never were, it's so wonderful to see them, to see what maybe would've been...
    I seem to have lost track of this speech, and I have no idea where it's going, but I know where it started, and that's what I want you to remember. Thank you so much, Tiny Speck. Glitch was an experience worth remembering, and thanks for all the stuff to remember it by. I probably could have just said that from the beginning, but I wrote all that elaboration, so I'm keeping it.

    "Tanith Low" (Meryl)
    Posted 9 years ago by TanithLow Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I can't begin to express all the emotions I've experienced and still experience regarding Glitch. To me, "Glitch" means "lots of wonderful, kind, generous people playing an online game in harmony." Before I really got into it, "Glitch" meant "that online game I found." Thank you - all of you - Stoot, Staff, and players - for an amazing ride.

    Psssst ... I, too, would like some more wardrobe credits, please.
    Posted 9 years ago by Ann DramaDuh Subscriber! | Permalink
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